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  1. Ready for launching

    More pls.What is it? Is it a one-off? are there plans? Ta.
  2. Fareast 23R photos

    Wow, all I can say is it looks great and its NOT red!
  3. Looking for my next boat

    'kay, thanks, I will get back if I have a serious interest in the Shaw after I do a little research.
  4. NEW ASTUS 16.5

    Tell us how you REALLY feel about "foilin' Doug", Christian? I happen to agree that everything with sails must foil, I certainly could care less about foiling.
  5. Looking for my next boat

    Christian, are either the Open or Shaw actively for sale? Listed with a broker? Thanks, Dennis
  6. Looking for my next boat

    I've been lurking in these SB threads off late and find this one of interest. Ref. the Open 6.50 - does anyone know if it has a shallower craft keel "setting" as does it little sister the Open 5.70? It would be of real interest to me if that were the case. 90 - 96 seems a tough rating to sail to for a 6.50m/21,.25' boat however.
  7. Single burner stove - Butane? Alcohol?

    Mother and Father had an Iwatani butane stove bought from a restaurant supply company. It went down when their boat sank in a major snow storm and was submerged for two weeks before the boat could be refloated and hauled out. They cleaned up the little one burner butane stove, dried it out and removed a small amount of corrosion. Lit it with a match on a fresh butane tank, extinguished the flame and reastarted with the built in igniter. Has worked well ever since going on on almost 20 years later.
  8. NEW ASTUS 16.5

    Tom, using the published specification data for the Weta and Astus 16.5, the Weta derives a Texel rating of 103 whilst the Astus 16.5 a 106 Texel rating. If I toy with the formula and add a 180 lb skipper. the numbers come to Weta 122 and Astus 117. Lower of course being 'better', frankly I think the Astus will outperform the Weta quite nicely.
  9. Offshore Foiling Revolution-Gitana

  10. Mirage 5.5, anyone owned / sailed one.

    don' t think you've said but where is locally?
  11. Whats this boat?

    sailman, +1
  12. Annapolis Harbormaster fired

    Go for it! I don't know much about 'Naptown but Mum and Dad lived there in the early 1980's on Cornhill St, just off City Dock. From what I had been told, it didn't seem like a full time job for two high priced employees plus more staff no doubt.
  13. Annapolis Harbormaster fired

    98k for the HM and 55k for his assistant? Sweet Jayzeus! We aren't talking a major industrial post here, mainly recreational boating and some commercial watermen for cripes sake