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  1. mpbeagle

    Beneteau dropped the First line?

    Has anyone here been racing the carbon 35 or 40. Im not just talking hear-say or opinions-Is there anyone watching who has actually raced on one or seen one in their fleet. How is it doing?
  2. mpbeagle

    Beneteau 38.1 Performance Version

    Good comment regarding the slamming and hull stiffness-I just finished A2B in my old boat and can attest to the amount of "slamming" force the boat must endure FWD of the mast as it goes upwind off the backs of waves. Lots of newer boats have these "pretty" windows topsides-it's a new trend and does give a nice interior look. The XP-38 also has several of these windows (another boat I looked at). Big difference is they are smaller and flush. I imagine the build quality on the x-yacht's hull is better, but the price is about 70K more without options.
  3. mpbeagle

    Beneteau 38.1 Performance Version

    Just went on sale last year. No published ratings I could find. Better looking than Bene 36.7. But I agree Sunfast 3600 is better looking
  4. Has anyone raced on or been in a fleet with anyone racing one of the newer, twin rudder Beneteau 38. performance version? Yes, I know there will be a flood of Beneteau haters sending in "Beneslow" jokes, but the performance version looks interesting with taller mast, 130 square feet more of sail area , a decent D/L of 145, adjustable backstay, jib cars, etc. Although it is a Finot design (miss the Farr designs), the Polars look good and it could be promising family racer that starts at < 200K. I like the Sunfast 3600 better with it's tillers and dedicated racing platform, but its hard to ignore the cost difference (about 40K) between the 2 boats and the Benny performace package comes with laminate race sails. Could not find much outside of manufacturer-sponsored sites. I'm interested in member's actual experience racing the boat in their local fleets (how are they doing) more than opinions without any basis. Here we go.