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  1. RedRyder

    RaspberryPi - OpenPlotter

    I'm late to this thread! I'm using OpenPlotter on my boat - one of my quarantine tasks was to finally take the plunge and upgrade to v2. I run it on this setup tucked away. From left to right: Raspberry Pi 3B+ With USB SSD (850) - boot and data storage Connected via wired ethernet to the boat network (currently) powered via eBay (C.P.T. brand) cheap 12v to USB adapter. I might change this and power everything from the NMEA2000 network next year. Homemade NMEA 2000 interface Built on a Teensy 3.2 See: I have not added the 2nd USB for input to the Teensy - currently I only read from NMEA, I don't write to it I'm planning to also experiment with the CANable BME280 sensor connected to I2C for temperature/humidity Since I have plenty of storage on the mSATA drive on the pi, I'm thinking about doing continuous recording to InfluxDB using the built-in SignalK recorder - then I can re-live all of my glory at a later time. We'll see whenever we finally get sailing again. It's (obviously) headless - currently I access it using VNC and a laptop. Or just running OpenCPN on the laptop and accessing the data stream on the Pi using NMEA0183 or SignalK. On the project list is to get a small Intel NUC (or similar) and an LCD monitor for the nav station which I can turn on only when required. Sometimes it's nice to have things that don't move around.
  2. RedRyder

    The Zombie Fleet

    For some reason, the Friendship sloop is calling me. Her siren song is masking the truckload of cash that it would take. That's not good. I need to move on to the ferrocement thread.
  3. RedRyder

    How to stop this dropkeel lifting off?

    Didn't @Panope do essentially this when he removed all of his lead/concrete amalgam from his blilge before re-casting the lead and disposing of the concrete?
  4. RedRyder

    Post-covid Cruising?

    Congratulations, @Cruisin Loser Some day, I'd love to drive up and crew for you. I fear that the Admiral will not approve that deployment this year, however.
  5. RedRyder

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Where is @Fah Kiew Tu when we need him?
  6. RedRyder

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    So since I'm doing zero sailing myself right now, I'm watching far more YouTube than normal. I was browsing tool videos as I want to gear-up for some projects around the house, and I think I found my new favorite tool reviewer. This guy's whole channel is worth watching!
  7. RedRyder

    East Coast yards for winter haul out?

    @Student_Driver Rigging: Sound Rigging Chuck Poindexter (860) 767-2131
  8. RedRyder

    East Coast yards for winter haul out?

    For the electronics, give a call to: Steve Gill Custom Navigation +18603995512
  9. RedRyder

    East Coast yards for winter haul out?

    Good suggestions here. You could also check out Brewer's (now Safe Harbor) Pilot's Point - size and draft would be no issue at all, and the work they do is top-notch. They did the repair work after Gemini's encounter with ledge last year, and it's 100%. At 61' Joli would not look "large" in the yard over the winter. We berth there over the summers (usually) so please feel free to IM any time.
  10. RedRyder

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Crazy times! Here in CT, only one week to having the kids home from school and everybody is going crazy. This could be a long period! We're trying to figure out the right strategy to go to the grocery store and re-stock. We don't have a herd of dairy cattle in the backyard, so we'll need to get milk very soon. Do we try first thing in the AM on a weekday? Do we try a small store or a huge one where there is space to spread out? I'm thinking hard right now about launching this year. I was about to pay for the summer slip when all of this happened - we were on track for my earliest launching ever. Just a few punchlist items to take care of before splashing. Re-thinking everything right now. For me sailing is about relaxation, but it's largely about socialization. Sailing with other people. Racing with other people. Many are optimistic, but I'm not so sure that there will be much if any racing this summer - and I won't be racing Gemini single-handed. Hrmph. Good news: we're almost finished with The Americans, and with the kids we're making quick work of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe!
  11. I like the boom tent/cockpit awning. Any details you can share?
  12. RedRyder

    The Zombie Fleet

    As some sort of lawn art, it has a certain appeal to a certain audience. I am not part of that audience, however.
  13. RedRyder

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Of course!
  14. RedRyder

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    For those who might have missed it, FL can be seen on page 22 of the August/September 2019 BoatUS magazine.