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  1. PJB


    Definitely the "Bat-boat".
  2. S&S stopped paying, so ETNZ stopped sharing months and months ago.
  3. PJB

    Team NZ

    About to go splash.
  4. PJB

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    For goodness sake there is PLENTY of room for the F50's and the AC. Still plenty of sailors, designers etc looking for a job. And just watching both beats doing quite a few other things. Sit back and enjoy them both for what they are.
  5. PJB

    Team NZ

    You know whats great since the pics were posted? A bunch of different posters not endless re-litigating yesterdays garbage. Must be past their bed time
  6. PJB

    Team NZ

    Stanchions ? health and safety in NZ. True. Don;t get to excited. Boat 1 of 2.
  7. PJB

    Team NZ

    Correct. who would have thought trucks could work at night moving things ?
  8. PJB

    video of "the Mule" just out

    It is a very revealing video. Surprisingly so don't you think ? Why would that be ?
  9. PJB

    AC36 Auckland NZ

  10. PJB

    Second US Team

    back the wino.
  11. PJB

    AC36 - The Venue

    VHH plan to build a hotel where HQ is. They are worried about their view should the ETNZ/council plan prevail - hence their suggestion. VHH neighbors are worried about them going up many many stories .... nothing to do with the cup - just developer interest. A new hotel should be no higher than the surrounding buildings IMHO.
  12. PJB

    AC 36 Protocol

    There was no tank testing or wind tunnel allowed last time either. God - breath thru your nose man !
  13. PJB


  14. PJB


    It’s a fact etnz wages were not paid until just a few weeks ago. nice payout in place of the Auckland regatta helpfully paid back Matteo.
  15. PJB

    Team NZ

    "I wasn't consulted" is the usual refrain when the result isn't what they wanted. Reality is it was between etnz and the Italians to decide. Very high level Concepts were knocked up more than a year ago. If you don't like it tough. Enter, win it and you make the rules. Lose and you get to choose whether to play or not to rules others make. just like real life really. This will be way cool. Real boats, real sailors sailing in a real sea way etc. the trickle down theory at work with rich people spending like drunks on whose got the biggest and best. Go ETNZ.