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  1. wannabefd

    1970 FD ...need some rigging help.

    Here"s a good place to start, long FD thread with links to other FD topics.
  2. wannabefd

    used mast for sale?

    Seems to me that a mast from a 505 or FD might work, they measure very close to that.
  3. wannabefd

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    I seem to be one of those people who likes to name things. My truck is Candy, my toaster is Fred, the catamaran is Happy Hour, and my FD is Distraction (I can't walk by it without fiddling with something). I bought a San Juan 21 last summer as it is the closest thing to one design racing on the lake. I'm not sure I can live up to it's name but have not had any problems finding talented crew.
  4. wannabefd

    What Are Your Sailing Goals for 2018?

    1. Find a 125# coed crew and get the catamaran out racing more. 2. Install a barbeque and gimbaled martini glass holders on the san juan21 for the Wed. eve slomo class racing. 3. Give the fireball project a reggae themed paint job, upgraded stereo and finish the conversion to all weather/raid rowboat tender. 4. Install transom flaps on the Sonnet scow as the 4 bailers aren't enough. 5. Maybe sell the 505 and get the FD out more often. 6.Try to say no to more boats. #5 might be the hardest goal to achieve
  5. wannabefd

    New 1975 FD

    As a fellow Vintage FD owner I say get the boat for it's beauty and graceful power but for cruising chicks it has been a real dud. I took it personally at first as how could anyone not appreciate the sexy low slung lines, the cool wood deck, the tall black mast and all that colorful string. Figured it was me but then I got a catamaran with colourful sails...;-)
  6. wannabefd

    Moving up from a Hobie 16

    Ospreys do exist just over the border in Canada with a few coming up for sale every year and a fleet at the surrey sailing club. https://www.surreysailingclub.bc.ca No boat is going to be perfect but a hobie 18 would be a great upgrade https://spokane.craigslist.org/boa/d/hobie-18-magnum-with-wings/63795655 How about a FD? Fast, stable, roomy and maybe one of the most beautiful boats ever ;-) This one is nicely rigged with good sails. https://wenatchee.craigslist.org/boa/d/flying-dutchman/6358144575.html The blue buccaneer behind the FD is also for sale by the sailing club and a is well sorted boat.
  7. wannabefd


    My furler line comes to the centre of a row of cam cleats located on the 1/2 double bottom floor line right behind the traveller. Pretty simple setup with the other controls being- rudder up, rudder down, mast ram, forestay, and spinnaker. Vang and cunningham are double sided from mini consoles. Seems like the plastrends are quite different.
  8. wannabefd


    Best I can do for pictures as access is hard and operating a cellphone camera with a splinted wrist. 2nd picture shows line attached to ratchet at furler. 1st picture shows the other end where it attaches to the belt and bungie. Pulling on the furler line pulls the belt that winds the furler while the bungie tension created releases ratchet and retracts line for next pull. Takes about 5-6 pulls on the line to reel in the genoa. My FD is a 1/2 double bottom boat from the late 60's early 70s.
  9. wannabefd


    Don't know if this helps much as my FD furler is different. Maybe yours runs on a similar principle. A notched belt drives the furler, one end is attached to the line you pull on the other to a bungie that retracts it. Bungie is also connected to a small line that releases the ratchet automatically.
  10. wannabefd


    The ratchet furler on my FD has a single line with a shock cord return. You pull multiple times for it to furl. I'll try to get a picture
  11. wannabefd

    Coronado 15 rudder - sources?

    Try the C15 Yahoo group someone will likely have a spare. A rudder from another dinghy should work fine as well. I bought a beater C15 for the trailer it came on and really liked the boat
  12. wannabefd

    Flying dutchman restoration project

    A lot more info on this thread
  13. wannabefd

    Flying dutchman restoration project

    Nice project Here is a cool article from a great blog about the early FDs https://sailcraftblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/17/olympic-classes-pt-3-this-was-considered-revolutionary-the-flying-dutchman-and-the-trapeze/ i some time run a small jib from a 505 on my FD but usually just furl the genoa if i get overpowered.
  14. wannabefd

    Craigslist Finds

    Seems like it is ol' Tempest season. https://eugene.craigslist.org/boa/6087252362.html
  15. wannabefd

    new old 505

    My 74 Rondar has a magic box like ram that pushes on the mast.