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  1. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

  2. Junk on the trunk

    Gonna get me some mangos!
  3. Best Rock Song Intros

    He's not dead yet!
  4. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    If you're going to do this, don't fuck around. Get yourself an outdoor antenna and put it up as high as you can, facing the right direction for the channels you want.
  5. Jesus, it's worse than I thought.
  6. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    No, it's just reached its natural level of absurdity.
  7. Community Reputation Points

    That's intentional.
  8. Happey Thacksgiving!

    Snaggs, you can't even keep your spelling consistent between your thread title and your first post. Sounds like you're thoroughly enjoying Thacksgiveng! As for us, it's dinner at a close friends' house. They're great cooks and the best part is they always send us home with tons of food. No cooking and plenty of leftovers FTW!
  9. Port Townsend Dash

    Love that roostertail!
  10. Cable modem/router question

    Seconded. I'll wager I could talk the OP through the setup over the phone. Just as a home router is "capable" of a mess of shit that most consumers care nothing about, these Ubiquity bridges have about half a dozen things to set, and you're on line. IP address, pick one as an AP & one as a Station, give them an SSID & password, set to Transparent (or WDS), point toward each other. The rest is something for geeks to fart with. There's no better way to learn a discipline than to dive into it, with guidance, and pick up on some of the action. I don't disagree. In fact, there's the config directions for the applicable scheme direct from the UBNT website: https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/205142890-airMAX-How-to-Configure-a-Point-to-Point-Link-Layer-2-Transparent-Bridge- Bmiller can judge for himself as to whether this is something he wants to take on.
  11. AM Antena Anarchry

    Yeah, I feel ya. My hearing's not so good anymore but I can still read, dammit!
  12. AM Antena Anarchry

    Yup, it's spelt "high".
  13. Coolboats to admire

    Why couldn't you just set them loose to rotate freely? Then they'd weathervane and produce less drag than a round spar.
  14. Book anarchy

    I'm nearly done with "News of the World" by Paulette Jiles. Short and sweet.
  15. AM Antena Anarchry

    I always find it ironic that the marketing folks frequently and intentionally misspell "high fidelity".
  16. What is this half circle cut out on my anchor locker lid?

    I do the same thing with a chain hook spliced onto a length of three-strand that runs through one of those big, stupid, heavy, rubber dock line snubbers. Best use I've found for them.
  17. That's one ripped cougar.
  18. Show your boat sailing thread

    That's pretty cool! What'd they weigh? How'd they sail? Edit: http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=5682
  19. Man gets eel stuck up his anus

    If you ever, in your entire wretched life, get a chance to eat caldillo de congrio right off the beach in Chile, take it. If I ever meet Calvin Trillin in person, I'm going to lord it over him.
  20. "National Cleavage Day"

    They don't get much prettier than Penelope.
  21. Port Townsend Dash

    I can be moveable ballast!
  22. Now if only we could get the software to ignore threads started by someone we're ignoring...
  23. AM Antena Anarchry

    Stucco on the outside or plaster on the inside?
  24. Mad Mike, Rocket Man

    Seems like "self-taught rocket scientist" would be high on the list of Darwin's most favored occupations. Probably why you don't run into too many of them...