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    It's heartbreaking when any boat loses a rig and CG rescues happen but it shouldn't be used as a feeding frenzy to go after Gunboat or multihulls in general. As Peter noted his boats and rigs have endured more miles in an arguably shorter amount of time then most designs and have stood the test very well. That patch of water is arguably the most stressful stretch that Ive had to transit on deliveries in the past and I'm glad that things didn't turn out worse. Squall sailing is something that I don't think many West coast sailors have much experience or intricate knowledge of but having spent most of my early sailing life back east it certainly can make for some hairy sailing and is usually unavoidable any time of year... A quick link to understanding the transit of this area for all you west coasties.... Maybe help enlighten and explain the navigational decisions made by Rainmakers capt and crew
  2. Maltese52

    Coolboats to admire

    What's wrong with an average 10-12 knot cruise speed in almost all conditions in a catamaran trawler concept? Much better than you would get in a standard trawler. Hell even the cruising king, Dashew, 64, 78, 90 ft motorboat passage makers are designed to average 10-12 knts? Remember we are talking catamaran trawler, not full on power cat. Results from the latest ARC show the top boats only averaging 10 or so? Is that not fast enough... Ohh wait I just saw your user name.. My bad.. A 52' cat will average 10-12 knots? It sure as hell better average that. Otherwise what's the point?
  3. Maltese52

    Coolboats to admire

    Thanks Kim, These help show the look we are trying to achieve... maybe we just built to small or too big a boat to make it happen.. Can it be done in a cat...?
  4. Maltese52

    Coolboats to admire

    Tom, Both version carry trampoline netting forward, the MP-52 Trawler gets a small recessed cockpit forward of house on the foredeck for lounging. The plan was to go for more of a mesh Hobie style trampoline on Powercat since burying the bows wasn't such a concern... The only way to create and keep a cat fuel efficient is build and design it light.
  5. Maltese52

    Coolboats to admire

    Others might prefer the look and styling of the less aggressive cabin house option..
  6. Maltese52

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Tom, Our optional Cabinhouse configuration might be more pleasing to some, but I personally like the aggressive look of the current configuration.
  7. Maltese52

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Tom, Some better pics. The pic Auscat picked was on the album and a goof pic by a friend with photoshop skills..(to be deleted shortly) What can I say, its a US built Catamaran inspired some of the big name designs like GB,CW,MC and Mainecat. I don't think its too bad for this 34 yr old's first attempt into the boat market. Like I said this model was more geared for the fuel efficient Powercat Trawler customer. You be the judge Inspirations included all these rolled into one:
  8. Maltese52

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Auscat, I'd say my feelings are hurt but that's just part of being on SA. At least I'm trying, plus like I mentioned I'd be happy to rebuild the cabin house for any buyer. The utilitarian syle house is very functional and does fit more the MP52-Trawler concept we are developing. It's geared as the perfect sailors motorboat. Plenty of info and pics on our site. Plus with pricing at 450k "sail away" you could even afford to have Bob Perry design your dream cabin house.
  9. Maltese52

    Coolboats to admire

    Its a different design as well but I'll take the comments... Designed for that 10-12 knot average speed sweet spot and influenced by a little of the old and new... Let me know what you think... For a 34 yr old with a dream and a passion?? And the design Influences....