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  1. A big project!

    The latest: Leo's just turned the corner from demolition to restoration. With his new keel timber staged and all the live oak needed for the project milled and on-site, my money's on completion. Hang in there, Leo!
  2. Gas cooktop igniter anarchy

    Take a look at Blue Star. They were Wolf's OEM before Wolf was bought by Viking and moved away from true commercial kitchens. Simple, high performance, bulletproof.
  3. Grow some tits and hair. There's nothing it can't solve.
  4. E-Bikes

    There's a company based just down the road from me called RAD Power Bikes. They also run a rental business out of their shop, so I see them running around town all over the place but I'd never paid much attention to them. When my stepmom was looking at an eBike about a year ago I surveyed all the makes and checked them out. Turns out that at the time, they were a standout on motor power, battery capacity, and cost. I went an test rode one and was impressed not only with the ride but also how well it stood up to rental abuse. She bought one and liked it so much that my Dad bought one a few months later. FWIW. https://www.radpowerbikes.com/
  5. I don't think Manson ever built an aluminum boat from scratch. If he'd accomplished that, he probably wouldn't have been Manson. Zeyang documented his process publicly here on SA and by all accounts seems to be a well adjusted and accomplished fellow.
  6. WEMA SSL level sensors - Higher resolution

    They stop working. Seriously, though, that's the symptom but we don't know the cause. We use them with a witches brew of salty acids and bases mixed with mineral oil. I suspect a seal is failing and causing internal shorting but I won't know for sure until they've finished their failure analysis.
  7. WEMA SSL level sensors - Higher resolution

    I'm using Gems sensors in a product I'm developing. We had good interactions with their engineering folks during prototyping and their units have good resolution but we've been observing a high failure rate and they've been slow to ID the root cause for us.
  8. R2AK 2018

    Ah, got it. Thanks, Russell.
  9. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    Not to brag but she looks like she could be my wife's sister.
  10. two days...no new content?

    The front page is all in your mind.
  11. R2AK 2018

    Ditto on the drawings. My question has to do with the fastening of the pedestal to the deck. It seems like the CF flanges and fasteners are small, but it's hard to tell scale in the photos. Will it tolerate long-term cyclic loading? Someone falling onto it at an angle?
  12. Radar on a small boat

    Keep in mind that the nominal beam angle is generally defined at the half power point, so your increase of 3.3' to 7' isn't a bad thing but also isn't really conservative. Standing on the transom with the unit mounted 7' up would still expose your head to something approaching half the power of the beam. Adding the factor of two by moving it up to 14' sounds reasonable.
  13. Radar on a small boat

    Be very conservative with the nominal beam angle and the resulting minimum height you calculate. There's diffraction effects, reflection off nearby metal surfaces, etc that also come into play. Yes, it's just a fraction of the power but still. If you mount it directly overhead or close (i.e. on a pole behind the wheel), you can safely ignore those issues. If you mount it forward of your head, add a very generous safety factor to the minimum height you calculate. As I said above, the higher the better for reasons of both performance and safety. If the weight aloft is unacceptable, I'd second the idea of selling the unit and investing in an AIS transceiver.
  14. Yeah, but then you've got to deal with Florida when you're not on the water...
  15. What's Australian for "Polysulfide Sealant"?

    Just curious, why aren't you filling the old holes with epoxy?
  16. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    Agreed. I was responding to BDB's statement that this was a first time.
  17. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    An uncontained fan disk failure famously brought down UA232, a DC-10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Airlines_Flight_232
  18. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    I asked a simple question, you don't have to be a dick about it.
  19. Harry Anderson "Night Court" DTS

  20. I suggest you go to youtube and search on the phrase "boat sunk in slip"
  21. annoying use of the language

    I hear it a lot out here on the west coast.
  22. Radar on a small boat

    The higher the better and well above head height in any case.
  23. SSB Receiver for Pac Cup

    I own two Sangean radios and, while performance is decent, both have really obvious mechanical design flaws that limit their useful lives. Their pricing is at the high end for what you get, so I won't be buying another.
  24. Solar update

    Well, that was productive.