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  1. NZL5

    Team NYYC

    For ourselves..
  2. NZL5

    Team NZ

    How you guys all coping with the lack of racing? Any news on when the protocol will come out?
  3. NZL5

    Team NZ

    Costro/Paddy- I feel exactly the same way. The AC was Everest and the Lions tour was Kilimanjaro in comparison. I was at the Lord's test match yesterday and it was good to see how much the Lions win meant to people in the UK.
  4. NZL5

    Team NZ

    Jimmy is history; TRG flushed him down and out....
  5. NZL5

    Oracle Team USA

    Well, Jay, you're a better man than I. Oracle can lick my balls.
  6. NZL5

    Team NZ

    Mate, deadly keen to know what happened in SF. Now rhat we have won, it has no significance other than to assuage my sense of loss 4 years ago. Please do elaborate. PM me (is there that function on here?) if you don't wanna write it in public. I still feel like my mind requires an explanation for what happened because it was just so improbable.
  7. NZL5

    TRG debate

    Barny, is that really TRG? I had a feeling- you both had a good turn of phrase. Welcome back!
  8. NZL5

    Team NZ

    Mate I think knighthood for Dalts, Ashby and Burling. Matteo has one already, you're right, but it coud be elevated- outside of TNZ, his philanthropic deeds have touched other facets of New Zealand life. I've been thinking of Sir Peter this afternoon. Dean Barker also. The greatest sporting cmeback by the greatest sailing team in history. I suspect a few of us will continue our dicussions in person for the next one (if I ever make it back to Auckland that is)!
  9. NZL5

    Team NZ

    What? There would be no TNZ without Dalton. So, sure as shit we owe that man a great deal of gratitude. Don't denigrate him on the best day of his professional life. He enabled all of this. Be grateful.
  10. NZL5

    Team NZ

    Relax mate. Phone the obese lady after it's done and dusted.
  11. NZL5

    Team NZ

    I agree fully, BB. God bless em!
  12. NZL5

    Team NZ

    Team New Zealand encapsulate the essence of New Zealand culture. This will rate as the best comeback in the history of sport.
  13. NZL5

    Team NZ

    There isn't a doubt that PB's reaction time is faster than JS's 9/10 times. He's also likely to make a better decision, although I draw that conclusion from his prior pedigree of having just raced much move than JS in his lifetime.