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  1. Sean


    Dow futures down over 400 at the moment.
  2. Sean

    Pompeo has a hissy fit.

    Emails support NPR host after Pompeo calls her a liar in setting up contentious interview Excerpt - But emails between Kelly and Pompeo’s press aide, Katie Martin, a day before the interview show that there was no such agreement and that Kelly made clear her intention to question Pompeo about other topics. “Just wanted to touch base that we still intend to keep the interview to Iran tomorrow,” Martin wrote. “Know you just got back from Tehran so we would like to stick to Iran as the topic as opposed to jumping around. Is that something we can agree to?” Kelly responded, “I am indeed just back from Tehran and plan to start there. Also Ukraine. And who knows what the news gods will serve up overnight. I never agree to take anything off the table.” Martin replied, “Totally understand you want to ask other topics but just hoping . . . we can stick to that topic for a healthy portion of the interview . . . Wouldn’t want to spend the interview on questions he’s answered many times for the last several months.”
  3. I'm getting a feeling Giuliani is about to get thrown under the bus. Mr. Bolton also described other key moments in the pressure campaign, including Mr. Pompeo’s private acknowledgment to him last spring that Mr. Giuliani’s claims about Ms. Yovanovitch had no basis and that Mr. Giuliani may have wanted her removed because she might have been targeting his clients who had dealings in Ukraine as she sought to fight corruption. Ms. Yovanovitch, a Canadian immigrant whose parents fled the Soviet Union and Nazis, was a well-regarded career diplomat who was known as a vigorous fighter against corruption in Ukraine. She was abruptly removed last year and told the president had lost trust in her, even though a boss assured her she had “done nothing wrong.” Mr. Bolton also said he warned White House lawyers that Mr. Giuliani might have been leveraging his work with the president to help his private clients.
  4. Was just going to post that ^ Here's the link -
  5. Are you here all week? How’s the veal?
  6. Vets are not pleased - Excerpt - A major veterans group has called for President Trump to apologize for “misguided” remarks minimizing the severity of traumatic brain injuries suffered by U.S. forces in an Iranian air attack earlier this month. The Veterans of Foreign Wars, the oldest major U.S. veterans group, appears to be the first large veterans organization to publicly chastise the president for dismissing the injuries as “headaches” and “not very serious.” Trump “minimized these troops’ injuries,” VFW National Commander-in-Chief William “Doc” Schmitz said in a statement Friday, after a Pentagon announcement that the number of injured troops had risen to 34. “The VFW expects an apology from the president to our servicemen and women for his misguided remarks,” Schmitz said, adding that the White House should join with the organization to educate Americans about a serious injury that can cause depression, memory loss and other debilitating conditions.
  7. Sean

    Pompeo has a hissy fit.

    Recommended reading - Even Before Mike Pompeo’s Blowup, State Department Insiders Were Feeling Undermined Trump's impeachment is causing collateral damage that reaches far beyond the White House, interviews suggest.
  8. Defense? No sign of defense so far. Process whining only. If they have a defense, they can call all the witnesses they complained about. Poor babies.
  9. I would agree with the second part of that sentence - “During the course of the investigation, the Office periodically identified evidence of potential criminal activity that was outside the scope of the Special Counsel’s jurisdiction established by the Acting Attorney General. After consultation with the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, the Office referred that evidence to appropriate law enforcement authorities, principally other components of the Department of Justice and the FBI.” - Mueller report 14 potential crimes, 12 of which remain secret. And then there are the allegations in the current Ukraine mess - Table of Contents Introduction: The Problem of Missing Witnesses and Documents for the Conviction of Donald J. Trump Andrew Weissmann Campaign Finance Law Paul Ryan Bribery Randall Eliason Honest Services Fraud Barbara McQuade Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Susan Simpson Hatch Act Gary Stein Contempt of Congress Michael Stern Impoundment Act (non-criminal law) Sam Berger
  10. Touché - January 23, 2020 at 7:34 pm EST By Taegan Goddard 205 Comments “Who’s the other one?” — Michael Bloomberg, quoted by the AP, when asked if the country wanted a race between two New York billionaires.
  11. With cause, sure. Otherwise, at best it’s an improper fishing expedition, at worst, it’s it’s an impeachable offense. This is a prima facie case of the latter.