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  1. Or just a measure of control.
  2. This. Thermocouples are considered consumables and any competent designer would've make them not too difficult to replace.
  3. Sorry, but an unknown Chinese newcomer is not a good bet when it comes to windgens.
  4. Looks like you and Mr. Flowerman could be brothers.
  5. Good point, hadn't considered a list.
  6. She's a beaut but what's going on with that boot stripe and waterline? Has the backstay tension banana'd the hull?
  7. Golf clap.
  8. Most of the "Wall of Shame" section on Peter Hayden's blog concerns NMEA 2K issues. He's dug into the weeds on it and isn't afraid to name names about who's doing it well and who isn't: http://www.mvtanglewood.com/search/label/Wall of Shame
  9. Especially how they get into all the little nooks and crannies in your teeth and pop back out one by one over the next few hours. It's a good reminder of a (hopefully) good meal.
  10. Wow. Just wow.
  11. Jesus, Sparrow, give the guy a break. I want to see the pics too and probably would've done things differently myself but I can't blame him for clamming up. It's clear that no good deed goes unpunished with you.
  12. A place to discuss the technical aspects of their design and construction, as well as the exploits of origami boats directly with their builders/owners.
  13. Lotsa lady Aussie brownsnake hunters out there, or so I'm told:
  14. Seems there's already at least one hole in the pole.
  15. Proas seem to be the recumbent bicycles of the sea.
  16. Agreed. A fast and easier technique is to wrap the perimeter of the zinc with electrical tape. It'll last the 6 months that you should be getting out of the zinc. How zinc'd up is your prop shaft? Any chance your lead keel is bonded to your prop? That's a killer for sure.
  17. I'm not one to always be looking for the newest shiny technology that's perpetually 20 years off but I'm keeping an eye on direct solar-to-hydrocarbon technology. The inputs are CO2, water, and photons and the product is long-chain hydrocarbons with all the energy density thereof but without the messy and costly step of having to go through algae or other biological intermediaries for the conversion process. Of course, the fit with existing infrastructure is great.
  18. Seems as though sail trim is (or should be) highly optimized for each design and each era since everyone is collecting the relevant data all the time. If boat speed suffers due to poor trim, you lose the race. Lots of real time evolutionary pressure there.
  19. They're going to ask you for money.
  20. I'd replace them with titanium or stainless steel. Aluminum has no known use on a sailboat. ...at least for chainplates.
  21. The winch wraps clockwise from the bottom up. Think about the dynamics of an override and you'll have your answer. That said, you can't go wrong with both winches level and with a fair lead of the sheets.
  22. I was referring to DDW's recommendation of 3/8" thick G10 mounting pads.
  23. As I recall, these steps take 1/4-20 flatheads so 3/8" should do it unless you have to take away a bunch to fit the mast contour.