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  1. Why is that? And what are they up to? They outbid me on a vast amount (by far the largest buyer, by volume) during the Hall Spars auction. Their lot took 3-4 full size trucks to move everything.
  2. US Watercraft goes to Auction!

    If anyone is interested in the boats (in particular) or any of the larger items, but isn't local and/or doesn't have the time/resources/space to transport and store them, shoot me a PM. I have a climate controlled warehouse just down the street and can quote on transport & storage. Also might be interested in any creative joint bids or deals.
  3. Sorry Ras, can't find their number just their street address. They don't have a FB page either (that I can find). I can measure those spreaders more accurately for ya sometime this week. PM me and tell me what dimensions you're looking for.
  4. If I remember correctly, the middle spreaders (these curved spreaders pictured above are a set of three) are about 65" or so. I have no other data on them, but they were designed for Bella Mente for their 'old rig', then they broke that before these ever got installed and redesigned the mast & spreaders (so I'm told) when they went to replace, so these got forgotten.
  5. Sold the big 100 footer, and one of the Bene 10R rigs as well as most of the rod rigging and the aluminum boom. Here's the update on remaining stock below. Might be an option for another economical coast-coast transport in January if you're on the left coast. x1 Beneteau 10R rig left. Super nice complete package with spreaders and all hardware installed, nice clear coat, etc. x1 Farr 36 UNFINISHED tube. Beautiful carbon tube with primary patching reinforcements but nothing else - no cuts, drills, holes, hardware, clear coat, etc. Could make a nice blank palette for someone trying to outfit a different boat, or could be easily finished off to mate with an existing Farr 36 x1 Farr 36 COMPLETE mast (new). All hardware installed, nice clear coat, no spreaders, no boom x1 Farr 36 used/broken mast. Compression break at the bottom of the section, cut off and cleaned up just below gooseneck. All hardware, decent clear coat. x2 300lb spools of -6 nitronic rod rigging from Navtec x3 spools surplus Kevlar rigging. I have -32 & -10 -A dozen or so carbon mast-base instrument hangers of all shapes/sizes. Not clear coated.
  6. Here's the lot of them, with a tape measured dropped on one of em for scale (that one is about 4ft tall):
  7. PM or email me with your required dimensions and I'll let ya know if I have one that fits - chances are I do. SailLaVieLLC@gmail.com
  8. Some photos of a small portion of the instrument hangers, plus other misc. bits (spreaders, shiv boxes, C-plate, reaching strut, etc)
  9. Sorry Koss - there were DOZENS of gooseneck fittings left at the Hall factory (I saw them) but they were bought up during the auction before I got in to purchase the leftover masts/rigging. I believe, but am not sure, that they were bought by Fast Forward Composites of Bristol, RI. You could call them and ask, or call the guys at Hall Spars Service LLC they might know where they went.
  10. Yes it seems the shipping quotes only have eyes for size, rather than value! I'll reach out again to the Hall guys to see if they can find anything on the rigging.
  11. Thanks Bob! I wonder if the after-market value should be higher now that Hall is no more.. Not so many options for a new carbon stick in the US any more, and even if there were, I suppose there's something to say about sourcing one from the original manufacturer in the case of a one-design class?