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  1. Re Link app I have a newly installed B& G suite including B&G Zeus3 - 7 , triton 2's, precision 9, WS320 windsensor, DST800, Simrad tp22 etc. I initially found configuring either link, CMAP embark or the new B&G app (same as embark) impossible. I have a 2017 Samsung A7 and simply deleted the old link app and reloaded it. The QR code in the new B&G app free app would not connect. The CMAP embark subscription paid app would connect but not reliably - I managed to transfer a whole bunch of way points and routes across from my phone. I was hoping the B & app would do same as CMAP embark but I think the subscription difference is the key. Device registration is also critical. Getting increasingly frustrated sitting outside in the Southern New Zealand winter I stumbled upon/realised/learnt that the wireless configuration is key. It is important to follow the Zeus install/operators manual and ensure your phone or tablet is configured correctly. Now whenever I turn on the instruments it is available to connect to the phone. I simply open the link app and wait for it to connect (the Zeus 3 is the wireless hotspot - no internet connection). This process is really simple but takes a bit longer than i anticipated. An icon for the Zeus 3 appears initially as Red in the link app home screen and then turns green when connected...be patient it isn't instant. You can then choose remote control if you wish. The link app allows me full control of the Zeus3 and settings across the network from my A7 with the exception of the autopilot page. However, doing some calibration the other day I discovered I have full control of rudder gain, sea state, counter rudder settings etc via settings from my phone while the AP is navigating - very cool for fine tuning/set up. Confusingly, I thought I would only be able to mirror to my phone. The actual functionality is awesome. Although it has taken a lot of time to install, configure and test. I'm yet to use it in WIND NAV mode under sail but really looking forward to getting it set up right as it will make sailing shorthanded a real pleasure other than using the tillerpilot on heading hold or nav to waypoint.
  2. splat

    B&G zeus to simpard tp22?

    pretty sure ( although not able to access boat at the moment) that the full AP screen is only available when you have a proper full function AP computer connected. When the TP22 is connected a tab/ wind ow opens on the left of screen with +1, -1, +10,-10 standby, mode buttons etc
  3. splat

    B&G zeus to simpard tp22?

    Ahhh this is not my experience - the Zeus 7 will see the TP22 via NMEA/Simnet adaptor and a pop-out AP control screen is available for control from the Zeus 7 (note not the full AP screen as if a NAC 2 or 3 was connected) - the screen pops up when it sees the AP is connected on the network. We are running a precision 9 as well and this becomes the default compass rather than the TP22 built in gyro. We can control heading etc as if using TP22 keypad from Zeus screen. It is awesome!
  4. splat

    what is it?

    First Edition above is now owned by a local couple.
  5. splat

    Race Replays

    Hey SD, save link and then open - works fine on a Microsoft surface