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  1. Some really do, some don't. Unlike car dealers they are less regulated and so there is more variability. I bought one boat from a dealer at AYS and he was wonderful-I would go back to him any day. I recently bought a new boat from a different broker in RI who was so irresponsible and a BS artist, I wouldn't go within a hundred miles of him. But new customers don't know unless they talk to someone who has used that broker before.
  2. mpbeagle

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    Roleur-let me qualify-it was a crap-shoot for us mere mortals-certainly not for those like Alan, Randy and the other top finishers that make it happen consistently no matter whether they are sailing a lightning, a J-22 or J-105 (or Italia). Not luck for them (maybe a little)
  3. mpbeagle

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    Yes, I was watching that from 200 yds away and it was crazy-the J-105 with a jib would accelerate, then stop dead in the water and then you would go by him, then you would stop-it was like the 3 of you were taking turns. What I would really like to avoid in the future is doing the whole first leg (and part of the second) against the current in light wind-painful getting under the bridge.
  4. mpbeagle

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    Yes, and it was not by chance these boats did so well-they were sailed extremely well. Sure they found holes too, but they were pretty quick to recognize them and minimize their losses. It is incredible watching talent work. I'd love to know how they avoided the holes at night-a 6th sense.
  5. mpbeagle

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    Right you are, except that after 2300 the western side was the place to be-,you crossed behind us and went to the the western side of the ship channel sometime between 11 and 12 and we continued just east of the rhumb line to stay close to the eastern shore (thinking we would get better wind). We were the only boat to do that and it was a big mistake-we puttered along for the next 2.5 hours doing 2-3knots while you and every other boat we were sailing with accelerated and were doing 6-7. Sometimes you win going away from the fleet-sometimes you lose big. Light air-it was a crap shoot.
  6. mpbeagle

    Single Handed roll call?

    SH?-Anytime I can get out -good to get out in Baltimore Harbor away from Covid, protests, etc. The SF3600 makes it so easy to do it alone-hardest part is docking if its blowing over 15. Isn't that always the hardest part of SH sailing?
  7. mpbeagle

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    Maestro 40 is comfortable, fast, well-designed Finnish boat-just expensive. Baltics are also nice.
  8. mpbeagle

    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    Even though Jeanneau and Beneteau are in the same "group" they are managed separately with different philosophies and appeals to buyers-think Pontiac versus Buick back in the 70s/80s. Even though they share some parts (just like the GM subsidiaries shared motors) they have a very different appeal to customers. Aside from the Figaro line, Beneteau does not have an interest in designing a racing boat; whereas Jeanneau does.
  9. mpbeagle

    Single line reefing?

    Yes-if you are well practiced with your system and therefore confident and faster, you will reef more often, and it won't be stressful. You will probably need a longer strop for your deep third reef. Play with it at the dock and find the right length-long enough to reach the reefing strap on the luff but short enough to be pulling down and forward as close to the boom as the gathered sail will allow with that third reef in. Once you know the right length you can splice a dyneema line to a tylaska clip and then practice the routine a few times with your "crew". There will be only one way to reef and "debate" about when or how to reef will be a thing of the past.
  10. mpbeagle

    Single line reefing?

    Before I changed it, this on was not the selden shuttle-block system on my current boat-the 3600; but I had that Selden system on my last boat-worked fine for the first reef (most of the time), but on the second and third reef, often got slack somewhere in the boom causing the foot to loosen up just when it was blowing 35 and you needed that flat foot. For my ocen racing I converted that boat's 2nd and third reef to slab as well using the cunningham and a downhaul. This boat is small enough to easily crawl up from the cockpit and hook up the strop. I might use a downhaul in the ocean.
  11. mpbeagle

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    Agree with comments about the sleeping and lee cloths. Funny though-obviously JL92 you know what you are doing and have been around the "island(s)" a few times ;-) but I use the cleats all the time for lashing down items (and rarely find they get in the way) and find the saltwater pump really helps save on valuable freshwater. Guess thats why they make different boat designs! The 30D does have a stove but its not gimballed (for now). Ironic that a transatlantic race requires mooring cleats.
  12. mpbeagle

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    That is a slick-looking well-designed racing boat with lots of sail (good for the Chesapeake), but I agree-it looks like, and is marketed as an offshore SH boat, but it does not have the nice SH offshore design features seen on the Sunfast and JPK like the comfy seats right inside the companionway good for taking catnaps, gimballed stove, long and wide-enough midship sea berths, salt-water pump, lee cloths, and even cleats (the boat in the pictures and video had to use stanchions to tie up.) All correctable problems, but who wants to go to all the trouble to build these things in when other boats come from the factory with these features.
  13. mpbeagle

    Single line reefing?

    I converted my factory-equipped single-line reefing to slab-reefing using dyneema strops attached to shackles (see JL92) that release under load. It is easier to get the foot flat (see pictures) than the previous single line system and it is more consistent (for my setup) and therefore faster under stressful conditions.
  14. mpbeagle

    Post-covid Cruising?

    Yes it is aggravating how the DNR came up with its own senseless interpretation of the stay at home order and now Hogan has to back them up. Good thing is the (Baltimore) harbor police and USCG do not seem to be enforcing it-I went out sailing with my kids about three times on the Patapsco last week and each time there were more and more sailboats and the Harbor police and USCG ribs just went right on by. I did not even have to pull out my rods or tackle box! I can't wait until he just puts an end to that order.