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  1. Qingdaosog

    Seascape 27

    Creature comforts? There is no racing round here so my J70 is sadly only used for social sailing. The lack of a loo is a problem for mixed crews.And it would be nice to be able to brew a coffee. Not sure we would do much overnighting but nice to know we can if we want. And a set of instruments would be great. Last week caught in a rising wind and rolling fog. 100m visibility .My velocitek got us back but more by luck than judgement. I really like the no-frills website but it seems he is buying the SE version . Lifting keel and all. I am hoping to find out if the basic version still works.
  2. Qingdaosog

    Seascape 27

    I am considering a change from my J70.Its a great boat amd very strong but I would like something a bit bigger with some more creature comforts.The Seascape 27 ticked a lot of boxes but the First 27 basic version now has an aluminium rig, not carbon fibre, a smaller sail plan and a fixed keel. Has that " dumbed the boat down" so its now a floating truck not a racing machine? Anyone have any experience of the new iteration? The " old" SC 27 is still available as the SE model but its a lot more expensive
  3. Qingdaosog

    Uprate the outboard on J70: Any experience please?

    Thank you all for your comments. Looks like I will have to stick with my rattly 2stroke .
  4. Qingdaosog

    Uprate the outboard on J70: Any experience please?

    Thanks I just need to know of the J70 transom is strong enough for a 26 kg deadweight hanging off the back
  5. Qingdaosog

    Uprate the outboard on J70: Any experience please?

    Thank you for your comments . I am confident that a 4hp will have the power. (Sea can get pretry gnarly here quickly).What I dont want to do is snap the transom off during one of those bouncy seas....
  6. My 3.5 hp two stroke does not instill confidence and is not very environmentally friendly. I would like to upgrade to a 4hp 4 stroke. But it weighs 26kg. Nearly twice as heavy as the 2 stroke Certainly I expect to have modify/strengthen the bracket. Can the transom take the weight? Please can anyone share any experience of fitting a 4 stroke 4hp to a J70?