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  1. PJB

    Second US Team

    back the wino.
  2. PJB

    AC36 - The Venue

    VHH plan to build a hotel where HQ is. They are worried about their view should the ETNZ/council plan prevail - hence their suggestion. VHH neighbors are worried about them going up many many stories .... nothing to do with the cup - just developer interest. A new hotel should be no higher than the surrounding buildings IMHO.
  3. PJB

    AC 36 Protocol

    There was no tank testing or wind tunnel allowed last time either. God - breath thru your nose man !
  4. PJB


  5. PJB


    It’s a fact etnz wages were not paid until just a few weeks ago. nice payout in place of the Auckland regatta helpfully paid back Matteo.
  6. PJB

    Team NZ

    "I wasn't consulted" is the usual refrain when the result isn't what they wanted. Reality is it was between etnz and the Italians to decide. Very high level Concepts were knocked up more than a year ago. If you don't like it tough. Enter, win it and you make the rules. Lose and you get to choose whether to play or not to rules others make. just like real life really. This will be way cool. Real boats, real sailors sailing in a real sea way etc. the trickle down theory at work with rich people spending like drunks on whose got the biggest and best. Go ETNZ.
  7. PJB

    AC 36 Protocol

    Well the team only got their first paycheck last week so don't expect miracles. Late this month, limited detail. Will have plenty to debate.
  8. PJB

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Sailors also want to sail what they think/believe is a competitive/fastest/best boat. None of them know what it might be yet so some take breaks, some look for work and some get to go sail some more. Right now not too many jobs for prospective Am cup sailors so hardly they are off doing other stuff. Meanwhile key members of some teams are back hard at it. Defenders/COR advantage is the head start they get that guides their decision making over all disciplines, sailors, design, shore etc ...
  9. Mate. No one has been paid since. Before you ask "then why are some back at the base ?" - They are holding on because of one of the things that helped us win, namely that is unlike some previous cycles the $'s are not everything to all of them. Some have the where with all to wait, others, especially the younger ones have other irons in the fire and fewer commitments ... Govt $ only good for salary, not rent or power. And they don't have it yet.
  10. This is true. They kept ETNZ afloat. So there is a debt but not what or as much as some might think. They are COR - and there will be sailing in Europe and in a format/boat both ETNZ and the COR are largely aligned on. Debt paid.
  11. PJB

    Team NZ

    Key team members back at work at the Base, after dinner drinks tonight along the road. Need the shirts changed to say "Defender".
  12. PJB

    Team NZ

    It'll be a new boat. And plenty of races before 2021.
  13. PJB

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    I'm with you on 80% Stingray, believe it is going to be quite stringent on the sailors. It'll be in Auckland, plans for where the bases will go are advancing (ATEED (council owned event company) CEO was in Bermuda for a time)
  14. The French were asked for a part.
  15. PJB

    Dennis Conner 1988 catamaran win video?

    God it was fun. The day kz1 launched you could pretty much get across the harbour hoping from one boat to another. Very sad it is now just a hull.