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  1. boynamedsuzyQ

    EXCESS Catamarans?

    Wish I could :-), I checked with them again and they want to stay under the radar a little longer. I can say though that the design is a collaboration between four entities covering the overall design, the engineering, the interior layouts/equipment, the deck layout/equipment and lastly construction and materials optimization to keep pricing in a competitive range. The unexpected juicy tidbit to come out of the chat though is that they are also working on a light twin stateroom 40' that is slated to be a 'lock up and go' medium distance cruiser/racer with electric/diesel/outboard options.
  2. boynamedsuzyQ

    EXCESS Catamarans?

    There is something very interesting launching in March which has been tooled for production. The folks involved in the program have kept it under wraps well, although I understand that they've sold the first three. I've been to see the first one in the shed, very sexy epoxy 52' with some fresh ideas. Can't say much more than that or I'll get uninvited for her testing in March.
  3. boynamedsuzyQ

    Antigua race week

    Seems like a fairly interesting multi fleet this year, a few gunboats, an HH66 and (new for caribbean I think) a pair of GForces. This could be fun.
  4. boynamedsuzyQ


    If the rig holds the longeron up (against the whisker stays), when the rig comes down the longeron would presumably drop and be held up (loosely) by the tramps or if they failed, the whisker stays (it would then probably be under water). In any event her forward hull sections would presumably have to 'fend for themselves' then without any support forward (ala crossbeam) ? I guess this points to how remarkably well constructed they must be to be able to withstand the varying and independent sheer forces they would experience from the seas, given how long they are forward of the wing deck.