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  1. wannabefd

    Headknocker on a dinghy

  2. wannabefd

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    Fixed up with a colourful paint job and traded for the San Juan 21. Sadly neglected by the owner. Fun boat and more common than you think as Sawyer boats in Alberta made them also.
  3. wannabefd

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    Sweet! It is hard to imagine that my little green Sonnet once sailed those hot windy lakes in Africa and now lives on a glacial mountain lake in Canada. The hull shape always attracts attention.
  4. wannabefd

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    Only reason I considered the cleat was for single handling with the jib up. Do you have more pictures of the boat to share? It is a really fun sporty boat to sail.
  5. wannabefd

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    Interesting concept, I'm thinking it might be a little strange to not be able to trim from directly in front of you.
  6. wannabefd

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    No not my SeaSpray, those thing are sprinkled all over the lake. I seem to fix and pass on boats fairly fast as having too many kicking around is stressful. My current quiver SJ21 -I share with a friend and goes out for overnights and beer can racing. 505 -blew off the beach in a storm and is a wreck FD -lives on a trailer and comes out on Sundays, Sonnet -fun lightweight beater under the bridge Under pressure from my spouse to replace the Sonnet with a Catamaran so we can both trapeze
  7. wannabefd

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    That's impressive. I like the solution for moving the mainsheet forward but seems to make the slot for the crew a challenging.
  8. wannabefd

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    This post was a bit of a conversation starter on benefits and drawbacks of off the boom sheeting and the option of cleating. I've tried double ratchet blocks on the mainsheet but went back to 2:1 and a single ratchet as it felt smoother. The headknocker is positioned far enough forward that it takes effort to cleat and uncleats as soon as you pull on it.
  9. wannabefd

    Headknocker on a dinghy

    I have this funky little South African scow that I keep on the beach for messing around. It has a fairly low boom and a long trunk so the centreboard can move to balance the boat for sloop or mono rig sailing. Unfortunately this leaves the mainsheet rigging fairly aft and makes the the slot you pass thru a challenge with the tiller/stick easily getting hung up on the mainsheet. The simple solution is just to play the sheet off the boom but I have a headknocker for my SanJuan 21 so I gave it a test run on the Sonnet. Takes some getting use to but solves the transition issues. Potential issues with this setup? Do other classes do this?
  10. wannabefd

    Craigslist Finds

    Pretty sweet and at 1100lb must be solid as a rock. Like the double floor and low routing of the tiller.
  11. wannabefd


  12. This might be a good starting point. Contains many links to other rebuild streams. Rigging is going to be boat specific and dependant on what you want to accomplish, from simple and easy to rig to complex and endlessly adjustable.
  13. wannabefd

    Craigslist Finds

    That is a Laguna Speedball 14. For some reason fairly common around the Northwest and Canada. I've owned 2 and kind of wished I'd kept the last one.
  14. wannabefd

    How to find crew

    Around here finding female crew for cats is never a problem as women are drawn to to the sexy long hulls and the big fully battened sails.