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  1. moving up from a 420

    To the OP, OK maybe I'm biased, but go 29er for a year (you're fine at 300 lbs combined - I sailed at the Gold Fleet level at 340 lbs!!!). Maybe 2 years in 29er, then 49erFX for a year, then 49er. US Sailing has a really sweet ODP program with camps, training and development. Plus once you're in the 49er or FX, you can train at Oakcliff. Or you can buy a Melges E Scow. Your choice! And to echo Reht's comment, you can DEFINITELY car top your new 29er!! (And your 49er for that matter)
  2. Couch, there are some guys in Oklahoma with a fleet of old 49er's. GIven the sparsity of old gear, they may be interested in your old mast. Drop me an email and I can connect you if you want to get rid of the thing...
  3. Only one way to find out!
  4. Just going to leave this here...

    Some guys recently did a Montreal to Quebec City on a Nacra 17. Downstream obviously. They called it "Le Grand Raid." I'd be interested to do this in my 49er or Waszp...
  5. Dyneema ropes for my Dhingy?

    Yep, recommend Marlow Excel Racing. You probably only need 4mm though! Dyneema fibres have come a long way in the past 10 years!
  6. 3D Printing a Foiler

    ^ I DEFINITELY don't think Rob is "organic." But he definitely is gluten free.
  7. 3D Printing a Foiler

    While short on details for obvious reasons, that's an extremely fascinating paper from MHI. Would love to find that documentary somewhere! I'll ask my Wing Nut C Class friends to look for it... As others have said in this topic, about 10-20 years and we should/could be seeing this technology being applied to boat building. (Certainly already being applied to build rigs, spars, etc!)
  8. Clean, Good interview with Mal. It would be interesting if you could have a follow-up chat with him in a set time frame... like 3, 6 or 12 months from now. Just to see what progress has been made...
  9. Laser 2 spreader advice/help please

    Have you tried asking Fogh Marine in Toronto, ON, Canada? Or maybe there's a dealer in Ireland who can replace the spreader for you...
  10. AC format

    Hey, does anybody remember the leadup to AC33 and the lawsuit between Ellison / Bertarelli where Oracle argued that it was unfair for the defender to compete in the LV Cup? That was a major point of contention and they argued a possible breach of fiduciary duty. ACEA just launched the schedule today (https://americascup-images.s3.amazonaws.com/original/m2287_2017-louis-vuitton-america-s-cup-schedule.jpg ) and it just totally irks me that they are the first race. I'm not a fan of them having argued on principles but then going around and contradicting themselves. Sorry, just need to vent. I'll still watch the race on their shitty ass app that doesn't work.
  11. How Often Do Ya'll See Sharks??

    Been sailing in shark-infested waters for the past 10 to 15 years. San Fran, Fremantle, Miami, etc... Only once have I seen a shark. It was the ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami in the north part of Biscayne Bay, saw an 8' Bull Shark finning for about 8-10". At first thought it was a dolphin, but as we got closer could see that the dorsal was indeed that of a Tiger Shark. That's it. Even though we sailed in the Perth 2011 Worlds with the angry Great White trying to eat men..!
  12. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    I think I was one of those guys out that day. I got to try the Waszp in NPT during foiling week and clearly got stung. I went home and made the $1,000 deposit online. I'm in Canada - any other Canuckistanians get stung? Let's go race next summer!
  13. 2016 Olympic Games

    Agree - you lucky Yanks will have online coverage on NBC! Bastards! http://www.ussailing.org/olympics/rio2016guide/ Lucky yanks will have daily live online coverage! Here's hoping that someone can figure out how to trick the NBC website into thinking you're from the US.
  14. "Laser Aligned Foils"

    Well put, Steve. I've seen LOTS and LOTS of 49er guys put a huge emphasis on centering boards, mast steps, chainplates, etc. Whole lot of good it's done them! I've had conversations with medalists who essentially say what you're saying - if you think you need it done to be fast, then you need it. So if you're a younger sailor wondering whether to do this or not, I'd say No! Just go sailing instead.
  15. 2016 Olympic Games

    Agree - you lucky Yanks will have online coverage on NBC! Bastards!