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  1. Round The County 2017

    After last years upwind/reach round the islands we better get some downwind this time. Who's in and with who?
  2. moving up from a 420

    You're fine in the 29er, people have had success at 310-320 lbs at a champ level.
  3. Pac Cup 2018

    Do it, I'll come!
  4. Looks like a Schock40 because it's light, has a big sprit, and goes like hell downwind?? Guess it it looks like a J125, a Melges 32, a Cookson 40, Melges 24, Viper 640 etc etc I'll take the 125 I sail on over this any day. About 500lbs heavier and will actually go to weather..
  5. J 121

    Saw it in Bristol earlier today. Maybe leaving the jib up and furled all the time isn't the best for it.....
  6. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    We race all winter. No ice no snow no problem.
  7. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    Pacific Northwest. Southern straits and the center sound series. You can join a very competitive fleet from (-3 to 21) phrf.
  8. Martin Breaker Anarchy

    Cow hitch a small diameter line to the trigger of the shackle. You can run that straight back to the pulpit/whatever. Sure it's not super elegant and might look funny when you blow the tackline to trip the shackle but it will release 9/10 and you eliminate the possibility of accidentally triggering the shackle. KISS principle here. Just get the kite down.
  9. DH Pac Cup boat

    Turbo is right, check out the size of that kite. B&M turbo H33
  10. DH Pac Cup boat

    Someone buy "Starbuck" on the classifieds. Black soo design and a ton of success shorthanded. I wish I was in the place to buy right now...
  11. DH Pac Cup boat

    second vid was in the ocean, first vid was on queen charlotte where we had big air running against a huge tide. Those waves were the largest I have ever seen on an "inland" body of water.
  12. DH Pac Cup boat

    Didn't you already do it on a SC27 with Ward
  13. that certainly makes one imagine the possibilities...
  14. New boat construction - JPK 38 FC