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  1. Weather looking good as of today's forecast. I'm looking forward to a good weekend on the water. One question, as I don't know Peconic Bay well. I'll take the boat out to Greenport on Friday with some of the crew, but other crew can't come out until Saturday. Is there good spot near the start to pick them up? We draw 7 and change, so need a deep water dock or a launch.
  2. Narragansett has the 370 at 78, why are they so much lower?
  3. The 375 appears similar to the Dehler 38. The Dehler has a slightly larger rig 760sqft vs 735sqft, but similar draft, displacement, and hull form. YRALIS rates the Dehler at 78, which I think is a bit low, but there is no way these boats should be 36sec apart.
  4. We can argue about ratings all day, but I find the crew weight to be a much bigger issue. 114 wasn't good enough so they took a weight credit for another 3 seconds. In the photo above the crew is nine adult males. Can you comment on that fourpoints? Do you guys average 160? How about you personally? From your mast climbing photo you (if that is you) look quite trim, what do you weigh? It's been decades since I was under 200, so I have no idea what 160 looks like.
  5. Many of the Hanse boats have ratings that are all over the place. The 370 mentioned in the minutes does show up at 105, but also at 90, or even 78 (IIRC , don't have access to the book here).
  6. The meetings are open, but lightly attended. The minutes are available but aren't searchable, so one must read them all to find out what might be in there. I suspect that the committee's apparent confusion over what a the proper rating should be has to do with the fact that there is exactly one Hanse 375 in the US Sailing big book of PHRF ratings, and you guessed it, that one boat is from LIS. But I haven't read all the meeting minutes, so I could be way off.
  7. How did the base rating for Gemini go from 90sec/nm in 2013 to 114sec/nm in 2017? I mean, I could use an extra 24sec too! 1440lbs / 9 = 160lbs average. Looks unlikely from that photo. Is the owner aware that he can change his cert once a year? I had a weight credit on my cert this year until the ALIR, when I removed it for an extra crew.
  8. It was weird that it took so long for YA to retire. We heard the radio chatter out at Montauk about a grounded sailboat. We heard the tow boat telling the CG that they were successful in getting them off and I was thinking, well there's one less competitor in front of us, but I had no idea who it was. I was the third place boat in YA's division (became second) and I knew YA was out in front of us. I did push it down the sound Saturday night to the tune of blowing out a spinnaker. Now I would have done that in any case, being two boats behind and unsure of corrected times.... In fact, had YA retired when they should have, I would have pressed even harder (had that been possible) as first place would have been on the line. As it turned out, blowing up that spin cost us and we never caught up to Morning Glory. They should have retired immediately, or at worst at the finish, but it didn't change anything we did. Since they did do the right thing, I don't really care that it was done a little late.
  9. Thanks for the ideas, will try them and report back.
  10. One of my boat's water tanks is leaking and I want to remove it for repair. It's a long SS tank under the port settee. The tank is tabbed in and the space under it filled with expanding foam. Cutting the tabbing wasn't hard, but the foam is still holding the tank in place and I can't figure a way to cut it out. I thought about trying to get a wire around one end of the tank and using it as a saw to cut the foam. The problem is access to the ends of the tank is very limited and I'm not sure I can get a wire in there or be able to pull it the length of the tank. Before I head down that road, is there a solvent that will eat expanding foam and not the rest of my boat? Other ideas?
  11. I used the SprayMax 2K clear on my carbon spin pole and it worked great. I cleaned, degreased with naptha, sanded lightly with 320 in the bad spots and 400 everywhere else, then sprayed several coats. Used 2 cans on a 16' pole. Still perfect two years in.
  12. The Redport goes downstream of the satphone (upstream of the comset) and set the comset to bridge mode (assuming it has bridge mode).
  13. In my experience, the seals don't wear out, they age out. They crack or otherwise degrade from UV or whatever, but not from motion. It takes a long time. It's been a decade since my hydraulic vang was rebuilt and it's fine. I use no extra boom support while moored, though it would not be a bad idea. One place that does show some wear is the vang's connection to at the boom.
  14. It's getting close to departure time for me. I'm leaving Saturday to sail from Long Island Sound to Annapolis, expecting to arrive midday Monday. I'll be hanging around Annapolis and AYC until our start on Friday. I look forward to meeting the other crews as they arrive. As a Long Island Sound sailor, light winds and strong currents are nothing new, so the Chesapeake will have to challenge me in other ways (shallows, fish traps, etc).