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  1. phill_nz

    F-35 Daily Thread - this one homebuilt

    harms dont fire at missiles .. just the radars that detect the targets for the missiles and potentially guide them for some portion of their flight .. ( most have self homing in the last stages ) a b52 standing any useful amount off is still within range 6 /7 gen autonomous fighters / aerial combat drones are well under way .. and possibly the real reason piloted fighting aircraft are being moved aside
  2. phill_nz

    Prada Cup

    best point i have read that you have made cause everyone knows all the usa cases were caused by illegal border crossings whereas ours have only come from airports and shipping ports and even those were mostly foreseeable stupid mistakes
  3. phill_nz

    Prada Cup

    the 3 days is enough time to test all the close and possible contacts at day 3 they hold another meeting and the results of the tests govern the actions then taken from full lockdown to a step down in alert levels and what for periods those will take it's not rocket science ( which is probably why our dipstick leaders can handle the mental side of it ) it's just simple logical step by simple logical step
  4. phill_nz

    New Eva Dence on the Way !!

    just for interest how long does the average yank think it will take, to get back to where the rest of the world and more importantly and specifically their tight allies look at the usa people and politicians as honest and trustworthy enough to believe and support in a time of armed conflict
  5. " light bulb moment " no wonder they are so against abortion its their main preyontel
  6. phill_nz

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    it should be considered for this sort of thing to be sorted in the international court it is the only way a degree of impartiality and truth can be shown ( to his still believing supporters ) it would also make a good precedent for the start of the international court adjudicating this sort of thing for all countries ( read despots )
  7. phill_nz

    Polynesians an education

    it was a counter invasion germany invaded the channel islands first
  8. phill_nz

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    the bookcase looks like its missing a bigger fatter one but looking at her eyes i think i know where it is
  9. phill_nz

    Prada Cup

    so your saying it would cost them a lot of win's ?
  10. phill_nz

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    am were always twitchy in the ass end i would guess thats what cost them in the long run .. not the speed
  11. phill_nz

    Prada Cup

    no problem wait till the cash is banked and call them the silver ferns
  12. phill_nz

    Polynesians an education

    not according to an almost disappeared book called the cannibal isles .. a diary by one of the first european traders
  13. phill_nz

    Polynesians an education

    lol " cue = tui's "
  14. phill_nz

    AC TV Coverage

    yup best not
  15. phill_nz

    AC TV Coverage

    Some pretty juvenile enteratinment efforts what on earth were the producers thinking with this sort of tripe. those are the " peak cringe " parts