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  1. IStream


    Fuck Trump. His "positive spin" is lies and misinformation that's getting people killed.
  2. IStream

    The Petri Dish Affect

    It's inviting and it's social. Two out of three ain't bad.
  3. IStream

    How do you store your tools onboarding? ?

    If you keep lines in the lazarette, put a bunch of hooks/hangers in place to keep them from tangling up in everything. As for the tools, a Pelican case will definitely get the job done. I'm not a fan of canvas tool rolls on a boat because they can absorb moisture and cause rust but if you soak them in melted paraffin they work great. I also like to spray steel things down with WD-40 before they go into storage. WD gets a bad reputation because people like to use it as a (shitty) lubricant but keeping water off metal is literally what it was designed for.
  4. It's starting to roll out here very strongly. And nobody's ever done it like we have, it's really tremendous. Lots of people say so.
  5. IStream

    The Petri Dish Affect

    Thank you.
  6. IStream


    Once our hospitals saturate, our death rate will rise.
  7. Here's the situation in the Canadian Gulf, San Juans, and Puget Sound: The most baffling thing is the restrictions on cash payment in the San Juan Islands. I'd sooner handle a stranger's cash than their contaminated credit card, which has a nice, smooth surface that the virus can survive on for several days at a time.
  8. Just because you'd need a survey if you quit Pantaenius is no reason to continue working with them. They've treated you like shit, you should take your business elsewhere if you can.
  9. This is on my to-do list. Also, Mrs. Stream informed me that I'll be hanging the literally hundreds of pieces of stuff she wants on the walls this weekend. Either that, or I can let her do it in which case I'll be re-plastering.
  10. IStream

    Good News Thread

    Better hope it comes in a plain cardboard box.
  11. IStream

    '20's Grilling Thread

    The kettle is definitely a factor. There's a lot of convection going on in there along with the indirect heat. A well-designed gas grill generates good convection too but most of them aren't well-designed. The Weber grills are good in this regard but the ones you pick up on Father's day at the local home improvement store tend to be poor.
  12. IStream

    Solbien Allinone solar panel

    Friends don't let friends buy Xantrex. With Sunpower making flexies at reasonable prices, there's no reason to buy an off-brand Chinese panel or a better-known brand with a terrible reputation like Xantrex. Say what you want about Renogy, but I've had good luck with their charge controllers and when I had a bad experience with their panels, they gave me a full refund almost two years after purchase.
  13. IStream

    '20's Grilling Thread

    In my experience the key to gas grilling is the same as for charcoal: management of direct and indirect heat. If you've got three burners running fore/aft keep one of them off, preferably the middle one so the outer ones can compensate for the cool chassis edges. That way you can use indirect heat and cook low and slow. If you've got four or five burners, it's a bit easier. If your burners run left/right or you've got one of those IR burners that covers the whole grate area, you're pretty much screwed.
  14. IStream

    Those randy citizens of Belgium...

    On balance, I'd say it was worth it.
  15. I was surprised to see today that my local restaurant supply had a large supply of gloves in every size. Might want to check that out...