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  1. PJB

    Women with the America's Cup

    Takes a team to win. The sailors are the first to say that. Whilst I agree woman on the boats would be a great thing - based on their ability and skill. Don’t undervalue or under estimate the contribution other women make.
  2. PJB

    Larry's AC50 Circus

  3. PJB

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Personally i'd be sad at the demise of SGP - if indeed it happens but ..... i can't help noticing there is one usually persistent contributor with strong views on the SGP who is MIA. He appears to be contributing to other threads ok. Where is he ? An opposing view is important !
  4. PJB

    Boats and foils comparison

    Seen any other boat than ETNZ sporting a code zero ?
  5. PJB

    Boats and foils comparison

    Barfy on this one he was right. It was the quickest way. not that’s it’s allowed in a race tho.
  6. PJB

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Smack you are better than this surely ? the ‘hog pretty much said it. let’s see some other light air foiling. actually let’s see some other boats sailing. Maybe they are all on simulators now ....
  7. PJB

    Youth America's Cup

    Smack I guess the YAC simply doesn’t matter too much. But if they can make it work great. I’m fairly sure GD has one objective and one only. Retain the AC. The YAC isn’t his gig. And nor should it be. my first AC was Freo. With a healthy number of challengers and defenders prospects.it was a blast Remember when there was more than one defender prospect ? Not that it did the Australuans much good. I’d love there to be more participants this time around but let’s face it. In today’s gimme gimme gimme world even the billionaires attention spans have shortened. no doubt a regatta in NZ isn’t worth as much as it might be in more populated parts of the world. But they won. Others tried and didn’t so it is what it is and it’s in NZ and let’s also agree the boats that some decried work so far with how they go in an AC yet to be determined there is something cool about something so different I think if nz win again I’m 100% sure there’ll be another AC in NZ. As to how many compete that is the Challengers problem. Or perhaps opportunity? but I’m equally sure there will be some. happy NY
  8. PJB

    Youth America's Cup

    With regard to longevity etc one thing I think we should be able to easily agree on is that some team will win the next AC. and in due course there’ll be another AC. Boats might be different as might the location. There may or not be more or fewer teams but it ending this time around is highly unlikely. Agreed? with SGP. Which I happen to like, the clock is ticking faster as it’s mostly funded by one guy. I sure hope sponsors etc arrive to support/replace Larry in time but for now it’s WIP. And only Larry knows how fast the clock is ticking. So right now SGP does have a greater existential challenge than the AC. the youth AC is a fairly recent construct. And event to try and broaden the bigger event. But it’s nature is far more likely to vary. It’s no more or less relevant than the other regattas that ride off the AC at any given time.
  9. PJB

    Recycled AC50

    It’s the old test boat. The one that had extended gantries to cunningly match the real thing.
  10. PJB

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Exactly. Quicker to pull it up and get on with the plan less time with water in Boat the better. Foil movement for sailing is quick. for fully down Foil much slower. commonsense. Get on and sail. Fastest sailors and boat win. There is no self righting comp as far as I know ?
  11. PJB

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    Lotsa discussion re limits between teams. ALL are trying to get a handle on what the boats can do before getting to excited. so whoever sails the most has the best idea of what the range can be and some other advantages I’d suggest .... The all have plenty of experience .... so stay calm. They are.
  12. PJB

    Youth America's Cup

    exactly. one designer less than a day they have more important things to do funnily enough
  13. PJB

    Youth America's Cup

    Whatever. if it makes you happy go with it.
  14. PJB

    ACWS - Portsmouth

    I certainly agree that some of the NZers on the forum are sometimes as tiresome and idiotic as you point out. fortunately the embarrassment is largely confined to the forum. And it’s hardly restricted to kiwis either I’d add but thas part of the colour of this place I figure As for the Emirates support I think it’s great, I’m very grateful for them as undoubtably they’ve helped keep the team in the race. The kiwis I know think the same. Seems like we are closer to agreeing then not on that point. now back to the sailing of which there is conspicuously not enough of are there’d be more talk about that.
  15. PJB

    Youth America's Cup

    Err yes I do. it’s a press release duh.