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  1. Come on, you know you want it. What in the hell have you got to lose?
  2. In theory. In practice, even lithium batteries suffer some (~10%) capacity loss when discharging at or above 1C (in your case, close to 900W). Also, even though the voltage versus charge function of lithium batteries is very flat, the voltage does drop as they discharge, which will increase current draw. Bottom line, I'd derate your theoretical figures by about 20% for 4 knot operation but less than 10% for 3.5 or slower operation.
  3. IStream

    Outboard lower unit oil drain plugs

    Please don't do that. Just get an impact gun, they're not expensive and they don't require that you lay into your delicate, cast aluminum lower unit with a fucking hammer in the hopes that this cheaply made, high friction mechanism will direct a small fraction of the blow into loosening torque.
  4. IStream

    DQOTD - cockpit speakers

    My PO had a stereo head unit, two amps, 5 L pads, and 14 speakers on board. I got it down to the head and 6 speakers, though I did install a small subwoofer in the salon. No blue lights.
  5. IStream

    3D Printing Anarchy

    I actually already have an academic license to SketchUp but haven't dug in too much because it looked very architecture-specific. I guess I'll reassess if Fusion doesn't work out with my graphics. Thanks for the tip on Shapeways. It's hard to compare apples-to-apples because they don't have the same material as the job I kicked off but they look like a good alternative.
  6. IStream


    AKA, "The Feedbag"
  7. IStream

    3D Printing Anarchy

    Thanks, I've downloaded both Fusion 360 and FreeCAD. Fusion looks to be very intuitive but it's complaining about my computer's graphics performance (it's a laptop with Intel UHD 620 graphics). I'll persevere and see if that's a problem. Also, I downloaded it using my academic credentials but it still wouldn't give me more than a 30 day trial. After digging around a bit, it turns out you can fill out a support ticket asking for a year, which I've done. FreeCAD looks powerful but isn't what I'd consider to be super-intuitive. I'll keep poking at both.
  8. IStream

    3D Printing Anarchy

    So at my old job we had a Form 2 3D printer that we used for prototyping and I'd generally designed parts with our young ME, who drove SolidWorks as I talked over his shoulder. That job's over and I needed to make a simple part for a personal project but I don't have SolidWorks or even know how to use it. Part 1: I did what you do and searched for "free CAD software" and ended up downloading eMachineShop. It's *very* basic but I was able to design my part without too much trouble because it's very simple. Despite that, I'm already running into the limitations of the software. It's basically a 2D drawing package that lofts into Z to create the 3D shape. I'd much prefer to design in 3D. Any suggested SW packages for that? I don't necessarily demand free but I'll just be an occasional user so I'd prefer to keep it to under $100, ideally following a full-function free trial so I can evaluate it. Part 2: I exported my part and then used CraftCloud to get a quote on 3D printing. CraftCloud, which is based in Germany I believe, then sent the job to FacFox in China for production. The price was good but it'll take about 10 days to get the parts in hand. Do people have a preferred US based print house that isn't exorbitantly priced and does fast turns? I could do a search on that too, of course, but I'm interested in real-world experience by folks here whom I trust, not faked online reviews. Thanks.
  9. Yesterday I found out that my phone has been systematically substituting "door" for "foot". Talk about an edge case...
  10. That's a nice engine room. Loving that alternator. Please post the Amazon links for those brass and stainless magnets. I bought a bunch of cheap Chinese ones but they're all defective. I guess you get what you pay for.
  11. IStream

    Battery system upgrade?

    You should definitely have some kind of programmable voltage regulator controlling your alternator. If you've got Mastervolt lithium batteries and are considering a Mastervolt-branded alternator, it'd probably be a good idea to go with a Mastervolt VR but this is definitely something you should discuss with Mastervolt. It's very easy to spend a lot of money and not end up with the right components or to not have them set up properly to get their full benefit. How are you charging the start battery? I'd recommend a DC-DC battery charger like the Sterling unit to use the house bank as a charging source for the start battery.
  12. IStream

    Battery system upgrade?

    The lithiums are far more sensitive to the charging profile than the lead acid. All voltage sensing should be done on the lithiums. Don't count on the BMS to bail you out, its primary function is as a failsafe to prevent acute battery damage. You can still cause long-term damage to the lithiums in the form of reduced life if you charge at the wrong voltages.
  13. IStream

    Battery system upgrade?

    The Efoy is not equivalent to an alternator. It only puts out 8.8A and needs a refuel after 24 hours of operation. Based on your statement, it sounds like your draw is only 5-6 amps. A 130A alternator will be a revelation. Even de-rated, your batteries will go from 10% charge to 100% in under 2 hours and at 5-6 amps of draw you'll be able to go 30-40 hours before you need to start the engine to recharge again. Take the money you save on the price difference between the alternator and the Efoy and buy some (more) solar so that 30-40 hours becomes 60-80 hours.