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  1. Ask Grant. The Clean-up innerview

    Yup and it will never work. Ever. There where 5 teams that did share the same vision and they all signed some kinda agreement. Then we came along didn't like the agreement and didn't sign it. We won so the agreement/vision of 5 other teams won't happen. There is only one way for a team/s to keep there vision for the cup alive and that is to win the americas cup. Lose it and you gotta play by the winners rules. Dont like it? Don't play or play to win and change the rules. Simple really.
  2. Ask Grant. The Clean-up innerview

    Has any thought been put into have any of the lv or ac races held outside of Auckland? Defender series? How much sand bagging was going On? Got any pics of your misses tits you can show us?
  3. Poll: Next AC Boat

    best comment i've ever read on this web site!!
  4. The Next Boat-----2020

    Ok great I've just had or of my classic brain waves. If we gonna keep this next format with a nationally thingee why no make each team bring a boat for there indigenous back grounds. We could have some kinda Maori waka looking thing. The Ozzies a boat made of corrugated iron made by abbos. The yanks a boat made by tribal indians using yak leather. A viking boat team from iceland. What else?
  5. The Next Boat-----2020

    Hey can I ask you guys a dumb question about these boats with a canterleving keels. Why don't they lift the weight of the keel right out of the water to reduce drag?
  6. Oracle Team USA

    Big proud supporter of ETNZ here. But good luck to you guys. It's been a great America's Cup
  7. Team NZ

    Good luck ladies and gentle men. History being made today
  8. But he's still a fuck wit though. Take his hat of and he looks like a homo
  9. You gotta admit though that the press conferences would be fairly average without him babbling on. I missed his bullshit those couple of weeks he wasn't there.
  10. Yup America's cup didn't seem to much about sailing but more about computers. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. I guess at the top end of really any given sport they are pushing the boundarys, using technology to get faster but I sometimes wonder if this tech race has gone to get. Not enough human inputs.
  11. I can't see them changing this late but I guess what do they have to lose? But who would drive. I would have thought you'd need heaps of hours practice behind the wheel? Would be good for us though having to race a novice. Unless the lack of experience leads to a major crash that injures people. Plus they would have to rip out Jimmy camo steering wheel. So I ask all you experts. Who would drive?

    Edited. Thanks for informing me of my mistake random

    Just giving this topic a nug nug cos I'm sure everyone will be on here tomorrow full of praises. But is this guy the greatest fox ever or what!? I admit I had my bouts about his starts. Let's face it we all did. Sorry Sir Peter Burling please except apology. See you at Auckland in the street parade.
  14. Team NZ

    Does any one know if they have decided on 2 or 3 races tomorrow? If 3 races, a major gear failure etc would not be good for either team. Or a wrong call on predicted wind. Ouchie