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  1. The other thing that manufacturer(s) typically can't take the time to do is set fasteners in bonding/bedding compound without tension on the fasteners one day, and then come back and snug things up a day or two later. If you're able to take the time to do this step, not only will you reduce your chances of having "starved" the part of bedding compound, you'll also have a longer lasting watertight seal.
  2. Spring update; Boat's out of the tent, keel's up and cradle frame is going together around it, and there's a new spray shield structure added to the deck just at the forward end of the cockpit. Keel's got some fresh paint patch love happening.
  3. 185-188 ish at the moment, working down.
  4. If you mean Sloop, then I think I can find my way. I still don't have a commitment to sail, but I'll be there to sail the local Tuesday night gig, and I'd like to find a team that needs a key player to sail the Nationals with as well. Let me know if you know any programs that are looking for people. Thanks.
  5. @WestCoast, what's your point of view on batten pricing . . . some are at $64, others at $32. How should our wallets vote?
  6. Just talked with Sturgis Boat Works, they have the sail available, but at premium pricing relative to some other East Coast outfits. APS doesn't appear to have stock right now. Colie might have stock later this week.
  7. "I'm beating my fleet by 3-5 minutes." Congratulations. In our local J24 fleet, there is no such margin of victory. 3-5 minutes ahead of second place only occurs in a class J24 race in unique, typically extremely light, heavy, or unstable conditions. If you're substantially convinced you're really sailing the boat well in all conditions (as opposed to just sailing your local handicap courses better than whatever other boats are sailing), you're going to have to find your way to an actual one design event. Preferably a well attended event. ‚ÄčExploration in and around the tuning guide is a great practice, and a lot of sailors I know in the fleet aren't "by the book," once they're away from the dock. Until you find an opportunity to participate at one or more class events, I recommend at least tuning your mast against "the book" as a base before you leave the dock.
  8. In general, if the uppers are tight relative to the lowers (beyond name brand tuning guides), you'll find that the headstay is in general too tight, and the main too flat. The uppers pull the mast back against the headstay and also bend the mast forward in the middle. The newer J24 mast extrusions are pretty stiff relative to a vintage spar, but in either case if you put the uppers at a normal number and the lowers super loose, the middle will sag to leeward and the mast tip will tend to poke slightly to weather. Once you get into the backstay you'll see the main blade out and invert too quickly with this setup. Reverse this, with lowers that are too tight, you'll find the mast straightens out, deepening the main, without adding too much headstay tension. This also means you can pull harder on the backstay, but if you don't have the corresponding amount of upper you'll see that the mast falls off to leeward above the spreaders. The general feel here is that you have way less control over the general mainsail shape and headstay tension across the wind range, and the main will be over-deep. I know you want to explore, but I'm very confident in the amount of time, effort, and historical data that has gone into developing the current available tuning guides. There's more than enough variation in the tuning guides you can get from reliable sources to keep you busy for years. J24 racing is a game of inches and marginal gains over the entire race course. If your boat and rags are up to snuff, focus on your people and your technique. Avoid fixating. Bob.
  9. Newport Nautical Timbers, Bristol, should also be consulted. Not sure how much teak they source, but if you wanted to consider alternatives I know they have good black locust stock as well.
  10. I didn't see volume rating or tank size details from the OP, but most big box compressors (contractor grade) aren't continuous duty rated, as previously mentioned, and far too many now are oil-less, which is crap for high volume/high duty work. Your compressor should be rated 10+CFM continuous for air sanding, and depending on the tool, more is better. The smallest Rolair that's good for 18+CFM continuous is a 9 gallon 5HP $1500 professional grade wheelbarrow, and if you look it up on Amazon, you'll notice that the pump is enormous. High grade compressors are going to 1) be oiled, 2) be either gas drive twin tank or 5+hp electric running 220-230 power, and 3) typically sit on 30 gallon or greater tank volumes. Anything that looks like you might have bought it at Home Depot can be quickly destroyed by a high demand air sanding application and an aggressive user.
  11. Get some perspective here: 1) It's not a rule yet 2) It's not going to be effective soon 3) If you're already in the class and consider yourself competitive, your headstay is already close (2-12mm of maximum) 4) If your headstay is close, and you're not already close to winning, there are other, more important things to pay attention to Put the time in on the boat first, with the right sails, with the right mast tune, with the right crew. Worry about the last few millimeters later.
  12. And no, not by April. No earlier than April, and I know that it will not happen for April, or May for that matter.
  13. This. And pay attention, that set of rules isn't effective yet. We're still playing by 2014 effective rule set, also available on the National and International site, for the time being. they are allowing the turnbuckle so that people will be able to measure in with a max length forestay more easily than before. I imagine they will have a way to control it (different tags for forestay that break when turned). Time will tell if someone will find a way to cheat it