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  1. Sydney to Gold Coast 2017

    Is the tracker delayed? It still appears to be showing WOXI in the lead. Not by much though.
  2. Auckland AC race course

    Thanks for sharing this info, Hoom.
  3. Auckland AC race course

    Thank you for the race course information, Marlowe. That is exactly what I need. Now off to recreate this course in the game and do some pretend sailing in Hauraki Gulf. Thanks again.
  4. Auckland AC race course

    Azure, The game does have some settings that make it more playable for beginners if that is what you mean. For example, you can either choose to trim the sails yourself or automate it so you can concentrate on steering. There is also an arcade mode that provides an arrow on the screen to help you tell if you are steering so as to have the optimum mode for your boad/wind conditions. There are lots of really cool boats made by modders available as well. I have a ton of them download, so if you do end up getting the game installed and want any custom boats I can send them to you. I really enjoy the game a lot. I live in North Central PA in the US where there is not a large body of water within probably 150 miles so as you can imagine I don't get to do a whole lot of real sailing.
  5. Does anyone happen to know where I might find a map or diagram of the AC races courses that were previously used in Auckland when New Zealand hosted the AC before? I am trying to recreate those events in a PC game called virtual Skipper 5, and I need an idea as to where exactly the races were held and at least a general idea of what the course(s) looked like. Thanks for any help that can be provided. Bradd
  6. Transpac 2017

    It looks like Jimmy Spithill is no longer listed as part of Comanche's crew.
  7. Next USA Team

    I haven't seen their names mentioned in this thread yet, so I thought I would throw them out there for discussion. How about Charlie Enright and Mark Towill? I understand that neither of them would probably be best suited to helm a foiling cat, but if they could bring on someone like Taylor Canfield they might have the ingredients for a decent run at the cup. Opinions??
  8. As an American, please allow me to be the first in this thread to offer my congratulations to all of New Zealand on an outstanding and very well earned victory. While I was hoping the cup would stay in the US, I cannot imagine a better place for it to go than back to New Zealand. Sadly, in my country I would be willing to bet that 90% or more of us didn't even know or care that we had the cup. It really is heartwarming to see a nation win it when that nation really cares and appreciates it. Well done New Zealand and I hope you enjoy your time as keepers of the Auld Mug for as long as that time lasts!!!
  9. Newport -Bermuda 2016

    Okay, No problem. I thought I was missing something there. LOL
  10. Newport -Bermuda 2016

    Not really sure what you mean by that. I have no list of previous names.
  11. Newport -Bermuda 2016

    Thanks for the responses. How crowded does it tend to get at Castle Hill and how early should we show up to get a good spot there?
  12. Newport -Bermuda 2016

    My wife and I are planning to go to Newport this summer to watch the start of the N2B race. Does anyone have any advice on good vantage points from which to view the start? We were in Newport for our honeymoon in 2013 during the ACWS race that year so we are somewhat familiar with the area. However this will be the first time we've been to the N2B so I would think that areas that were great for the ACWS (The seawall by Ft Adams for example) might not be as good for the N2B. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Bradd
  13. Rambler88?

    Thanks very much for the info. Much appreciated!!
  14. Rambler88?

    Does anyone have any info as to when Rambler 88 will race next? I was hoping to see them on the Entry list for Les Voiles de St. Barth next month. So far she is not entered. It would be cool to see another dual between Rambler and Comanche.
  15. ACWS Muscat - Feb 27, 28 2016

    I was able to watch part of the replay of the races right up until the app froze just after the start of race 3 Now its back to not working once again. I really don't think its a problem on my end. This tablet that I'm using has been possibly the most trouble free electronic device I have ever owned. I have live streamed a great deal of different types of content on this thing and never had even a hint of trouble. I'm not at all sure what's going on here, but after paying $24 for the season pass, it's more than a little disappointing.