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  1. Steveromagnino

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    whatever they come up with, the wind ranges in NZ being so variable these beasts are going to be pretty exciting to watch when it blows.
  2. Steveromagnino

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Fiery Cross designed by Jim Young was a 45 foot long canter built and raced in 1957. Young says he got the idea of Herreshoff, but anyhow MINIs were the first to really start using them a lot though, as Fiery was not allowed to race with the keel canted after she showed how much faster it was to do so. No Aussie, Young is a fair dinkum Kiwi. Same designer was the first to produce a fast 12 foot cat (raced as a 12 foot skiff until it was banned) in the Qs; first mega wide sportsyacht (extreme); probably the most prolific of the skiff style sportsboat/race yacht designers a true legend.
  3. Steveromagnino

    rs aero

    Would guess it's probably going to be made in Thailand, alongside the other RS boats, by renowned builder CMI who build Nacras and RS dinghies. It's a very interesting boat for sure, could be something that would make me consider dinghies again....lots to like about it!
  4. Steveromagnino

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    From what I can remember in another thread. Failed as a S/V, sitting in a yard still somewhere planned to have keel removed permanetly and converted to M/V I think Mr Pong has more than just 3 boats, he has a couple of 72 footers (Jelik being 1 and another of similar dimensions), at least 1 and possibly 2 TP52s (one of which at one point was called Mui Mui and another from memory was the Foxy Lady IV, possibly V) and some motorboats of various types). Mui Mui I think was supposed to be a TP52 except being from JK it didn't measure as one, or something to that effect. Not that it matters up here since TPs in Asia are IRCed to race mixed fleet. The burden of being super rich and really passionate about sailing I guess. Lovely guy. Maiden was raced just once in some sort of HK-Boracay type long distance race, I think from memory it was a gift from his wife to him, designed by JK and with canting rig, water ballast in the wings, hiking wings and so on - apparently quite tricky to tack/gybe due to the complexity of operating the whole thing's various moving bits (this came from one of his crew when we were hanging out eating Frank's food and having him tow us around at one of the Asian regattas). Now with various other 90 footers showing up, it seems like it would be a good time to pull the Maiden back out to race, if only you could figure out how to make the thing go around corners a little easier.
  5. Steveromagnino


    Interesting. My boat is a bit smaller in the rig, and a little lighter, so I might see how long it lasts with just 1 set. Always a pleasure to support other sportsboats; I know the U20 guys were pretty happy with their C-Tech rigs too - it's a great company to deal with.
  6. Steveromagnino


    what is the windiest guys are using the single spreader c-Tech style rigs with masthead kites in? - single spreaders - forestay lower than the cap shrouds - top section of the mast not supported except by the leech of the main Curious as I am building a boat with a similar rig set up (Shaw 550) and having introduced you guys to C-Tech, I am now likely to use a similarly set up rig (as Rob designed from the beginning with single spreaders) - just want to know how funky the rig is going to look in bigger breeze - C-Tech claims (and I believe them) it's all no problem but curious to hear from actual experience on the sort of limits and how you guys are setting things up. Hoping that the 2 i550s under construction in Samui get finished so we have someone to race against other than the IRC 3 fleet!
  7. Steveromagnino


    Bit hard to compare a 5.5m with 3 crew built to a ply budget to the quickest 6.5m boat with 4 crew built to a composite budget. At a guess would be something like 7-10min slower per hour? Maybe more in certain conditions? 650 is doing 6.2-6.7 knots upwind, and other than arms racer one off boats would be the first to plane and the quickest once up and planing. The i550 is a lovely boat and a very cool concept, but I guess if you really wanted an answer could compare the Manic vs. the open 570 in Narrangsett or Monkey Business/Audi Penfold Racing vw. the i550 death to Snooki (or some name like that) in Melbourne. I'm also building a Shaw 550 (one of the first ones as a fun little boat for messing around) so would guess that would be a lot closer to i550 pace, more similar to an open 570 but should be quicker by the time I put a proper kite on it (compared to an open 570 with its hankerchief). There were a couple of i550s started here in Thailand, but nothing has happened on them in a while.
  8. Steveromagnino


    That's a really different boat- it's double the weight so at least double the cost, sails 4 up instead of 2, etc. It'd be just as rational to compare the VX to a Viper... Shaw 650 weighs 400kg (880lb) including engine, cat 5 safety gear, etc; weight of boat including rig, foils, deckgear etc is around 750-780lbs. So no, not double, slightly more for a boat that would be 1m longer. Speed is quicker than all similar sized boats, and the boats rate around 95 under usa phrf, and are quicker on water than melges 24, viper, open 570, sb3 etc - they are indeed quite different from an i550 sailed 4 up or 3 upbut I need to correct any misconception.
  9. Planning on being in NZ later this year, any Shaws available for a test ride?

  10. Steveromagnino

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    It's a pretty awesome tale of boat building. But I think the more recent shots fail to capture the parrot. BRING BACK THE BIRD (have you heard about the word?)
  11. Steveromagnino


    Just to clarify, those photos were at the start, and we were looking ok until the larger 55 footer came sort of drifting down the line from windward and we wanted to stay clear ahead but he wouldn't go up and we didn't want to get too close, the leeward boat did a timed start from 30 sec out and kept winding up, so closed off any area down below, and so we ran out of space to go lower about the same time and then got stuck between them with no wind, since our boat is usually flatter, once they heeled over, then we got hooked, probably at no point closer than 2m from their gunwhale to ours, those runners hung out a long way. Mark roundings, I've had less trouble, for starts we tend to start somethign more like ok in a mixed fleet, and the i550s are going to have the same sort of issues in a mixed start also; if you end up to leeward of a faster boat that is invariably pointing higher, then you just get spat out the back. For the spreaders, the advatnage of having them attached is that you don't have to worry about them ripping off the mast; after that incident, we did discover that the side affected, the epoxy glue had cracked, so the spreader was somewhat less attached to the mast; the thing to worry about is that the spreaders want to rip forward and let the mast section go back and the stays go forward, so if it breaks off....look out! c-Tech says: 'I try and recommend Sparbond or some other Rubber toughened adhesive for gluing parts together.' This is because you don't want the rigid join like what we had; when it super loads up like this, then it cracks off; rubber toughened apparently has marginally more 'give' to it. Now that we are building Shaws in NZ, we no longer need to send the masts as a kitset and so the spreaders can be attached by C-Tech. We do actually have 1 spare set here though, if someone is flying through this way, can come to some arrangement. One of the masts got snapped being shipped up here and so we end up with one additional set of spreaders as a result.....
  12. Steveromagnino


    We got to test our C-Tech rig last weekend, in a massive foul up (leadmine sandwich, hooked on to the windward boat's runners, hauled sideways for 5 minutes). We were all sure the entire rig was going to get ripped out of the boat, but in the end, only suffered the indignity of a busted spreader from (I suspect) a direct hit to the other boat's sidedecks. I can personally assure you, C-Tech rigs are F&*KING tough! Pleased that you guys were able to sort things out with Alex; they do great work :_) Prods and booms are a work of art too :_)
  13. Steveromagnino

    Seascape 18

    Ah but does your boat have chines? All fast boats these days have chines....hold up what am I saying, your boat is the super chine machine!!! Yeah, would love to know which is quicker, also the Open 5.70 is another one that must be similar speed as well.....
  14. Steveromagnino

    Seascape 18

    You could run one of these as a tender for your big leadmine shitter mate! It would probably fit on the foredeck all nicely :-)
  15. Steveromagnino

    Seascape 18

    looks very sweet little boat, and seems to sail well when planing. Probably would do well with a bit more kite area, and I am liking that woman in the videos;-) More like an Open 570 or similar than one of the 20+ long sportboats; really want to see one of these boats in action because I have no idea how quick they are relative to the skinnier type boats. They certianly seem like a great machine for the money! Hope they can sell some boats and do well, and the no bulb thing really does have some advantages too.