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  1. wannabefd

    Fireball build part deux.

    Been down this road before and it is tough with the foam in the mast. Drilled out the rivets of the spinnaker sheeve and safety pinned the main halyard cable to the spinnaker line and used that to pull the cable back to the bottom of the mast.
  2. wannabefd

    RS CAT 14 Sail Camping

    Can you add a bit of storage in front of the mast? Boat does seem tight on room. We did a last minute camping trip this summer with our 505 as the 18" catamaran had trailer issues. Who'd of thunk beach camping in a racing dinghy, worked great with plenty of storage for multiple drybags in the cuddy zone and a large cooler. Downsized the sails to a cruising set off a fireball and ran the spinnaker as a gennaker without pole. So much fun we decided to keep the boat which was listed for sale.
  3. wannabefd

    Frankenstein Speedball 14

    Hard to find sails that fit the short boom. I bought a inexpensive 90 sqft fathead 420 main from intensity sails and added a 8" extension to the boom. It was short at the top like yours but set nicely and was easier on the eyes being white and crispy. I used a 505 jib for the headsail which gave the boat a good bit of sail area @ 140sqft.
  4. wannabefd

    Frankenstein Speedball 14

    Fun little boat to sail. Kind of regret selling.
  5. wannabefd

    Frankenstein Speedball 14

    I've owned 2 speedballs and seen others none of them had the same mast rigging. Looks to me like the sail is too small luff should be 210" foot 80". The boat has a pretty tall rig for a 14 footer, 22' mast Boom does seem to be a bit higher on yours than the ones I owned, not a bad thing in my book as it makes seeing where your going easier and much easier to duck under when your lazy like me.
  6. wannabefd

    Fireball build part deux.

    Sure wish I'd remade the rope loop before it failed, now I'm going to have a fun time fishing the cable thru the foam filled mast
  7. wannabefd

    Flying Dutchman cradle dimensions

    Pulled my FD of the beach today and grabbed some numbers from the trailer. From the bow 1.0 m, 2.5m and 4.3m for the last station which is about 10 cm behind the 1/2 double bottom point on my boat.
  8. wannabefd

    Crazy weight reductions stories

    I found 30# of corrector weights inside the hull of a Coronado 15 and a frisbee that was glassed in at the factory.
  9. wannabefd

    1970 FD ...need some rigging help.

    Here"s a good place to start, long FD thread with links to other FD topics.
  10. wannabefd

    used mast for sale?

    Seems to me that a mast from a 505 or FD might work, they measure very close to that.
  11. wannabefd

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    I seem to be one of those people who likes to name things. My truck is Candy, my toaster is Fred, the catamaran is Happy Hour, and my FD is Distraction (I can't walk by it without fiddling with something). I bought a San Juan 21 last summer as it is the closest thing to one design racing on the lake. I'm not sure I can live up to it's name but have not had any problems finding talented crew.
  12. wannabefd

    What Are Your Sailing Goals for 2018?

    1. Find a 125# coed crew and get the catamaran out racing more. 2. Install a barbeque and gimbaled martini glass holders on the san juan21 for the Wed. eve slomo class racing. 3. Give the fireball project a reggae themed paint job, upgraded stereo and finish the conversion to all weather/raid rowboat tender. 4. Install transom flaps on the Sonnet scow as the 4 bailers aren't enough. 5. Maybe sell the 505 and get the FD out more often. 6.Try to say no to more boats. #5 might be the hardest goal to achieve
  13. wannabefd

    New 1975 FD

    As a fellow Vintage FD owner I say get the boat for it's beauty and graceful power but for cruising chicks it has been a real dud. I took it personally at first as how could anyone not appreciate the sexy low slung lines, the cool wood deck, the tall black mast and all that colorful string. Figured it was me but then I got a catamaran with colourful sails...;-)
  14. wannabefd

    Moving up from a Hobie 16

    Ospreys do exist just over the border in Canada with a few coming up for sale every year and a fleet at the surrey sailing club. https://www.surreysailingclub.bc.ca No boat is going to be perfect but a hobie 18 would be a great upgrade https://spokane.craigslist.org/boa/d/hobie-18-magnum-with-wings/63795655 How about a FD? Fast, stable, roomy and maybe one of the most beautiful boats ever ;-) This one is nicely rigged with good sails. https://wenatchee.craigslist.org/boa/d/flying-dutchman/6358144575.html The blue buccaneer behind the FD is also for sale by the sailing club and a is well sorted boat.
  15. wannabefd


    My furler line comes to the centre of a row of cam cleats located on the 1/2 double bottom floor line right behind the traveller. Pretty simple setup with the other controls being- rudder up, rudder down, mast ram, forestay, and spinnaker. Vang and cunningham are double sided from mini consoles. Seems like the plastrends are quite different.