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  1. IStream

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    This one definitely deserves its own thread.
  2. IStream

    Winch patina anarchy

    I have a similar issue on two Lewmars up on the cabintop and under the dodger. One's a 4 screw and the other an Ocean series. It may be due to lack of regular freshwater rinsing and/or exposure to diesel exhaust. The Ocean is newer and isn't so bad. Flitz polish makes it look like new but the patina comes back every year. The 4 screw is older and the finish is more severely compromised. I hit it with the Flitz too just to keep it from getting worse. It still works fine so I don't worry about it much.
  3. FYI, you can get their surgical style masks in a 200 pack for ~$0.30 each with their "Black Friday" sale. They want you to sign up for their newsletter but I did all you assholes a favor and got on their mailing list so you don't have to. Use code "Black-Friday-2020".
  4. IStream

    Moving Jib Tracks

    Rod's butyl has never streaked on me. After it's finished oozing out, I run a razor blade lightly across the joint and pull off the exudate.
  5. Since I don't have a drone or friends on boats with cameras, I figured I'd start a thread for those poor souls who're boat-proud but similarly deprived. Here's ours in full lazy family cruising mode at the Rosario dock with sails tightly stowed in case of hurricane, dinghy at the ready to abandon ship, and hammock deployed in anger.
  6. IStream

    Galvanic intrigue

    I have the Charles 30A transformer mounted below the cockpit sole near the stern. Not ideal weight distribution, but it's well protected and near the shore power inlet on my transom. The transformer itself is well potted and the case is stout and designed to shed water from above. Still, I didn't want to put it in even a semi-exposed location.
  7. IStream

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    No worries. However, I do question the validity of the chart given that it says that Singapore has no access to the vaccine. Singapore will find a way to get what Singapore wants, in this and many other things...
  8. IStream

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    As I'm sure you're aware, you owe that man beer for life.
  9. Fuck, I'm upvoting a silent bob post. That's a first. Hang in there, psycho. My BIL is an ER doc in NYC and saw some shit earlier this year. He's gearing up again. Don't let the maskless, traveling, covid-denying dickheads get you down. I figure/hope shit's gonna get real for the deniers when it's triage time...
  10. IStream

    Festoon LED bulbs - 39mm

    How about this 37? You could either bend the contacts in 1mm each or put a blob of solder on the ends of the bulb.
  11. IStream

    Maradona DTS

    Shit, I figured they'd take the rest of the month off.
  12. IStream

    Festoon LED bulbs - 39mm
  13. IStream

    Moving Jib Tracks

    True. Rod's experiments show that butyl can tolerate a lot more movement while maintaining a seal than, say, 4200, but I think the bigger issue for tracks and other fixtures that don't move much (as opposed to something like a stanchion base) is maintaining adhesion between the goo and the surfaces you're trying to seal. Everything moves a little but the countersink gives you enough of a sealant thickness that the movement is small as a percentage of the thickness so it can tolerate it without breaking the seal.
  14. IStream

    Moving Jib Tracks

    Countersink the holes and use MaineSail's butyl tape: Corresponding how-to article:
  15. IStream

    Radio is "busy" when instruments are on

    FWIW, I had the exact same symptoms in a Standard Horizon GX2200. It would continuously say "busy" exactly like I had the transmit button pressed. I completely isolated it and nothing made any difference. I finally relented and paid to return it to SH. When it came back, it was working fine.
  16. IStream

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    More pics, Squeaky!
  17. IStream

    Galvanic intrigue

    +1 on the isolation transformer. A galvanic isolator will take care of small DC voltages but with the transformer that and any AC issues with the dock or your neighbors' boats are dealt with too. The only issue is weight, cost, and having to deal with two more wires during installation.
  18. IStream

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    Anyone paying attention to the Tycho Crater?
  19. IStream

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    I'd say it's pretty damned exciting.
  20. IStream

    Electric windlass recommendations? 33’ boat

    I didn't mention 4/0 because I don't know the location of the batteries, the voltage of the bank, or the model of windlass and its peak load. However, I don't think 3% max drop is overkill. It's when the windlass is near-stalled that you need it most and that's also when you don't want to have excessive voltage drop.
  21. IStream

    Random PicThread

  22. IStream

    Random PicThread

    The scary thing is that you're one server glitch away from it all disappearing forever...
  23. IStream

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    And that's the issue for most people. Whether it's offshore event requirements or inland cruising, 10-12 hours at hull speed is still gonna call for unreasonable costs and/or bank sizes with current technology. In a few years, the battery cost reductions may make it reasonable but it won't really take off until energy densities double once or twice.
  24. IStream

    Electric windlass recommendations? 33’ boat

    My PO installed a Quick brand chain counter and it was no end of trouble with all sorts of water intrusion-related issues. Seems to be a theme.
  25. IStream

    Electric windlass recommendations? 33’ boat

    My 20 ton 50'er is arguably under-spec'd with 5/16" G4 chain and a Maxwell 1500 windlass but like you, I don't like a lot of unnecessary weight in the bow. The only real issue with my setup is that the thinner chain is more vulnerable to rust, so I keep a close eye on it, wash it down with freshwater on the way up, have good locker drainage, periodically treat the chain with Boeshield, etc.