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  1. Pete M

    Jeremy Clarkson's BBC contract DTS???

    ok - I say fire all the guys and girls on the new BBC top gear and start over with Katie Nolan or have Jeremy bring her on to new top gear - actually I like the later idea better, I think
  2. Pete M

    Fumduck Athletes

    "How about Shady McCoy and crew beating up on a couple of off duty cops in an after hour club in Philly" Chip Kelly looking like a good judge of character just now
  3. Pete M

    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    the apache is armored pretty well, even separate tubs for pilot and gunner also the apache and cobra, super cobra, viper are as about as fast as the A10 at attack speed - plus the apache - viper can aim the gun off axis, plus the apache - viper has explosive rounds - better for soft targets, as opposed to the A10 depleted uranium rounds - which are good for armor - not so good for soft targets plus the Apache-viper are owned and controlled by the army & marines - A10 is air force
  4. Pete M

    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    ha ha - don't think the A10 glides so good at 200 kts and 500 ft. my marine corps helicopter pals alternatively say the helicopters are flying lawnmowers, or the helicopter flies by just beating the air into submission
  5. Pete M

    Jeremy Clarkson's BBC contract DTS???

    I saw that I predict epic fail - worse than American top gear How do you turn a silk purse into a sow's ear?
  6. Pete M

    How long to make my bowsprit?

    a couple of years I guess, why?
  7. Pete M

    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    "monitored but autonomous system" we found that a stabilized image was the only way to go - can't handle changing image or moving targets very well, but just fine for locking on autonomous optical or IR weapon systems - move the curser across the image to the desired lock on point - once it's locked on and you confirm the lock on - and you are good to go I know - but with all the weapons of the future being faster and higher g loading than manned Aircraft, seems like it's the way forward. unmanned systems are the future for the ground too- for the Military it's supply trucks. and for you and me its google cars
  8. Pete M

    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    the Danes are acceptance testing F-35s at Edwards AFB just now - yes, it is an unusual sound also the V-22 and the six blade C-130J also sound unusual when they fly over - it's a new sound when I hear a low bypass jet engine fly over at 2:00 AM I know the AF or navy are up to something
  9. Pete M

    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    thx Jeff - but for instance, the optical agm 130 and the MBDA UAE PGM series are autonomous, both lock on before or after launch, plus the French apache too. but yea - they are too big for UCASs. maybe UCASs can fly the SDB - they are GPS and now GPS / laser. everyone wants the brimstone (hellfire variant, shoot and forget ), but the Brits can't make it fast enough yes, the laser guided ones require constant lasing - but the laser target designator can be remote, 2-3 km away and the wpn launch point can be 3-5 km away, or possibly 10s of kms away, in fact, almost counter intuitively, the further away from the target the more accurate the shot. guns are no good further than 1 km - and shooting guns means a straight run for many seconds. and low and slow is no good if the bad guys have even a '60s radar guided ZSU23 quad. what can survive a few 7.62 rounds or a couple of 12mm rounds would be in big trouble with a few 23 mm rds but as for your point about 1-2 sec delay - that's a long time and only a stabilized system can control that - the operators have made it work - but it is difficult for the future of UCAS see the Northrop navy X-47 - it has demonstrated air to air refueling (to a drogue type refueling basket) and carrier take off and landings - I think this one is only a prototype and the next version may look similar, but all the internals will be very different. all the stealth aircraft look like the F-22, A-12, B-2, and now X-47 - inside is all different tho
  10. Pete M

    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    a few points re A-10 and UCAS. 1. those of you worried about the delay in video to the UAV operator in Nellis or wherever. a stabilized optical system take care of most of that - even a 50 ms or 75 ms delay. 2. once a weapon system has locked on - either the antique air to ground hellfires or mavericks, or the more modern weapon systems, or air to air sidewinders, pythons, or AARAMS too - the pilot is out of the loop - the weapon is locked on and that's it. no pilot intervention at all - no delays. Doesn't mater if it's an A-10, F-18, F-35, predator, or a weaponised King Air (Yep got those) 3. guided weapon systems are far more accurate than gun systems - always will be also about the F-35 v the A-10.Tthe A 10 is an antique designed in the 60s to basically replace the Douglas A1 as a tank killer to combat the soviet tanks in the Fulda gap. and all the upgrades have been expensive - from 1553B electronics and all the computers, controls and displays and wiring, for smart hard points that can accommodated hellfires and mavericks, and for the Lantern targeting pod and jamming pods, to even air to air refueling. none of these is cheap - and even worse as an afterthought. also the A-10 is slow - speed is your friend - even tho the A-10 is armored - it is still a target. I know guys that retired from driving the A-10 in the 70s the main problem with the F-35 is VTOL variant - don't need that - never have never will - even the Harrier was never used like that - and it has been in service since the 60s
  11. Pete M

    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    the problem is not the speed of light - the earth is 10,000 miles in diameter light can travel that distance in 0.05 sec - the problem is processing time and human reaction 50 mili second delays makes most human controlled systems unstable but things are getting faster every year and stabilized systems makes it all easier, and easier
  12. Pete M

    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    trick it is - in 15 years it will all be armed UAVs - a few years ago I saw a proposal to make the A-10s unmanned 5 years ago I bid a project to re start a production run for existing smart weapons - they had not been produced for ten years - the best case was a five to one cost increase - billions. customer said no - if we could deliver tomorrow they would have said yes, but it was three years before we could start delivering. Obsolesce is very costly
  13. Pete M

    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    Fairchild's finest I think the GE 30mm gun costs more than the rest of the airplane combined
  14. Pete M

    Mauri Pro - so pissed off!

    my online gold bullion supplier sux too
  15. ^^^^^^ if it were not so serious, I would say that made blow a snot bubble