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  1. Definitely the Aberdeen Marina Club. I just pulled out some old photos I have of the Jumbo restaurant pier with that big circular sign and another photo with the Aberdeen Marina Club in the background. The boat, Corum II, is "by Beneteau" and won the 1990 Corum China Sea Race.
  2. Aberdeen Marina Club, Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Pretty sure I boarded a tour boat at the traditional roofed dock back in 1995.
  3. Skied 9 days in Hokkaido in the last two weeks of January. Fresh powder 8 of 9 days and liftlines and competition for powder was minimal to non existant. Heard something about 50 minute gondola lines at Niseko, but the closest I got to Niseko was the Black Diamond Lodge. I'll probably ski Hokkaido again, but it is unlikely I will ever ski Niseko.
  4. I stayed at the Hilton next to there in August. Saw the crew doing yoga on the foredeck.
  5. Gofree is also the name for the B&G wifi access point / router. This is not needed. All you need is the B&G ethernet cable connected to the Zeus 2 with an rj45 on the other end going directly to a pc, connecting to a network switch / wireless bridge / access point / router, etc. That is how my setup is. Works great with all manner of IOS apps, OpenCPN, etc. Hard to see how using a separate mux would be simpler. You could also run Android emulation software on a pc if you wanted to control or view the Zeus2 using the pc interface.
  6. The GoFree app allows remote viewing and control of the ZEUS2 and its running on an iPad not a PC. IPad is not seeing a data stream of NMEA 0183 sentences or N2K PGN's from ZEUS2 Wrong. Here is the NMEA0183 tcp stream from my Zeus2 to my ipad sitting in my office.
  7. Kim, Speaking of anchors, was that your beautiful wood 50+ foot yacht from Bainbridge that tangled anchors with my uncle's blue steel 85 ft trawler Perseverance? This was fourth of July evening on Elliott Bay in 2003 I think. Steve Edit: If I remember right, I think the trawler was the one dragging anchor.