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  1. Chicago Area III

    Millenenium / Grant Park parking rates picking up "Online special rate" @$22 / 24hr (lieu of std $31) ... but perhaps some fine print I'm missing ... http://www.millenniumgarages.com/rates/
  2. Barcelona Travel Tips Por Favor

    And if you do rent a car in Barcelona - be careful while driving in town. We were headed out to Montserrat & wine country for a day trip in Dec. Rear tire punctured by driver on motor cycle while stopped at light. As entering highway ramp, friendly motor cyclist pointed out our flat tire, and directed us to uncrowded area. While changing tire, and distracted by a local "helping us out", some one else grabbed a backpack and purse in the back seat. We did not even know we robbed .. till half an hour later ... Turns out to be a failrly common scam. We were probably easy targets with car rental company sticker on back bumper ... dressed like middle age americans ... Could have been much worse if we were traveling with all of our luggage, or if they had gotten our passports. Now one of the more memorable stories of our vacation. Better strategy likely would have been to rent car at airport, and stay on the expressways, till out in the countryside.
  3. B&G h1000 3FD display

    Previous boat boat had a B&G H1000 system including a 3FD display. Our 3FD display had the std fastnet 2 yellow cable with a plug that connected the network the same as all the other displays. I believe B&G did however make two versions of the 3FD display: an H1000 version, and a NMEA 0138 version. Suspect you may have the NMEA version (since no std fastnet plug). But likely would be very usable using NMEA 0183 output from the NMEA interface box (if your network has one ?) along with a push button switch to select the display channels ... I suspect the pros can give you a definitive solution with a wiring diagram the will allow all to work together.
  4. Who Won the 1985 Chicago-Sarnia Race???

    Digging thru some old sailing files .... I found some old Mac race scratch sheets, including the 1985 Sarnia Race ... Needless to say, the winner is somewhere on the list. I believe Dazzler won (if not overall, IOR section 2). Dazzler was an IOR J41 that had made its debut in the 1984 SORC. The following year Hector Marchand purchased the boat and brought it to Lake Michigan. Part of the deal was that Bill Shore would sail the Mac Race with the boat. I suspect some of the other new one tonners (Slip Sliding, Fair Lady) had some "rock stars" as well, making completion pretty tight. Hector went on to own a yellow Wylie 46 named Heartbeat that did very well in Chicago in the late 80's / early 90's. I believe he is still around practicing medicine in Valparaiso, IN. 1985 Sarnia Scratch .pdf
  5. Chicago<>Port Huron Super Mac History?

    Cadence (Petersen 34) was the ’81 winner. But determination wasn’t finalized till that fall, hence the "tentatively declared" status of the results. The sailing instructions specifying the course after the Chicago Mac finish had an error, and no one caught it till the race was under way. The intention was that the fleet was to stay inside of the easterly approach buoys at Mac Island… by taking the SE approach buoy to stb (i.e. stay in the shipping channel). But the typo in sailing instructions flagged the NE buoy instead of the SE buoy, which sent the fleet (as the sailing instructions were written) between the northern most approach buoy and the beach in front of Mission Point. So as the fleet tied up in Port Huron, the question of the hour was “what side of the buoy did you go by”. Some of the fleet missed the typo, some assumed the sailing instructions were in error and proceeded through the middle of the channel, but some boats hardened up (took kites down), tacked to the north, and rounded the buoy per the sailing instructions. Needless to say, the boats that followed the sailing instructions and took the extra time to go around the buoy wanted to toss/penalize the boats that stayed in the channel and took the buoy to port. One the subsequent protests was directed at the race committee for having sailing instructions that sent the fleet into “hazardous” waters (I think the chart was showing 10-12 ft of water inside of the can). The CYC RC was able to use that protest to “save” the race. In the weeks following the race they surveyed all the participants, asking which way they rounded the buoy, and asked for an estimation from each of the boats how much extra time they would have (or did) take to round the buoy per the sailing instructions. They then went back to the finish times and adjusted the time for each boat based on the course that boat had declared they sailed past the island. We were told that the final determination and corrections were not finalized till the afternoon of the Mac awards dinner, where the prizes for the Sarnia race were passed out along with the Chic Mac awards. The sailing instructions in 1983 had remedied a repeat of the situation by simply specifying the course as leaving Bois Blanc, Middle Island, and Thunder Island to stb. Much to be said for keeping things “simple”.