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  1. minimumfuss

    What features will the winning boat have?

    asymmetric foils. biceps. biggest balls in 23 knots. not falling over or getting decapitated . Best WAGS. And a few friendly measurement committee rulings. And most of all, not catching coronavirus.
  2. minimumfuss

    Team NYYC

    There seems to be a menagerie of foiling kiters always about on the harbour. Weekdays. In winter. Lucky for some. I wasn't allowed one by wifey as no life insurance if I hit a tree. Or an expensive boat.
  3. minimumfuss

    Team NYYC

    let the mindfucking begin... Looked almost par for speed, TK seemed to sandbag start and finish. AM made no effort to avoid them. That must give ETNZ some useful data vs nothing useful for the Covid refugees. Must be annoying LOL
  4. minimumfuss

    Corona Virus

    As a medical worker I find these discussions interesting, with many who haven't seen a disease "face to face" downplaying it's seriousness and wondering why? It's human nature. Covid has largely been locked inside homes and hospitals. Theres some points I haven't seen mentioned much; 1) A Novel virus means it sweeps through populations exponentially intially without mitigation. Unlike flu where there is partial immunity. It's not linear or controllable and overwhelms societal services. It's this, not the number of deaths per se, that argues for mitigation. 2) The pandemic has swept worldwide in weeks, and it is still the northern hemisphere summer. Wait til NH fall/winter and see it really explode. 3) The only countries that have squashed it have deployed pretty much every tool. Lock down until incubation periods are exceeded, masks, border control and social distancing. Anything but full attack has failed. 4) There's no economic quick recovery. Travel spreads every type of virus extremely efficiently, by plane or ship. There'll be limited travel for a long while. 5) Antibody tests are useless, except for boffins studying things in retrospect. Positive or negative does not change individual or population strategy. In NZ we got lucky to eliminate it, but still made many mistakes. The previous pandemic playbooks have been ignored or not changed rapidly enough. Anyway, fly to NZ, spend 2 weeks in a hotel then enjoy the beach, bar, football, travel with no masks, and cheap tourism activities.
  5. minimumfuss

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Te Ariki. The chief. Te kera wera, the orca Or McSomething. Or, ask aucklanders, they came up with the Blues.
  6. minimumfuss

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Jeez that pic will get you stoned in the street in the current climate. We just need another one to race against.
  7. minimumfuss


    Haven't seen lot mentioned elsewhere, but my feeling is we may see major changes to teams, rules and scheduling as the cash taps turn off to elite sport sponsorships. 1) Airbus report "bleeding cash" and losing $500m first 3 months of 2020 2) Emirates profit down 25% for whole year and forecast 1-2 years before regaining lost revenue 3) Oil is being stockpiled and briefly reached negative pricing, PetroIneos has appealed for emergency government loans to avoid insolvency... 4) Shoes and handbags will surely be low on people's shopping lists in europe and Italy for a while.
  8. minimumfuss

    The BEST AC VIDEO's....

    Let's hope this isn't all we see in the next 12 months
  9. minimumfuss

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Formula One on water? More like a 3 lap speedway race. With a roundabout in the middle of the track.
  10. minimumfuss

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Found this in mint condition signed by DC himself for 8 bucks last week, fresh from 1988.
  11. minimumfuss

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    They banned all the posters from here. Merry Xmas and a drunken New Year
  12. minimumfuss

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Looks like granny hit the accelerator instead of the brakes. Training a newbie?