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  1. Team NZ

    Arise Sir Dalts.... Thank you boys for burying San Francisco.... The deck was so stacked against us that none of us thought this day was possible but good old kiwi ingenuity came to the fore..... Good to see that the talent can still out gun the wallets. Etnz swam against the rise of arrogance that flowed from the other teams.. None of whom was prepared to think outside the box and advance sailing. Interesting to hear that Dalts wants to bring it all together and use isaf to make sure that the Americas cup is a sport again... It is a privilege to lift the cup not a right... Well said old boy.
  2. Serben or Deano are available... For a fee
  3. Team NZ

    And breathe..... Good on yer boys... Tutira Mai
  4. Team NZ

    Bugger Corner turned... Are we on the way out... Are we going to see 6 straight wins to Oracle, please tell me no.... We once again have nothing left on the tank... That last downwind leg blew us out of the water
  5. Team NZ

    Or deliberate collision
  6. Team NZ

    Doubt they will be fit to race tomorrow
  7. Radio controlled sailing

    True... Thank God for the df65... Death seems so.. Umm... Deadly
  8. Radio controlled sailing

    Oh look at that.... Have to say... It's more fun racing these than the real thing...
  9. Radio controlled sailing

    Clipper mate... Start here... https://m.facebook.com/Model-Yachting-NZ-1435533743404519/
  10. Radio controlled sailing

    Check out the df65 Facebook group... I think there are some in otago
  11. Radio controlled sailing

    What country are you based in? The name of boat suggests nz? I am in the UK.. But I am am expat kiwi yes Kia Kaha means be strong... My first 65 was Kaha Tarakona... Or strong dragon.... Dragon force
  12. Radio controlled sailing

    The a+ rig is a major addition to the range
  13. Radio controlled sailing

    Sailing the new v6 df 65.... It's good, but no quicker than the v5... We now have a regular group of 7 or 8 racing and we are just about to start evening racing mid week... Not bad from nobody 3nmomths ago That's the beauty of the little dragon force. Ownership is easy.
  14. Agree with ER doctor... It pays well and always an asset in any sailing situation Sure its hard to train but worth it in the end.... Also helps you marry well
  15. Radio controlled sailing

    So the DF 65 world has now seen all the teasers about the version 6.... No more competitive than previous but finally improved the quality and the family semblance with the 95 is complete. Highlights include... An A+ rig. A new rudder servo and mylar sails straight out of the box.... Who is going to update their v 1 to 5?