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  1. Laser on Roof Rack

    Now this is what I call roof-racking!
  2. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    The button fee (don't ask me how much, cos I don't know) is paid to the Class Association, of which a proportion (don't ask me how much, cos I don't know) is (or should be) paid to each District, dependent on the sail sales to that district.
  3. Henri Lloyd New Look and Sizes

    What a nasty little thread!
  4. 2016 Olympic Games

    In Australia Ben Ainslie jumped into the photographer's boat to remonstrate with the driver. He did not punch a photographer. Get your 'facts' straight. On another topic, the scenario for the Laser Men's medal race is fascinating. CRO has to finish fewer than six places behind AUS to keep the Gold, with no other threats. AUS has to finish fewer than six places behind NZL to keep silver, and is guaranteed Bronze; he cannot be beaten by BRA, FRA or GBR (penalties aside). FRA, BRA and GBR could get Bronze. If CRO match-races AUS, NZL could get the silver. Sam Meech cannot match-race all three boats behind him who could snatch the Bronze, so he has to go for the race win. He still has to finish fewer than five places behind FRA, and fewer than six places behind BRA and GBR, to keep the Bronze. Shame about yesterday's Radial race. It might have been a test of boat-handling rather than a tactical race, but it would have been no more of a lottery than the Nothe (Weymouth) course was four years ago. The women were perfectly capable of sailing in those conditions, and I felt it was a disservice to them for the RC to have canned the race.
  5. 2016 Olympic Games

    I stand corrected on the Appendix B (Windsurfing Competition) Rules re 360s and 720s. Humble pie duly eaten and digested. However, in the RS-X (Men), Nick Dempsey's request for redress (Protest No. 12) the IJ's decision refers to GBR as female: "GBR is to be scored points equal to the average, to the nearest tenth of a point (00.5 to be rounded upward), of her points in all races sailed before the last scheduled day of the opening series except race 6."
  6. 2016 Olympic Games

    They may have put the word 'yacht' out to grass, but they still refer to the craft as 'she' as if it were a yacht. Perhaps the IJ should bring itself up to date with the current RRS by referring to 'one-turn' and 'two-turns' penalties, not 360 and 720 penalties.
  7. 2016 Olympic Games

    Further to my last post, Lily's request was denied. The IJ found that there had been no fault in its original decision. I'd be interested to learn the grounds for her appeal. In a separate case, Nick Dempsey's yacht has been granted redress (average points in the opening series) after Lithuania fouled her and caused her to capsize. It had been lying 8th and finished 14th. LTU had taken a 360-degree penalty for the incident (shouldn't that be a single-turn penalty under the current rules?) and was not further penalised.
  8. 2016 Olympic Games

    I'll be impressed if she is allowed to reopen her Race 2 case on appeal. The Notice of Race, Item 11, states: 'An international Jury has been appointed in accordance with rule 91(. Its decisions will be final as provided in RRS 70.5.' Rule 70.5 states: 'There shall be no appeal from the decisions of an International Jury constituted in compliance with Appendix N.' She will be allowed to drop the DSQ once the discard comes in.
  9. 2016 Olympic Games

    Apparently Paige hailed 'Protest' immediately after she had to bear away, and again, twice; the third hail was as Lily was rounding the mark. She performed a two-turns penalty, but she took it after she had rounded the mark, and thereby gained a substantial advantage over taking it immediately she was hailed. To comply with the RRS she had to head for clear water and do her penalty turns immediately she was hailed, by (for example) carrying on on port well to windward of the windward mark and taking the 2-turns penalty out of everyone's way. (Infringing just short of the windward mark is one of the worst places to pick up a penalty; perhaps not the worst, just one of the worst.) Lily is substantially hearing-impaired, so may not have heard the first or second call, but in the harsh world of the protest room a reason is not an excuse. The total reliance on a hail is one of the penalties of dispensing with the requirement for a Protest flag for short boats. One can still carry one, but I don't know any dinghy sailor who still does. To look at the Protest document, see: http://www.sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/results/notices/protests.php