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  1. IStream

    Oil Filter Relocation Anarchy

    Thanks, Sass. Just an FYI to those playing at home, the hot rod world uses anodized aluminum AN (Army/Navy) fittings which are nominally identical to JIC fittings except for manufacturing tolerances and materials. Wiki:
  2. IStream

    Oil Filter Relocation Anarchy

    Yeah, I think that's advisable. The Canton uses a 90 degree take-off design in billet aluminum. The only thing I don't like about it is the NPT threading. There's another brand, Improved Racing, that has a nice filter mount with o-ring boss fittings but their take-off doesn't connect at 90 degrees and the meat around the female threads is pretty skimpy, even though it's a billet design as well.
  3. IStream

    Oil Filter Relocation Anarchy

    I did some digging and it looks to me like Beta uses Mocal (UK) components.
  4. IStream

    Oil Filter Relocation Anarchy

    As far a cheap cast aluminum kits, the "best" one I've found is this from Perma-Cool: The documentation says it's okay for diesel but not for marine use, for reasons unknown
  5. IStream

    Oil Filter Relocation Anarchy

    I thought about it but decided that even if they gave me a verbal ok, I still wouldn't chance it.
  6. IStream

    Oil Filter Relocation Anarchy

    Thanks. Those Canton hoses are rated to 350F / 175C but I'm thinking I might just buy the fittings and have Nebar make up the hoses for me with proper swaged fittings.
  7. IStream

    holy fuck... beirut

    I think a kiloton is too abstract a concept. I prefer to think of it as 1,000,000 kilograms (2,200,000 pounds) of TNT. That's a lot of firecrackers.
  8. IStream

    holy fuck... beirut

    That was no fireworks accident. That was a single, large explosive device.
  9. IStream

    Oil Filter Relocation Anarchy

    My setup consists of an oil drain pump with a pickup in place of the oil pan plug so I'm already effectively draining through the tube. I've tried breaching the filter but if anything, it's harder to control than just spreading oil absorbant cloths around, bagging the filter, and spinning it off as quickly as I can. I'm not convinced that remoting the filter is worth $400, just trying see if anyone else has gone through the exercise. If I were confident that the ~$100 Trans-Dapt solution was viable, I'd probably go for it but $400 is a lot of money for only a bit of convenience.
  10. IStream

    Oil Filter Relocation Anarchy

    I looked at the Trans-Dapt kits but they only make the cast aluminum versions in my filter threading and are the ones who warn against using it in diesel and marine applications. Maybe they're just being conservative but it does make me nervous. Regarding adding filtration and capacity, the machined kits come in flavors that pair a 20x1.5 takeoff plates with a 13/16 x 16 filter mount so you can use a bigger filter to get the advantages of the dual filters, as long as you're careful about picking the right one to match your original filter's specs (a 14 psi bypass valve in my case).
  11. I'd like to relocate the side-mounted oil filter on my Yanmar 4JH3-HTE so I can better reach it and also so it doesn't try and spill a pint of dirty oil into my bilge every time I change the oil. There are a number of kits consisting of a take-off plate that spins on to the side of the block where the filter normally goes and hoses that run up to a remote filter mount. However, most of these are cheap, cast-aluminum construction that are explicitly described as unsuitable for marine or diesel use. The better quality ones use machined aluminum components and braided hoses with AN10 or similar fittings and are generally used for hot rodding. The Yanmar oil filter has an M20 x 1.5mm thread which is common to Mazda, Subaru, Honda, and some Nissan models. The (seeming) best quality kit I've found is from Canton Racing and goes for a street price of around $400: That said, there are (of course) Chinese ebay specials you can cobble together for as little as $100, though I'm not eager to risk my engine's oil supply to save a couple hundred bucks. I'm just wondering if anyone else has done this and has any hard-won knowledge and advice.
  12. IStream

    Puget Sound Anarachy

    That's a busy itinerary. You might consider spending two nights in one place. Here are my thoughts in no particular order. Anacortes: don't know what they're doing during Covid times but Dad's Diner serves an excellent breakfast that'll hold you all day. Rosario: I'd recommend a hike up the hill above Rosario at least to the lake. Take your bathing suits if it's hot, the swimming is great. If you're feeling ambitious and have time, go all the way to the falls. Roche: visit the outdoor sculpture garden and hike up through the old cemetery to the McMillin Mausoleum. Sucia: no matter where you anchor, you can't go wrong from a scenic standpoint but I tend to prefer Fossil Bay. It's protected from north winds, which tend to be predominant this time of year. The entry is dramatic and the bay itself is very quiet. Friday Harbor: I really have no use for it. Ferries coming and going, lots of people and noise, not-good food. And I say this as a person who tends to like crowds. I'd much sooner spend the day at Eastsound on Orcas. FWIW.
  13. IStream

    Colon Prep

    That was my Dad's go-to line throughout my childhood...
  14. IStream

    Night Runner is on the market

    I think the offset companionway joke has crossed the credibility rubicon and is now accepted wisdom. Good job, everybody.
  15. One thing I would recommend is to change the oil before you try to start it. I've seen used diesel oil gel up even in moderate temps after just a few months of sitting.