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  1. mathystuff

    1/20/2021 The beginning of Civil War?

    He's a full on qanon nazi piece of shit. He's aware of that. He just uses the qanon tactic of flooding the discourse with shit in hope some of it sticks.
  2. mathystuff

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    A man of taste, I see. Best beer you can get in every supermarket around here, imo.
  3. mathystuff

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    Rule of thump: all clear beer is a Pils(ner). It's the equivalent of pale lager in english, I think. If you go camping you should hit campsites. Germany does not allow camping everywhere like in the scandinavian countries. Unlikely you would run into trouble, but best to avoid it nevertheless.
  4. Deep state communist lizzards protecting antifa.
  5. mathystuff

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    Platt is awesome. Sadly I didn't grow up with it and know very little. Huulbessen (howling broom) for vacuum cleaner has to be one of the best words ever.
  6. mathystuff

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    They are sufficient for the horse drawn carriages we use here.
  7. mathystuff

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Can't murder niggers in the street anymore. Can't murder fags in the streets anymore. "Leftist totalitarianism" /facepalm
  8. We've had some bad experiences with pardoning nazis attempting a coup here in Germany. I'd strongly advice against such measures.
  9. mathystuff

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    The baltic never is really warm and even in summer you might get norddeutsches schietwetter, so plan to that. There's no bad weather only wrong clothing. If you want to do day trips rent a car and hit the Autobahn. I'd visit Hamburg over Berlin, but I'm biased. Stay away from Kölsch. Say "Ich möchte diesen Teppich nicht kaufen. Bitte!" to order beer.
  10. mathystuff

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    There were zero measurements of the brain in that study. As nice as it would be to have a simple explanation for idiots being idiots like their brain is broken, there is no evidence for that.
  11. Trump: Iran has WMD! Reporter: How do you know? Trump: We sold them to Iran in the 70s. Great deal. Not as good as my deals, though. My deals are the greatest. Many people are saying it.
  12. mathystuff

    2 DC police officers suspended for role in riot

    Authoritarian structures like the military and police atract authoritarian people. No shit, Sherlock. We have the same problem here. A home secretary that blocked an investigation into racism in the police force and only gave in when multiple chat groups of officers sharing nazi memes surfaced was quite infuriating. The unresolved traumata suffered in service and driving people crazy don't help either.
  13. mathystuff

    Lizard People

    There's a documentary about this:
  14. mathystuff

    2 DC police officers suspended for role in riot

    It's quite easy. Obviously the Bismarck is a ship, so she's female: die Bismarck. Unless you are talking about the ship Bismarck of course because that would be das Schiff Bismarck. The namesake is obviously der Bismarck. Inanimate objects can be all genders and there really is no system to it. You learn it by heart in childhood or you'll never get it right unless you are some kind of savant. Forks are female. Knives are neutral. Spoons are male. As nature intended.
  15. mathystuff

    2 DC police officers suspended for role in riot

    The cases aren't that bad. They implicity exist in english as well. Peter gave Jim's ball to Tim. Who acted? What was acted upon? Whose ball was it? Whom was it given to? Same cases as in german. Learning the grammatical gender of every noun on the other hand must be a nightmare.