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  1. tractorbeam

    Which TP52 would you buy?

    The 2007 Botin "Oi!" just sold to a Hong Kong syndicate for somewhere around US$200,000. Now known as "Phoenix III" I believe
  2. tractorbeam

    What was your favorite race/moment?

    1. Race 8 hook, at 47 seconds to go Jimmy cries out "FFS"! 2. The no look tacks. There were a few. 3. Kyle Langfords rope.
  3. How about some races that are an entire lap of Bermuda? Double or triple points scoring? Now that would be something.
  4. tractorbeam

    Rolex Wild Oats XI

    BPV/Spindift 2 holds the 24hr record at 908nm. An average speed of 38 knots. The Atlantic record was also claimed at an average of 33 knots. Maxi-monos are pedestrian by comparison.
  5. tractorbeam

    Beau Geste

    The word I heard was that Cookson insisted on a disclaimer in order to build it because they believed (Farr 80 BG) scantlings were not strong enough for offshore work. They were right.