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  1. LotsO'Knots

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    My knowledge is only second hand - you are probably righter than me. Perhaps it was x2 masts that were redesigned after the first one fell (weren't there two already up at that point?)?
  2. LotsO'Knots

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    Yes two masts dropped during testing so they went back to the drawing board. Same thing on the first generation boards.
  3. LotsO'Knots

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    One is already here. Not sure on the schedule of #2 but to my understanding, there will be a maximum of 2 ready to sail for the Summer events due to the delays caused by the failure of the initial rig design.
  4. LotsO'Knots

    BVI Spring Regatta

    The old 62's are super light! Soma correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they had the greatest power-to-weight ratio from the factory right? And of course after a decade of turbo upgrades and technological advances in equipment, I think that their P2W ratio advantage has only increased comparatively (to the other models)? I overheard the composite boatbuilder who has refit, rebuilt, and turbo'd that boat over the years saying; "There's just next to nothing to that boat - she's so light and thin, she probably should have exploded by now... she hasn't, which is a testament to the design and to us, but when you look at her compared to the newer models, it seems like she should just explode" Add to that a billionaire owner who has replaced the word 'budget' with the word 'win', a world class skipper and crew who have sailed together for years on everything from a Melges 32 to to a GC 32, and you have the perfect example of a winning combination.
  5. LotsO'Knots

    Hall Spars CF instrument hangers (mast base/gooseneck)

    Here's an updated photo of everything that hasn't sold yet, with dimensions labeled on each (on the tape). Someone take these off my hands!!
  6. LotsO'Knots

    Hall Spars CF instrument hangers (mast base/gooseneck)

    Still got over half of these left! Treat yo-self!
  7. LotsO'Knots

    Gunboat 68

    Time to spare now to get SOMA floating again...?
  8. LotsO'Knots

    VOR Man Overboard

    1) Spinlock DeckVests will absolutely float you face up no matter what, as will the Mustangs. I've tried 'em both with in-water drills. In fact there is so much buoyancy in the bladder which is so far forward, that it is literally impossible to swim with these things on. You can sort of do an awkward 'half-backstroke' but thats about it! 2) Both brands offer auto-activation of the AIS beacon (different brands of these are compatible with different vests) but yet, it relies on the vest being inflated. Even if the AIS beacon could be set to activate when subjected to water (none that I'm aware of offer this), the antenna would not be allowed to deploy while the air bladder of the PFD or Deck Vest is stowed. 3) To my knowledge, all the MOB SARTs/PLBs/personal EPIRBs are manually activated. Several PFDs and Deck Vests offer exterior and/or interior pockets for these to be stowed in such a way that they are available to the MOB after the air bladder inflates. The Spinlock and the Mustang will keep the beacons in pockets on top of the inflated air bladder, so as to keep the antennas more or less above the water. <--And maybe/probably other brands as well, but I only have 1st hand knowledge of those two... 4) It is common knowledge that plenty of offshore racers turn the auto-inflate OFF, due to high volumes of water over the deck which often sets off the bladder accidentally. Several videos on from onboard footage where this happens. No idea if that's what happened in this case and I wont speculate on it, but it does raise an interesting point about the convenience and practicality vs. absolute safety. Seems it will always be somewhat of a compromise. I think everyone agrees that if you hit the water unconscious, and your vest does NOT auto-inflate, the chances of recovery (in those conditions at least) are scary small.
  9. LotsO'Knots

    VOR Man Overboard

    When I was younger and just being introduced to keel boats & offshore sailing, and old(er) mentor of mine used a cheesy but mostly-accurate saying when reminding me the importance of using caution and safety gear on deck. He called it 'The rule of 10's' and it goes "With 10 knots of speed in 10ft seas, you only have about a 10 percent chance of finding your MOB after the 10 minute mark". Clearly broad strokes.. but.. I think the critical point here, which I would hold valid still after a decade+ of offshore sailing, is that after 10 or so minutes, the relative movement between the boat and the MOB is such that you are essentially guessing as to were to find them - even with back-bearings, search patterns, etc. You can only see maybe 8-12 waves away in 10 ft seas (depending on observer height), so imagine in 20-30 ft seas! Your horizon is so limited that your only hope is an AIS ping, or just pure luck of catching a glimpse at the right moment.
  10. LotsO'Knots

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    The boats are cooler for sure, and better wipe outs, but the extreme series was a good watch too. Closer racing. I'd love to see one of the Super Foilers drag race a Moth.
  11. LotsO'Knots

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Real question: Short of an AC boat, what else out there would beat a (perfectly sailed) Super Foiler around a course? The footage doesn't track the speeds, so its hard to tell boat speed & VMG but they are clearly faster than a Moth, A-Cat, Phantom, etc.. How bout the GC32? Probably the closest comparison that I can think of off the top..?
  12. LotsO'Knots

    FP Lawyer up bro

    Regardless of the right vs wrong here.. What exactly is the 'suit' against? Is he suing the RC for 'wrongfully penalizing'? Is this like an America's Cup case where he's going to get a civilian court to try to interpret the rules of racing to have the infraction over turned? Or is he defending against monetary losses? Just don't understand what the lawyer is actually for....
  13. LotsO'Knots

    Gunboat 68

    I can vouch for that story. But I can also vouch that your wife is a certified badass, so the REAL short answer, is that the GB can be sailed by one badass alone.
  14. I've got about 15 of these left for sale.. take em off my hands somebody? Details; -All brand new/unused -No paint or clear coat finish -WIDTH range (of faceplate) between 7in - 10.5in -HEIGHT range between 6in - 48in -Various thicknesses and weights. Some cored, some solid carbon, some THICK solid carbon -Couple of different designs - both 'open' / cheek style (glue onto side walls of mast) and some 'closed body' style (fasteners into back wall of mast) -I have a commercial FedEx account so can offer pretty economical shipping **Asking $150 - $400 depending on size & shipping Email: info@SLVstorage.com Cell: +1 843 813 3613