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  1. AC 36 Protocol

    I love the old mono hulls. People like the foiling speed this is the best of both worlds. At a guess, They are going to be quick - 30-40 knots. They are going to lack the maneuverability that the cats had, So that will make things interesting in the starting box and tactics Will the be able to foil the whole time? - Doubt it I wonder what they are going to use up top sail/wing etc 2021 is a very long way away. As much as I would have liked them to start racing things quicker - 2 year cycle, I think its important to keep it at 4 years. Its a grand event
  2. The Next Boat-----2020

    yes, but you translated an article
  3. The Next Boat-----2020

    Foiling mono hulls https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/96708812/americas-cup-to-be-raced-in-foiling-monohulls-confirms-italian-challenger-of-record
  4. Least favourite things about AC35

    ahh.. How could I have forgotten the ACWS points/bonus point situation Those bonus points should never have existed. RR, LV CUP and AC cup should all stand on their own with no influence by bonus points from ACWS Everyone should be allowed to two boat test - with themselves. The defender should only compete in the AC finals. upwind start - yes. short start/end also is silly.
  5. 1 - there were no breaks between round robins, LV semis and LV finals - yet large break between LV finals and AC finals with a large break in between 2 - Im not exactly sold on 2+ races in a day - Wind changes, if you have a bad config choice at the start of a day, you could be down 3 points like that 3 - TV coverage, most got the US feed which had little to no "tech" information. initially the cameras often cut to spectators, But by the end we saw a lot of close ups of the grinders while we were missing action 4 - biased rules to oracle, they can have two boats etc, 5 - defenders racing during round robins 6 - I dont understand the limit of 2 sets of daggerboards rule. Why limit a team like that - particularly since they are a 3 month build, break them and your entire campaign is over 7 - data available to all. Your boats data should be able to be kept to your self. spying teams should rely only on looking at another team in the water Anything else?
  6. Next America's Cup Free to Air

    I do hope that includes live youtube The races will be during the day while most are at work - youtube is readily available, TV, not so much
  7. Why was TNZ faster ?

    Nail on the head.
  8. Live Racing Thread

    Thanks The first video I watched from you was one where you spoke to jimmy after the press conference on day 1 of the AC finals. Everyone asked the basic question "is you rboat slower" and he blamed puffy wind. not the boat I like that you pressed that question and came at him again after his lame answer
  9. Oracle Team USA

    someone had to loose... #thereisnosecond
  10. Team NZ

    Election year. I will vote for the party happy to part with money for an auckland cup defense
  11. Team NZ

    I would love to hear peter montgomery. I cant seem to find the commentry of todays race from him I should have switched over as NZ rounded mark 6 instead of listening to ken reed
  12. Weather Conditions for the Match

    Wind guru looks terrible - 4-5
  13. Race Replays

    Does anyone know if any of the above links are the NBC broadcast of todays races?
  14. Weather Conditions for the Match

    really not keen to get up at 5am just for it to be postponed
  15. USA yes. With oracle? maybe