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  1. PJB

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    You guys really think etnz wants to spend Time resources and money teaching S&S how to sail and maintain a boat when they have A regatta to win? no team ever has enough time money or resource, they won’t be squandering what they have on any defender.
  2. PJB

    Team NYYC

    The bustle will be on the next boat. this ones a bit sticky. Healing a bit to help lift off.
  3. PJB

    Team NYYC

    Seems to me that there has been more in the way of photos and video of ETNZ's boats than any other team - at least on SA. With AM now here (welcome by the way!) hopefully we will see a lot more of them now. Whilst the lack (or at least limited amount) of evidence on show from all teams hasn't stopped no end of posturing on the merits or otherwise of the various teams, facts are our friends and at last we will have two boats in proximity to one another (coincidentally of course) which can only be a good thing. .
  4. PJB

    Team NYYC

    Dean is very recently out and about Auckland. Most of the team isn't here yet. Pretty much taking the same approach as ETNZ in Bermuda. Containers and a tarp. I guess Covid screwed the building plans delaying them a couple of months. Very keen to see them on the water !
  5. PJB

    Boats and foils comparison

    Sorry my bad - Gents & Ladies & others
  6. PJB

    Boats and foils comparison

    Move on gents - for your own sake if no one elses.
  7. PJB

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Hey what happened to the splash downs and rearing and ..... ? and Johnny foreigner and family are now allowed into the country This isn't the script .... What the hell will we "debate" now ? (please anything BUT the last couple of AC's, Herbie etc .....) Roll on AM's boat getting out there. Two boats on the harbour/gulf will be a sight to see.
  8. PJB

    Team NYYC

    Dire straits? bubble? sorry you lost me
  9. PJB

    AC36 - The Venue

    Bunch of international ski teams applying to get in also.
  10. PJB

    Team NYYC

    Great work team. 6 reasoned responses adding to the discussion Thanks Any bets on how many We can get before normal service returns . Does seem odd to me having got sailing so early that AM have had such an extended time off the actual water. Simulator or no simulator.
  11. PJB

    Team NYYC

    Since this is the AM thread and it's become very repetitive could we instead redirect some of the energy and emotion and discuss; Why AM has done so little sailing for the last few months. Maybe the mule was to out of date to be used? For over a month the AM boat was "leaving" before it finally did. They could have sailed in Pensacola surely ? I believe I've heard TH talk up both the Italian and NZ B1 designs - saying they will foil sooner (GS has said similiar). Does that mean AM really got their B1 design wrong - or is there some other advantage ? and why ship with the (easy to remove) rudder and less easy to remove wings still fitted. That seems quite odd. The wings make it a pretty wide boat - it sure wont be moved by road that way so I hope it's Auckland not Tauranga bound. And if i could just conclude by saying it's amusing how many posters appear to fervently believe that the spokesmen from any of the teams are completely open and honest when they speak. For goodness sake they are ALL positioning, looking to tilt the field, influence, confuse etc. The only gallery that appears to take them by their words appear to post here. Lockfown or not - get outside a bit for all our sanity. .
  12. PJB

    Team NYYC

    Reminder. who is ETNZ's patron? The same ex-govt person who tipped the most taxpayers $'s directly into the team a few years back. Her spawn will let the challengers in - pretty much at the time they had planned all along. It is curious AM have nothing to sail - mule no longer useful, B1 packed - and they alone were able to keep building B2.
  13. PJB

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Yep rudder came out.
  14. PJB

    New protocol

    I’m with sting on this.
  15. PJB

    ACWS - Portsmouth

    Well I’m in the US having left nz last week and I’m insurered. Not saying that applies to anyone else and I Do hope to be home this week ...