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  1. RedRyder

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Might I just add that building a cold-molded Esprit 37 in 9 years seems an amazing achievement? 9 years of weekends and holidays has led me to achieve approximately a -58% result in cleaning my basement (it's currently at least 58% more cluttered with things I don't need than it was 9 years ago...)
  2. RedRyder

    Wooden boats thread

    Yes, please.
  3. RedRyder

    Show your boat not sailing

  4. RedRyder

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    From an admiration perspective, besides that the boat (sans-dodger) is not ugly, I admire how nice and clean the topsides look. For a boat on a mooring, no brown staining from cr@p in the water, etc.
  5. RedRyder

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    If I were buying a new saw, I'd get a SawStop. Quality stuff. Of course, in my workshop, I have something like this: though mine is an even older model. Quality kit.
  6. RedRyder

    onboard coffee??

    When aboard, I love my AeroPress It really makes rather superior coffee, and takes no space. Works equally well at anchor and at the dock. I keep a bit of ground coffee aboard (so I don't need a grinder) and keep it sealed to last long enough so it gets used before it gets even slightly not-fresh.
  7. RedRyder

    Taking a break

    Now I'll have to troll anchorages and mooring fields up and down New England looking for RESTIVE. We'll miss you. You might or might not miss us. You're welcome to join us on Gemini to race any time.
  8. RedRyder

    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    I fail to see the problem with that.
  9. RedRyder

    Our Daily Bread...

    Thought I'd add a contribution on the beer front. This is a yeast/beer bread - I used Guinness. Made it a few times recently. Delicious. Use this recipe:
  10. RedRyder

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    ** THREAD DRIFT ALERT ** Any chance that, in parallel, we can drift this thread back to some great stories of FL's recent domination of the race course? Now that Gemini is hauled and sitting sadly packed like a sardine onto the hard, I need a fix.
  11. RedRyder

    Coolboats to admire

    It's an awfully good thing that I don't need another boat, because HURRAH is calling my name. Loudly. We don't even have a local 12 1/2 fleet (though there are a few in the harbor,) but there is something about them - the real, gaff-rigged ones - that is nearly irresistible. I shouldn't read this thread.
  12. RedRyder

    Coolboats to admire

    Not much. She's been hanging out at the yard all summer, up on stands with not too much action evident. Now with the rig out and keel off, they're finally making some sort of progress. Here's what I was able to find from the Spartan website: Challenger Challenger is a modified Whitbread 60 Round the World Race boat (later known as Volvo 60's). She was initially intended to compete in the 1997 edition of the race but when funding issues put paid to the America's Challenge campaign in Cape Town the boat returned to California and went into long term storage only occasionally venturing out onto the race course for the Newport - Ensenada Race and a couple of Transpac's. During this time however a lot of interesting modifications were made to adapt the already sleek Alan Andrews design towards short handed racing. The result is a blistering fast W60 with all the manners of an Open 60. [EDIT]: Just found a photo from earlier this summer. Of the boats featured in this photo, Spartan is likely the LEAST cool... sitting right next to America II - the real deal. Taken on 5/31/18. Not sure what's in the water in the background, but looks quite cool as well and I regret not having gone over to inspect.
  13. RedRyder

    Coolboats to admire

    Our yard sends around propaganda videos periodically throughout the year. Here is the latest one... see if you can spot a few coolboats mixed in around some more mundane selections:
  14. It's cold in the office today, which had me daydreaming about a hydronic heater for the boat. This had me looking at the Webasto website for inspiration. Which led me to view this image, which in turn may have affected my perception of Webasto as a company...