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    Asian female driver

    Is it racist to blame all Floridians for the stupid shit that happens there?
  2. IStream

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    Yeah, then they reintroduced the genuine article in 2008. It's not cheap, never was, but it works great.
  3. IStream

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    If you really want resistance to thermal shock, you gotta get the Good Stuff: pyroceram.
  4. IStream

    Bottom paint dust removal

    Glad you got it sorted.
  5. IStream

    Bottom paint dust removal

    That's pretty extreme for paint that wasn't cured on the surface. Have you tried pressure washing? Assuming it's a copper based paint, perhaps treat with dilute acid (e.g. vinegar)?
  6. IStream

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Only if you rename the boat too.
  7. IStream

    Bottom paint dust removal

    Dry sand the top?
  8. IStream

    Finding Yanmar part numbers.

    I've never had a problem, but I always walk into their shop and work with the counter guy until we find the right part.
  9. IStream

    reefing lines?

    I'm doing the lazy man's version of this with 3/8" Control DPX from one end to the other. A bit higher windage but very little stretch, decent in the hand, light weight, grabs okay in the clutch.
  10. IStream

    Finding Yanmar part numbers.

    Hatton Marine, Seattle.
  11. That's why you pay for Marinrbeam and the like instead of whatever no-name junk Amazon offers from China.
  12. IStream

    Happy International Yoga Day

    I guess they don't call you The Crab for nothing.
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  14. IStream

    SUV anarchy

    Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding.
  15. IStream

    SUV anarchy

    Your initial list included a bunch of foreign marks. When did you decide that was a problem? If you won't buy foreign and you won't consider GM, that doesn't leave much to choose from.
  16. IStream

    Todays Useless Fact

    That figures. "Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha" is the Japanese translation of "Robertson".
  17. IStream

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    I see what you did there.
  18. I could see that being true if it only ever rained when the light was on.
  19. IStream

    Grilling 2018

    The rule of thumb I heard was sear until the smoke alarm goes off, then give it another minute.
  20. I did it, works fine, but that was before the price of the integrated units came down. Nowadays, I'd buy an integrated unit. The waterproofing is more robust because they don't have to accommodate bulb changes like the old incandescent units.
  21. IStream

    PTFE Rod instead of Torlon Balls?

    I'm surprised this has been an issue. You sure you don't have the wrong number of balls in the car? They need space to roll and it is possible to fit an extra ball over spec in some of those cars.
  22. IStream

    Moovie Review Threade

    Loved the original and liked this one too. Saw the preview for Wreck It Ralph 2 and can't wait to miss it. An exercise in making a movie entirely out of product placement shots. On the other hand, I can't wait for the Lego Movie 2, The Second Part.
  23. IStream

    Spinlock XTR clutches

    This thread inspired me to dismount, tear down, inspect, rebuild, and rebed my clutches, which are a mixture of XT and unmarked (i.e. no model designated) Spinlocks. It's amazing how much crud builds up in there over the years. I replaced two cam assemblies and cleaned and lubed everything and it's like night and day. If you've never pulled one of these apart, you might be surprised at how much better they work at the smaller end of their size range when maintained, particularly with some 1 Drop lube on the cam pivot. Kudos to Spinlock for keeping parts available for these ancient units.
  24. IStream

    Lewmar 40 2 speed

    +1. Tony's a good guy.
  25. As long as there's a never ending stream of Patreons marks, there will be a never ending supply of grifters.