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  1. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    What is "two-six" that the crews say?
  2. Something like this? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2009/Allures-51-3130854/OUR-DOCKS-|-Sidney/Canada#.Wfaw7PdlDqA
  3. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    You never know, they might run aground....
  4. Anyone seen this system in action? http://www.maximarine.com/products/boatabag/index.html Seems like a really good solution for cruising, simple and relatively cheap. Long fill times make it less practical for short course racing.
  5. Replacing standing rigging w/ boat in water

    I don't know why you flag rod rigging as an issue. I've changed my rod rigging with the mast up.
  6. Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    Our little fleet had a Soverel 33 and and Olson 30. The Soverel kicked the Olson's ass (and everyone else) up and down the course in all conditions. The Olson got sold and replaced by a J/88, now the J/88 wins sometimes.
  7. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    What do you guys think of this one? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2002/Turner-Yachts-56-Bill-Tripp-Design-2768663/Annapolis/MD/United-States#.WeGssjtryM8
  8. Which autopilot?

    Love my Simard AP20. Several control heads available, hook it up to any drive.
  9. An old but fast Zap 26 gets bought for rehab

    It's here. Spoke with the owner and I look forward to it being on the water next season.
  10. Gel Versus Firefly Carbon Foam Batteries

    Another happy Firefly user here. I have a 38' club racer/weekender that I sail off a mooring. No solar or wind and I rarely see shore power. Batteries live at 40%-80% most of the season, with rare (2-3 times/year) trips to 100%, either from plugging in at a marina or long motor runs. On my third season with them and so far, so good. My unscientific estimate is that they haven't lost any capacity.
  11. Replacing standing rigging w/ boat in water

    Deck stepped or keel? If keel stepped, you don't need to worry just go up and change them.
  12. Whitebread 24, 2017

    Weather looking good as of today's forecast. I'm looking forward to a good weekend on the water. One question, as I don't know Peconic Bay well. I'll take the boat out to Greenport on Friday with some of the crew, but other crew can't come out until Saturday. Is there good spot near the start to pick them up? We draw 7 and change, so need a deep water dock or a launch.
  13. Vineyard Race 2017

    Narragansett has the 370 at 78, why are they so much lower?
  14. Vineyard Race 2017

    The 375 appears similar to the Dehler 38. The Dehler has a slightly larger rig 760sqft vs 735sqft, but similar draft, displacement, and hull form. YRALIS rates the Dehler at 78, which I think is a bit low, but there is no way these boats should be 36sec apart.
  15. Vineyard Race 2017

    We can argue about ratings all day, but I find the crew weight to be a much bigger issue. 114 wasn't good enough so they took a weight credit for another 3 seconds. In the photo above the crew is nine adult males. Can you comment on that fourpoints? Do you guys average 160? How about you personally? From your mast climbing photo you (if that is you) look quite trim, what do you weigh? It's been decades since I was under 200, so I have no idea what 160 looks like.