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  1. papagayo

    Hello Stress Engineers

    the macgregor should sue for cocktails, they nailed the start..... papagayo
  2. papagayo

    what is it?

    Isn't that Woody heading to the start of last years Newport to Ensenada? papagayo
  3. papagayo

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Scot, I am looking forward to your reply to pulpit's pumping question. papagayo
  4. papagayo

    Transpac 2017

    i tried to download the current yellow brick app on my android tablet after this current transpac started and was notified that i had to pay to use it. did not pay to download current yellow brick app to use on tablet and decided to just use my laptop to check out the tracker. i then noticed that i had previous yellow brick app downloaded on tablet and it works with the current transpac, old app works ok but does not have all the added features yellow brick added for this current transpac tracking.
  5. papagayo

    Race Replays

    kick ass, well done thanks papagayo
  6. Who knew badlatitude was an Avon lady? papagayo
  7. you must be smoking Obama's favorite strain of weed to actually think this. Obama is all politics all the time and is concerned on the optics and how the entire Bergdahl catastrophe will further weaken his legacy. papagayo