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  1. phill_nz

    INEOS Team GB

    i lived in devonport as well i used the ferry north head has or had no barracks since the 60's at least the navy had a radar and comms school up there no idea what it is now .. doc runs part of it white coat and clip board should suffice
  2. phill_nz

    INEOS Team GB

    cheer up it's going to be far more amusing on race days
  3. phill_nz

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    i thought it might be how they could jam the competitor outside the start box and still have room to get to the line themselves
  4. phill_nz

    Team NYYC

    Just over a week out from the start of America's Cup practice racing and the Americans have taken their boat off the water Just over a week out from the start of America's Cup practice racing and the Americans have taken their boat off the water 30 November 2020 Five days of practice races have been scheduled ahead of next month's America's Cup World Series regatta in Auckland and the Christmas Cup. 'Patriot' will be off the water until Sunday undergoing refinements, but CEO Terry Hutchinson says it's not a sign they have some concerns. Terry Hutchinson says they can't wait to finally hit race mode next Tuesday. >> More Sailing News © 2020 Newstalk ZB, NZCity ..................................... someone is not happy with something will be interesting to see how much they have done in a week of mods
  5. phill_nz

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    it's all about the difference between wood and rubber for boating
  6. phill_nz

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    day race ... Bay of islands .. and back
  7. phill_nz

    HOW CLOSE DID WE COME TO TOTAL DICTATORSHIP? the attempt at corrupting the election hasn't stopped yet
  8. phill_nz

    AC TV Coverage

    tvnz1 are covering the cricket so im guessing its their go to sports coverage channel its also mentioned on the tvnz site ( i was thinking it would be duke )
  9. phill_nz

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    they are called ports ydf
  10. phill_nz

    Where will Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka Trump run?

    he will be able to supply his own transport for there he is still very friendly with the concrete overshoes brigade
  11. phill_nz

    Netanyahu in Saudi Arabia

    both have interests in trump staying where he is israel has profited greatly under trump .. more land grabs, more us help saudis want the f35 and few other weapons .. trump promised them these against the advice of state officials ( read experts on what this would do to the local political scene ) they will go and nod heads and smile together .. no problem at all doing that for trump / kushner anyone thinking it will make any lasting or meaningful difference to political relationships in the middle east is beyond dreaming
  12. phill_nz

    AC TV Coverage

    c'mon .. thats just being desperate for anyone that knows which way up a sail goes
  13. phill_nz

    white men.

    if they are good enough they will be selected installing mandatory demographics will almost always create a level of competition lower than possible this applies for etnz .. any reason the best is not chosen is unacceptable some teams may need some form of encouragement but it will almost always be to the detriment of the team if its done
  14. phill_nz

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    yeyy there is something there probably a drainage flap .. give it a rest and get over it
  15. phill_nz

    Christmas Regatta

    probably a good idea for some to install a few options and soon ( cough kodi and builds ) getting a vpn is a desirable must as well well at worst they will then be able to get tvnz coverage