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  1. justsomeone

    The winning foils

    which one
  2. justsomeone

    Oracle Team USA

    No cameras on OR sterns ? yet are the ones on ETNZ competitor equipment or AACTV's?
  3. justsomeone

    Oracle Team USA

    OR still with grinder in Jasons video
  4. justsomeone

    Oracle Team USA

    If OR don't get out tomorrow it will indicate that changes are more important than actually testing and training with then. No a good place to be. Got away with it once I would not be pushing my luck for a second time. Maybe the long break will allow them to get up to speed with the new kit
  5. justsomeone

    Team NZ

    acceleration is a visual trick due to zooming in Lack of OR on a perfect practice day means a lot happening in the shed! Had the best part of 2 weeks already, maybe testing against SB and AR didn't go well and big changes are needed or they are hiding the go fast till the last moment. Maybe Jason didn't get any video, but historically he has tried to cover every one
  6. justsomeone

    Team NZ

    Portable sheep dip
  7. justsomeone

    Team NZ

    don't know lodged the Request for Interpretation might not be OR
  8. justsomeone

    Team NZ

    Could be wrong but he seam to not be peddling on starboard. Need to review the whole race
  9. justsomeone

    Team NZ

    Watch BT's legs in race 3
  10. justsomeone

    Team NZ

    No more than AR Don't forget OR get to see all the data and overhead video from the racing. This is a new game of not showing more than needed. TV is there to entertain the public not show the racing to them, while provide data to the defender
  11. justsomeone

    Race Replays

    no just 15sec news clips of PP's, crashes and sailors being injured
  12. justsomeone

    Team UK

    Go watch Extreme sailing Foiling beach cats that any one can play and get payed in a crappie stadium course
  13. justsomeone

    Team NZ

    Problem is not ACRM but ACEM
  14. justsomeone

    Team NZ

    two point Jason seams to have shot from inside TNZ compound BA's comment about hoping the TV audience enjoyed it. I think sums up how most teams feel, shit that could have been us.
  15. justsomeone

    Team NZ

    ^ignore the BS and look for small adjustments here and there. Good answer