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  1. ledo

    newbie bowman tips

    not sure what size your boat is.. try treating the staysail just as you would treat a jib. trip pole, raise the inboard end so that the pole can be dipped unter staysail attachment point. lower pole, pull the topping to the mast, jibe staysail, keep new lazy staysailsheet above/outside/over topping on top of the pole, raise pole, reattach assy, shout at fantasyland, drink beer and proceed down the course.. the downhaul is no problem at all.. no need to take it off.. actually it's just the back of the boat who have to jibe the assy and keep it flying without the pole nicely.. edit: even though this might not work for you, if your pole is too long or the mast track too short.. you wouldn't be able to rise the inboard end high enough to pass the pole under staysail
  2. ledo

    newbie bowman tips

    I'm sailing on a 34' symmetric kites pole is stored alongside the main-boom. advantage is, your downhaul and toppinglift stay attached and will always clear the jib sheets no matter how you set the pole (you just can't fuck up) on mast takes to long to set/take away (that's my opinion from sailing on 42', 39' and 38' footers..) on bigger boats than 34' keeping on deck in the lowest position on the mast track is fine. even if pole=longer than J.. just poke it through the front bulpit. here topper and downfucker stay attached as well.. crossing: straight over coachroof under main boom. there is no need for a bowman to mess with the jib during tacks.. on our 34' have your trimmers and helmsman practice tacking and timing of release, sheeting in and steering. in the end the jib will just float around the mast without catching and then be guided in between stanchions/railing and shrouds by the helmsman and a good trimmer/tailer.. I never have to pick the skirt over the lifelines..you just might have to look for knots in blocks if the trimmer does not pay attention releasing the sheet
  3. ledo

    newbie bowman tips

    what about neopren gloves.. get long-fingered ones.. then cut a slit in the thump and index finger.. on the inside, just where the folds/wrinkles on your fingers are.. lie.. on the inside.. (wha.. stupid language!!!) prior to manouvers you can just pull up the fingertip of the glove and push/fold them backwards... that way you at least got your fingertips free for feeling.. but you've got to wear normal sailing gloves over them or the neopren will chafe of real soon if jumping halyards..