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  1. minimumfuss

    Team NZ

    Wonder if he asked for a go on the team Grindr...
  2. minimumfuss

    Team NZ

    I'd say 1600 HP of furious propellors have turned that ball into confetti. PB will be off to Rebel Sport for a new one. Lets hope he doesn't do that with the ETNZ laptops, camera bag, sail bags or lunches, or he'll be cleaning the head.
  3. minimumfuss

    Team NZ

    Christ won't be long til they put fairings on the shrouds like Bermuda. Or invest in some kick ass noise cancelling headphones.
  4. minimumfuss

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Why are their helmets resplendent in Irish colours?
  5. minimumfuss

    AC Rugby

    Aussie game glitched a bit 2nd half. Spark claim everything is perfect. No probs seeing the Irish getting down trousered though. Serves them right for singing over the haka. Does anyone find the National anthems a joke with no vocalists just a crappy brass band soundtrack.
  6. Will ETNZ sell TV rights to Spark Sport, given they are a major ETNZ sponsor, and are currently aggressively buying the rights to sports in NZ? Will half the world have to watch AC 36 on a stupid paid app, just like last time?
  7. minimumfuss

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Very stylish. Noticed their Woolmark sponsor, perhaps to pay for all those telltales. That bulb is uuuge. Looks like they lowride like the dolphin, designed for touchdowns. Camera pod on the side? Whats the ugly folded thing on the rail? Did someone forget to cut the windows? These things are all up foiling straight away and look mightily impressive.
  8. minimumfuss

    AC Rugby

    Someone pointed out that no race winner in almost any motorsport, gets stripped of a win if they themselves didn't break rules. So here hoping all sweet. Team might lose some points though and cop a mega fine. SVG was beyond words lol.
  9. minimumfuss

    Team NZ

  10. minimumfuss

    AC Rugby

    A famous victory by the unbeaten Brave Blossoms. Hope they continue to sweep all before them, until they meet the might AB's in the final. Epic.
  11. minimumfuss

    Team NZ

    That looks very awkward, presume PB running gingerly around the back, presume other teams will do the same, thought I saw speculation that the brits would have 2 drivers. Interesting dynamics if you need separate tac and nav each side. Also intersting they seem to put more windows in the sails every time they go out, leeward visibility looked shit so must be req by sailors
  12. minimumfuss

    Team NZ

    Cool as Weta. Makes me miss Auckland (almost) seeing the Coromandels and the islands in the background. When we gonna see some speed info I wonder. It may look slower than a 50 , but these beasts are 20 ft longer, in light breeze, so looks may be deceiving. Some new desktop backgrounds there. Cant wait to see these boats used in anger.
  13. minimumfuss


    Haha they have helmets on already. Ugly and dangerous. Like a bouncy castle. At least that slab side is good for advertising.
  14. minimumfuss

    Boats and foils comparison

    LR looking like they have a trick boom and main shaping system (LR thread). Who thought so many major differences with only 4 teams. Can see things evolving up until the last race. Brilliant.