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  1. Team NZ

    Not sure why rudders good just very small chord length in the water, and changed elevators depending on wind. From what I understood the wing sheet ran under decks and then up into the wing with multiple purchases running vertically attached to a long ram I didn't look too close but you get the idea about the engraving showboating, not sure if was to be redone or a new band added.
  2. Team NZ

    Been only keeping a loose eye on the looseness here. Great chat with some of the team in Wanaka NZ today on the Cup Tour. Being able to hold the cup aloft was pretty special. Kids feared for their lives when holding it. Kudos to Toyota and ETNZ for taking it on tour. No billionaires-only toy now! Chat with Sean Regan (top bloke BTW) who could have spent all day talking to us. Sorry anarchists but 15 minutes with him was more illuminating than the untold hours I spent reading SAAC and other media, which I shall record here for posterity. Aotearoa and probably most of the other boats were essentially unsailable when launched and used full computer automation to fly initially. They then gradually "humanised" the feedback systems until useable. ETNZ and many of the others were still using these in the practice races in Bermuda and the MC forced other teams to abandon much of the foil flight tech right up to RR's, which led to sudden drop-offs in performance cf practice. Foils were on deaths door needing nightly ultrasounds in the match, which no one knew how to interpet really. Full CF top to bottom. First pair broke in days due to engineering miscalculations. Negative loading during gybes and tacks caused most damage as the new foil dropped and was used to suck the hull down, the tip/body curved join liked compressive loading only. Miscalculating wind speed meant damage to foils. ETNZ really threw the ball out on the rudder and elevator designs, which PB loved so much he almost wanted to sleep with them (paraphrasing) All the teams were initially asked for help after the capsize, in a general shit o dear sort of way. Little or no spares except a wing which was damaged as well on the day day of the capsize, and had a never before attempted quick change. Boat in AK in container, they would love to sail it again but need $$ Many guys off doing other jobs already and may be lost to ETNZ Many places in NZ quite moved/emotional seeing the cup, more than when AB's visit. Theres a whole topic there. Wing sounds amazing with massive vertical rams in the main spar doing most of the work including sheeting. GA and his wing trim was so radically different, using twist rather than mainsheet adjust, like a windsurfer rig, made us fast. The playstation controller looks very simple with iPhone holder - see next photo. Lots of wheel buttons so PB had control over everything if needed The cup needs the whole base altered to fit more engraving on because LE made a HUGE inscription after SF that dwarfs all the other names. RNZYS not on the cup yet!
  3. Race Replays

    Luckily I recorded the finals on my Sky NZ box. I am downloading excruciatingly slow torrents to try and watch some of the semis and RR's again. No other options. What a farce, and an embarrassment to the sport, relying on amateur youtubers and illegal file sharing to watch the buildup and any replays of sailings premier event. Lets pray things are completely different from now on. Who to blame? Don't know, don't care, they are gone burgers and hopefully never get involved again.
  4. Team NZ

    Words to live by in today's ODT
  5. Team NZ

    Nice one. Keep the 50 foot go karts for a world series. Bring back match racing big boats for the cup.
  6. Team NZ

    The #letsgetdalton tag an be shoved up the arses of all those who have said he was an ungracious winner. Wonder how #letsgetjimmy would have gone down prior to the cup if roles were reversed. Karma is a wonderful thing.
  7. What was your favorite race/moment?

    This, accompanied by the on board audio of an Australian voice loudly saying "fuck" when they realised they were screwed.
  8. For Ourselves T-Shirt for SA Peeps

    mint. shame it's - 5 and I can't wear it
  9. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    I wonder what will become of the man. Look how DB was, and still is, seen as a "loser" for various reasons, after SF, despite being a world class match racer and a not terrible bloke. I think Jimmy's ego will have suffered a massive blow by losing. He has taken a pasting from kiwis everywhere who love having a villain to hate. Him and OR are the new DC. We'll see if his tough never say die BS translates to mounting another meaningful challenge.
  10. Team NZ

    Cheers random. Like Lord of the rings but easier to follow.
  11. Ask Grant. The Clean-up innerview

    When is your book coming out. PB kept saying how much faster the boats could go, was this just to fuck with Oracle or were you maxed out for speed. Will you please do a tour of NZ and not just parade down Queen Street. How do you see ISAF involved at all.
  12. Team NZ

    Yes better than this pile of shit https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/opinion/94226334/americas-cup-win-doesnt-warm-the-hearts-of-everyone
  13. Team NZ

    Forgot he (Hawking) does it other way round. Hope no one is usually in earshot for some posts. haha. Keep up the good work. On topic is there any plans floated yet for us Auckland emigrants to see the cup and team in person?
  14. Team NZ

    Are you Stephen Hawking?