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    Team NYYC

    im wondering if am have bolted on their last go faster bits over night .. panic mode story was an easy tell .. only 2 defenders am and lr no need to show any go fasters .. till enios spoiled the story
  2. phill_nz

    Prada Cup

  3. phill_nz

    INEOS Team GB

    Stirling words but you know what happened at Stirling
  4. phill_nz

    INEOS Team GB

    call me whatever but imo this is one of the few times where the am cup has been pretty even for the challengers and defenders they may have had 6 months of added time for design .. and a package anyone could buy from it ... but this is a long throw design nobody has stuck rigidly to their first design .. of which etnz were of the last to put their design into the water .. the design for the am cup didnt start till b1's were well tested on the water .. by all teams huge gains were made for b2's in all aspects and all started designing their b2's at about the same time so basically all have had the same time to design build and develop their boat to race for the am cup
  5. phill_nz

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    i guess the answer to his mothers question would have to be .. " not at the moment but i will be when i get out " " and for gods sake .. don't call me shirley "
  6. phill_nz

    Why is there so much hate for the GOP?

    i don't know about inside the usa but this sort of shit doesn't go down well outside it
  7. phill_nz

    Fox News...

    i lasted a few minutes .. then just figured out it was 2 average trumpsters having a chat while sitting down for a beer
  8. phill_nz

    And now they can all be charged with murder

    this is more of the clarification desired is anything that trump can be legally tagged with considered a felony ( surrounding the " wilfully incited to riot " day ) and the way i believe the law is applied any death is a felony death .. and that brings in some wayy harsher penalties
  9. phill_nz

    And now they can all be charged with murder

    this is was the question i have wanted to ask / get clarified since it started that whole strange usa felony murder / manslaughter thing esp as an addon if trump is a legal causal factor under usa laws and is imo the only reason for his very recent throw his mates under the bus vid
  10. phill_nz

    "Admitted Conspiracy Theorist" Ruins Vaccine

    couple of questions do pharmacists in the usa not need to have a degree / qualifications in pharmacology if so how does a course in pharmacology not go into what dna / mrna are
  11. phill_nz

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    one had already well retired before he got named the other im not sure but he had finished playing internationals before he got named .. then got a lifetime ban from any cricket activity
  12. phill_nz

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    not sure what your point is on the chappel brothers other than .. everyone knows where they are from smith never touched the ball with any piece of sandpaper .. that was cameron bankcroft .. the third and often unmentioned of the trio
  13. phill_nz

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    hardly who was nz's official keeper of the bottle top the chappels .. nuff said there nz's 2 well known game fixers any number of ball cutters in the pakistan team ... for decades same team .. back handers for game fixing hanse cronje .. the first of the players caught fixing murilitheran .. nuff said about chucking there smith got caught in a situation where his team did it .. that meant falling on the sword .. which he did without comment or excuse he is still probably the greatest unorthodox style batsman of this age
  14. phill_nz

    Do lockdowns work?

    less than 2 hours and you can tune in to what a lockdown and policies that made sense can give you for a new year celebration americas cup village ... auckland ... new zealand
  15. phill_nz

    2020 Election Fuckery

    since garden variety turnips are now endowed with feelings of " warm and fuzzy " .. im sorry .. im presently at a loss to find one
  16. phill_nz

    Do lockdowns work?

    is your short bus the one where the passengers lick the windows ?
  17. phill_nz

    Do lockdowns work?

    your all being a bit cavalier about how you address our west island
  18. i have an opinion on that
  19. has the last 4 years passed you by there is no longer any need to know anything about anything to have a firm informed opinion on it
  20. one shudders at the probable calibre of the admirers
  21. phill_nz

    Christmas Regatta

    even as a cheap basic helicopter it must be safe to fly and be without major design defects it was passed for service with what most think qualify as a major design defect and should be withdrawn in its present form from mem they have fixed ( to a point ) the defect that had it crushing the fuel tank and burning on a heavy landing
  22. phill_nz

    Is there an apology coming?

    dam .. i thought that was the apology
  23. phill_nz

    Christmas Regatta

    im not sure if anyone before has deliberately fouled another boat in such a way that it has had a huge outcome on the end of the race ( deliberately taking someone off their foils by intentionally fouling them ) nor was there a time before where anyone could be in that position then after you have sailed back 2 boat lengths the foul is cleared and you can take off so maybe an intentional foul rule is a thing
  24. phill_nz

    Christmas Regatta

    but the yanks keep telling us it's only because of the way we drive robinson r22 helicopters in nz that we have a problem .. everyone else is fine ... have they lied to us and it's just as dangerous there as it is here ( esp mast bump )
  25. phill_nz

    Martial law , fuck the constitution

    gosh you yanks are lucky with the talent you have to spare just think that heroic young kid that saved all those senators could grow up to become president one day