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  1. Live Racing Thread

    I don't consider that there sailors are particularly better. The ones i have sailed with have been pretty useless. Its just that in more developed countries we tend to get real jobs etc etc...
  2. Live Racing Thread

    Is that a thing? I know the incident but is that what happened. Cool.
  3. Live Racing Thread

    Yep. Hurts the same when you pitchpole a Skiff and get knocked on the head. No chase boat though. These are Pros that are paid a massive amount of money to go sailing. I expect them to get out there and perform. If they are scared or tired then they are not up to the standard. It might be dangerous and i don't want anybody hurt but nobody has to sign up to do this.
  4. Live Racing Thread

    Yep. Same for everyone. That is why they get paid to go and get exhausted. A lot of us do it just for fun. Man up Kiwis.
  5. Live Racing Thread

    I think they need to grow up. They are at the Americas Cup. The point is that it has always favoured the defender. It was more wind than they are used to but you know it was not that dangerous. It was a mistake by the helm that made it dangerous but it is to late to get Barker back now huh.
  6. Live Racing Thread

    Fancy the tough outdoorsy Kiwis getting their knickers in a twist over 20kts of breeze. Come on lads. I thought you wrote the book on being a tough guy sailor. Was it because it rained as well.
  7. Live Racing Thread

    The problem with everything you say is that yesterdays conditions were not treacherous. They where good sailing conditions and they should race. SB and ART lost some fairings ripped off. BAR and ETZN raced. PB screwed it and dumped the boat as he was Racing. Nothing wrong and if it had been called off yesterday that would have been wrong.
  8. Live Racing Thread

    Big Sir Ben on the BT interview said as much. Something like "we haven't even sailed these boats in this wind strength before..."
  9. never fuckin' mind

    If I had a mind to rent pigs, I'd be mighty upset. A man that likes to rent pigs won't be stopped.