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  1. F-22 Update

    Hang on - there was no real public internet until the early 90's (I used the Lynx browser at Uni when the internet was text only round 92/93) and I thought there were already dozens of F27s on the water by then? Just how old is this forum? Not all that old, but there has always been that strong traditional faction. They are the ones who also said that Internet and emails would never work as very few were using them. Everybody was using letters and faxes, and the 'Letter to the Editor' pages were the only place for lively discussions, so no definitely no future for emails. Ian Farrier Farrier Marine Designs that work Holy #!.... fascinating. World-wide discussions/arguments in physical print - it was the only conclusion of course, but it's such an alien concept now I could scarcely believe it. I'm pretty sure I don't belong to any other forums that started on paper.
  2. F-22 Update

    Hang on - there was no real public internet until the early 90's (I used the Lynx browser at Uni when the internet was text only round 92/93) and I thought there were already dozens of F27s on the water by then? Just how old is this forum?
  3. F-22 Update

    Dunno - as I say I haven't made up my mind yet, I haven't seen any posts with evidence of faster boomed sailing so far though. Also I want to see the reefing system in action first, and I'd like to see more about running dead downwind. If I read right, it sounds like without a kite, running ddw is not something you do when boomless - and that perhaps you have better vmg at an angle anyway ...
  4. F-22 Update

    Mate, if you seriously think that you will get more control of your sail shape without a boom, than with a boom, then I wish you all the luck in the world. That's the thing - I don't think that, I don't have an opinion yet - boomless was strange idea to me, - but I am very interested in the story and evidence Ian is presenting, and I haven't seen any evidence to the contrary yet, only entrenched opinion. It's a decision I don't have to make for a year or two yet because I'm hull #62 - but at this stage I'll be taking the boomless option - unless the boomies start providing evidence based counters ...
  5. F-22 Update

    No - not kidding - it's perfectly simple, a counter example would be a boat with a boom consistently beating other boats in the same class that were boomless, or if you prefer, a boomless boat that consistently lost in it's class A question for Autograph - who has sailed a boomed cat and now sails boomless and says current cat is slower - are they the same class with comparable sail area? are you racing others in same class with boomless? say it with me one time! Show me the data!!
  6. F-22 Update

    It's easy enough to pick holes in the extrapolations Ian makes from the few examples he's provided - but he has provided examples - and I suspect he's probably quite good at making extrapolations. On the other hand - I've not seen any evidence at all from the boomies to back their assertion that boomless is only for cruising/families - there are theories about backhauls and clews that I can't follow (because it's been too long since I was in a boat) - but there's no evidence, no counter examples. Show me the data!! (to paraphrase a cruise movie)
  7. F-22 Update

    The thing is - giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you actually mean "hardly anyone uses boomless" as opposed to the much more categorical and demonstrably false; "they are not used" - it seems to me that in past decades the same thing would have been said of multi-hulls, and later, of foils. I'm a big fan of empirical evidence - and however significant or insignificant, Ian and Multihauler are the only ones in this discussion providing any so far.
  8. F-22 Update

    I don't have experience racing anything bigger than a Fin - and I haven't been on the water for a very long time, so boomless is new to me and hard to grasp. However it does seem obvious that some of the detractors here are not speaking from experience with boom and without, rather the very idea of no boom simply seems blasphemous to them. Why there should be such religious rancour about what other people are doing with their own boats I don't know. Personally if I didn't have a stake in the F22 (I do) I would be looking at this as an opportunity to observe over the coming months and years - and either confirm my scepticism or learn something new and useful - instead of building rhetorical positions that will be hard to climb down from. Kevin.
  9. F-22 Update

    if the video doesn't work try a different browser. Google Chrome didn't work (sound, no vid) for me - but Internet Exploder 10 did.
  10. F-22 Update

    lolololol - "wet dream" - fantastic, I really hope you follow through on that plywoodboy. Mine is going to have the much drier handle; "Orthogonal".
  11. F-22 Update

    "All our F-22 production for the next two or three years has already been sold," Hi Ian - that was back in Feb and reading it now in August is depressing as I'm hoping to come back to NZ from UK in 14/15 - and my plan was to finally buy the trailer-tri I've been wanting for almost a decade then. But then on your F22 factory progress page you also say this : "We were producing just on one boat a month in 1987, and three years later it had reached two boats a week, but we are aiming for much more with the F-22!" I saw another post saying hull number 40 was allocated back in Feb - how many have been pre-sold now? Is it unrealistic to think I could be sailing one in 2015 if I haven't already ordered it? cheers, Kevin.