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  1. mathystuff

    Missing Canine?

    If you have seen him, please call 555-PA-Pets. His owner is an elderly man with skin and psychiatric conditions. He desperately needs his emotional support animal.
  2. Röhrl is a legend for his oneliners alone. "You can't treat a car like a human being; a car needs love." "While accelerating the tears of joy have to run horizontaly to the ears." "If you can see the tree you crash into; that's understeer. If you can hear it; that's oversteer." Even Schwarzenegger isn't as 80s as Röhrl.
  3. mathystuff

    The Kushner tapes

    To the suprise of absolutely noone with half a brain Trump is an egoistic asshole who only looks for his own benefit instead of trying to solve problems.
  4. mathystuff

    Just Jared Not a perfect list (i.e. I've never heard 2 and 24), but you're welcome. But if there was a german word english really needed it would be "doch". In some cases it means "but", but it can also mean "Yes, it is!". So you can go: Yes! No! Doch! No! Doch! How do you guys even have arguments?
  5. mathystuff

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    To put that into perspective an OR of ~3 makes access to firearms a better predictor of completed suicide than mental illness, suicidal ideation and previous suicide attempt (all around an OR of 2). To my knowledge its second only to psychiatric treatment in the last year and being a veterinary (ORs around 4, iirc).
  6. mathystuff

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Do you want to go out on the water and need a place to store your hoe? Are you unsure about whether you want a boat or a shed? Why not have both at the same time? Presenting the all new 2020 shoat.
  7. mathystuff

    Anney bodey hearre seene my olde............

    If you say his name in front of a mirror three times at night, he screws foils onto your boat, while you are asleep.
  8. mathystuff

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I guess I should reread the discworld series without the translation losses.
  9. mathystuff

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    Stunning videography.
  10. Drove an automatic (or an electric to be precise) for the first time this year. Stopping without shifting out of gear felt rather strange.
  11. mathystuff

    Science?? What science?? F the scientists..

    In his defence a rocketship going down while burning and crashing into the ground is still a rocketship.
  12. And listen to their subordinates.
  13. mathystuff

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    One sign of dogs being at about the mental level of a 3 year old is their conplete lack of understanding that multiple people can be to blame for the same thing. E.g. Trump is to blame for 100k+ deaths does not imply that noone else is to blame.