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  1. J/88

    Looking at adding some wind instruments to #28. Currently we have a prostart and shift but we would like to have wind info for more repeatable trim and tuning. I did some research and I'm kind of leaning towards the B&G Triton 2 Speed/Wind/Depth package. I'm not interested in drilling holes in the boat to mount the displays. Can Triton2 displays be mounted on a simple open back mast mount or does it have to be sealed on the back side? Thoughts? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Garmin? Raymarine?
  2. J/88

    On to the next thing?
  3. J/88

    Originally the masts came with one halyard sheave, at some point the double sheaves became standard. I'm sure a second sheave can be added by a competent rigger, for a price. Single sheave (hull #24) Dual Sheaves (hull #80) Thanks that is helpful. I don't think I want to tackle that type of project. I was kind of thinking it was a side by side sheave set up.
  4. J/88

    Can a second Spin halyard be added on the 88? Or did the mast have to ordered with a second sheave/box? Not interested in any cutting or drilling to add a second. I'm wondering is you guys can shed some light on it prior to getting the boat back and having a closer look?
  5. J/88

    Hull #28 is coming to Traverse City next week. A little far from the southern lake Michigan fleet but we hope to join in on the Chicagoland fun soon. Maybe Nood's and Chi Mac after we cut our teeth this summer.
  6. J/88

    I know this was a touchy subject awhile back in the thread but consider this more of a survey question for J/88 owners. What type of vehicle are people towing their 88's with? We're going to move #28 to Traverse City, Mi from Youngstown, Ny in a few weeks and just need to know how big of a rig to line up.
  7. J/88 Opinions

    Thanks for the feedback. I started reading the J/88 thread then I had to stop because of some internet shit fight. I'm going to look at the boat in Sanilac this weekend and I hope to get out on one in the spring.
  8. J/88 Opinions

    Looking for some advice. I'd like to do the occasional distance race and some week night racing with my father (68), wife and two middle school aged girls. The J/88 seems like a great balance of stability, easy handling and performance. I've never sailed on or against the boat and I'd like to get some feedback from those who have. Pro's? Cons? I've read all the J-boat marketing material and watched all the you tube vids. Now looking from some personal feedback. Thanks