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  1. LotsO'Knots

    Pair of Gunboat rudders up for grabs

  2. Got a pair of carbon rudders from a Gunboat 66 that have been in my shop for too long. They're in perfect shape - faired, painted, etc with no dings or attrition. Message me for photos and dimensions and tell me what they're worth to ya. And yes I bought a classified ad, haters. SailLaVieLLC@gmail.com
  3. Yeah but you know what else that dive boat owner did? He spoke out publicly, expressing great remorse for the accident and the loss of life, and cited the insurance underwriters as the reason for the filing of the liability scheme(scam?). He recognized that the optics were horrendous and insensitive (at very best), and said 'look guys, I'm so sorry this happened, and I'm not trying to be an ass, but the decision is not up to me'. I'm not defending that guy or Mr Tex, just saying, it would be nice to hear from Mt Tex. Maybe at least an open letter or statement to Sandra's family..? It doesn't not absolve him nor does it admit guilt. Just a simple "damn I'm sorry she died" might go a long way here.
  4. Does anyone here have access to Sandra's family? Documents were just filed (publically - Federal Court records) that Mr. Texeira is actually 'suing' her, or her estate rather. Common tactic to avoid any civil liability, most recently used by the owner of the California dive boat that burned and killed 32(?) passengers. It's a horrible tactic which is usually dictated and driven by the insurance underwriters, and relies on an antiquated Federal law. Effectively it seeks to have a judge limit the liability of the owner/operator, so that the victims and/or their families can't seek to sue the defendant in civil court. Not sure I explained that correctly but a friend who's a maritime lawyer suggested that this has a low chance of working in this case, BUT, often the victim's family and estate aren't aware of the suit being filed, therefore don't show up to protest and argue it, therefore concede by default... Point is, can someone send this document to the family?? Here's a Fox News (sorry) article to explain it better: https://www.foxnews.com/us/conception-dive-boat-owners-lawsuit-liability-rescue-attempts Pages_from_Teixeira_Docket_No_1_19-cv-006.pdf
  5. I'd be willing to bet that this old guy didn't mean to drop his baby grand daughter off the side of a cruise ship, either, but guess what - he just got charged with negligent homicide. The lack of intent to kill does not and should not indemnify you from being charged for acting negligent, in my opinion. Should this granddad go to jail for his mistake?? No of course not - nobody would argue that point. But should there be a proper investigation and trial to determine if there was any intent or gross negligence that could be considered criminal? Probably. And I would also argue that operating a vessel under power burdens you with a much further and higher level of responsibility to 'not kill others with you negligent actions' (can any legal eagles help my language here?) than holding your baby grand daughter does. Last time I checked there were no 'rules of the road' to baby handling, but there are plenty for operating boats. https://news.yahoo.com/charging-grandfather-girls-cruise-ship-041407425.html
  6. Does anyone else find it odd that at no point in any of the interviews was the powerboat operator required (nor did he volunteer) to estimate his speed at the time of the incident?
  7. LotsO'Knots

    What's this ?

    As opposed to those 'non-penis shaped' dildos?
  8. LotsO'Knots

    Gunboat 68 Race Results????

    I'm sure it will take them a long time to dial in as any race boat would, especially a GB. Still though, back of the pack was.... unexpected. I figured that if the design was a success, they would at the very least be making Nala think about 'em... Early days though. Would also be intrigued to know what sort of 24hr runs she makes in passage mode. For me, that is as much a measure of success to a GB as the race results, since they are also marketed as cruisers. I know that historically a few of the more tricked out GB's were slower than the factory/cruisy ones offshore, because of the 'don't-break-shit-and-don't-die' factor.
  9. LotsO'Knots

    Gunboat 68 Race Results????

    Anybody know how she did in the NYYC 175th last week? All I could find was the corrected time results online which weren't great ( predictably). But I'm curious to know how she did elapsed against the like of GB60 Flow and HH66 Nala...? Did she "sail circles around every other GB afloat" (Soma)???
  10. LotsO'Knots

    Beneteau Still Floating after Six Months

    Somehow everyone in this thread has ignored the whale in the cabin (see what I've done there..?) - why would you be "100 miles offshore" heading South from Annapolis to Miami... That puts you either outside of, or worse - just still inside of the Eastern wall of the Gulf Stream running North... Why would you even consider crossing the stream for that trip? I hate to armchair captain but as a non-armchair captain who's done that trip a lot, I've never once run out into the Stream or across it and I can't see any reason to. All the rest is subject to debate.
  11. LotsO'Knots

    Recommendations for Surveyor

    Jon Howe (and son) in Florida are the very very best, power or sail: (954) 557-7563 For the CT area undoubtedly Adrian Johnson: 860-572-8866
  12. LotsO'Knots

    Keel Failure

    Yep standing. Water is at his ribs. Unless he's treading water pretty hard - you ever try to pull yourself into a dinghy wearing a SCUBA rig? That rig is sunk and the yacht is on the ground. By the way - science says waves break when the depth of the water is half the height of the wave itself - how tall you think that wave is behind him?
  13. LotsO'Knots

    Keel Failure

    Been through there a few times, mostly in much smaller boats. That channel has claimed plenty of victims thanks to nasty tides and shifting shoals.. Absolutely a grounding-related keel failure - that looks like an encapsulated keel, the way it tore the hole so big and so far outboard on the hull. Also note that the rudder is damaged, and oh yeah - the diver is STANDING next to the RIB, in breaking waves. That boat hit bottom.
  14. LotsO'Knots

    Large center-cockpit cruiser sinks in CT River

    It is not a LH54. It *was* a LH 53, which was then extended in the transom to be a one-off LH55. Very nice boat and owners - not neglected at all. In fact when I was on board a few months ago, they had just stripped and redone all the varnish, painted some of the interior, plus an array of other upgrades. Plans were to haul in CT for the Winter to continue the project. I haven't been back in touch so I have no clue why they left her in so long, and on a mooring none the less. She was a gorgeous boat in good shape (and a model that you can't build or buy anymore!!), so this is very sad to see.
  15. LotsO'Knots

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Hope they'll have hydrogen cells!