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  1. Can't disagree with that.
  2. It's interesting that you view my response as hostility to feminism. It's just the opposite. Does a feminist passively accept "being shagged" as an obligation or does a feminist express agency and both consent to and participate in the act as an equal partner?
  3. IStream

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    I have a Viking 170 home machine with an internal clutch that likes to slip when it bogs down but it drives me nuts because I have no means of overriding it by turning the flywheel by hand. I much prefer the pinned wheel and toothed belt of the Sailrite.. I want the needle to be the fuse!
  4. I'm still in the "ignore but don't put on the ignore list" phase of irritation.
  5. IStream

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    I've used that PU belting before but never for high torque applications. Nice to hear it works there too.
  6. It was "free love" not "free rape".
  7. IStream

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Nice. Any issues with belt slippage?
  8. She looks like a lot of fun! And there's not a damn thing wrong with her thighs.
  9. IStream

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    Having just plunged into the world of sewing, I was pleasantly surprised to find that both needle sizes and thread use larger numbers for larger sizes. Somehow I expected that not to be the case. There are still competing & proprietary standards and systems, especially for needles, but at least they're rational.
  10. IStream

    The hotter Hot Lips

    Sally Kellerman was truly hot by any standard.
  11. IStream

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Having validated the Torqueedo outboard on your boat and both understanding and accepting the tradeoffs of electric propulsion, you're the ideal candidate for this. Assuming the product itself performs reliably, I suspect it'll work out great. I can't wait to hear about the install and your hopefully long and completely undramatic experiences with it.
  12. IStream

    Goddard's Lathe

    Back in the stone ages I owned a Sherline mill for about 3 months. It was well made for what it was and handled brass and aluminum reasonably well but milling steel parts was an exercise in frustration. If you really babied it you could make it work but I didn't have the patience for 0.010" depths of cut and too short tool re-sharpening intervals. I got rid of it and decided I'd wait until I had a big enough space for decent-sized tools, which never happened.
  13. IStream

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Quite a number of lakes in the US ban hydrocarbon powered craft because they also act as drinking water reservoirs. The sale of new two stroke motors is also banned. That said, I think we're a very long way off from HC powered craft being banned entirely here. More likely, it'll happen after the fact due to battery electric propulsion becoming equal or superior in range, power, and cost. Look for the small four stroke outboards to go first...
  14. IStream

    Goddard's Lathe

    I understood what you were saying, I'd just never seen one of these and have a hard time believing that the milling head of the Grizzly version would have anywhere near the necessary rigidity. The Emco might be a totally different animal even if the superficial appearance is similar.