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  1. IStream

    Coolboats to admire

    If he bugs you so much, just put him on ignore. Problem solved, unless you have another agenda.
  2. IStream

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    I wouldn't bet on it. They have to burn down (or flood or get hit by hurricanes or tornadoes) three or four times before people believe it's a new normal.
  3. IStream

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    I'd do it bit by bit. If the first one doesn't do it, just keep on going.
  4. IStream


    Ish FTW.
  5. IStream

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    I've got my people wearing N95 masks in the office. It's almost as bad as Seattle was in August.
  6. IStream


    Not if you chop it up small enough.
  7. IStream

    Thread to Divert J6,Panoramix and poor ProA

    They won't show up unless BP does. Catch-22.
  8. IStream

    Ghost boat in the Gulf

    I hope it wasn't "his time".
  9. IStream

    Hybrid vehicle Battery Life

    Certainly the early ones. I would expect at least 5000 deep cycles from a lithium pack and since the hybrid charging algorithm doesn't necessarily demand a deep discharge, I don't think 10000 cycles is an unreasonable expectation. That's easily life-of-the-car territory.
  10. I'd argue that everyone should use that hand gesture and take it back from the NNs.
  11. IStream

    Fuel polishing in Van Isle

    My truck uses the non-marinized version of your Cummins QSB 5.9 and all that return flow is shot at the pickup screen in the tank to keep it clear of debris, of which there's generally very little because the return flow has been polished by the fuel filter(s). It's a good system that works well.
  12. IStream

    Coolboats to admire

    Please feel free to put me on ignore and I'll reciprocate by never interacting with you again.
  13. IStream

    Coolboats to admire

    Says Cliffy! The STYC is more than good enough to make up for the likes of a J6 douchebag.