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  1. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Freeing up a stuck engine

    That engine sounds fantastic! I'd be so happy if I were you.
  2. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Building an O30 elliptical rudder

    If I were doing this project I'd opt for the more modern "Foss" design rudder (with the spelling-challenged title on the drawing!). Make note of how this diagram has a significant error - later corrected in the production of the rudder itself. I think they've made ~ 5 of these for the Olson 30 in the last several years. Rudders with stainless shafts have an internal armature welded to the shaft. I'd like to know - out of curiosity - what sort of internal structure is in the original rudder with the pultruded fibreglass shaft. I manage and I have some other images of the Foss rudders, I will add them some time soon.
  3. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Relay replacement help

    The 0 332 019 150 seems to be rated 30/40a. There is another part 0 332 019 157 with 4-pins (has only 1x 87 terminal) that is 40a.
  4. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Relay replacement help

    Bosch 0 332 019 150 is an exact replacement. For example: It's a widely available item.
  5. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Freeing up a stuck engine

    Compressed air in the injector hole on one of the cylinders that's at or close to TDC. Lubricant in the cylinder bores. The compressed air may help get it down the cylinder around and past the rings. Be careful with a breaker bar that you don't shear whatever fastener you are putting the socket on. If it's the pulley on the crank it will be pretty large so probably will take a lot of torque but still, a broken fastener in the end of the crank will be a bummer.
  6. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Drilling precise holes in Carbon

    Don't listen to Basketcase, he doesn't know squat about carbon.
  7. sierrawhiskeygolf

    iNavX vs. Navionics for coastal over-night racing and cruising

    Mis, I don't know about GPS precision iPad versus Garmin hand-held. The main reason for using the Garmin as the master GPS is to increase the battery life of the iPad, and this does increase it very significantly. I think with the iPad Location Services running our iPad (which is old and probably has a tired battery) we got something like 1-1.5 hour battery life. With the iPad getting the GPS data on WiFi from the Garmin it's at least 3x as long. In our boat we have the iPad in a case and it floats back and forth - between a bracket down below where it sits and has a charge cable - and the cockpit. We put it below mostly when it needs to be charged or if there's nothing to look at for a while.
  8. sierrawhiskeygolf

    iNavX vs. Navionics for coastal over-night racing and cruising

    Yes that's absolutely true, there are tons of serial to wifi widgets out there for a lot less than a marine multiplexer. One thing I will say about ShipModul is the product is super well made, the software is excellent and product support top notch. I think there are some galvanic isolation things (whatever that is) that a proper marine product will have. If you send any tech questions to them the owner of the company, Meindert, who designs the products, will respond and he is incredibly helpful. He knows iNavX really well also.
  9. sierrawhiskeygolf

    iNavX vs. Navionics for coastal over-night racing and cruising

    Yes exactly. An AIS enabled VHF, fed to iNavX, is simple, reliable and inexpensive. My hardware consists of an iPad with iNavX, a Garmin GPSMap 78s handheld which is hardwired and sits in a cradle on the little 'nav table', Standard Horizon Matrix gx2200, ShipModul 2wi multiplexer. With this setup we have chart plotter, redundant GPS receiver/chart plotter (both the Garmin and iPad can be a standalone plotter, Garmin is the normally master GPS and the iPad receives GPS from the Garmin, but iPad can receive GPS if the Garmin goes down), AIS receiver. And this is all put together for chump change compared to a 'typical' navigation system with similar capabilities.
  10. sierrawhiskeygolf

    iNavX vs. Navionics for coastal over-night racing and cruising

    I use iNavX with Navionics charts for similar sailing. Coastal distance day racing, some overnight coastal racing. iNavX is pretty cheap as these things go. The Navionics charts costs more than the app I think and they are a must for iNavX in my opinion. I don't have experience with weather routing in iNavX. We have used Squid and PredictWind beside iNavX, running on a laptop.
  11. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Bravura 29

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I am toying with fitting water ballast to my Olson 30 which is sailed shorthanded often. Your boat is similar enough that your setup will be very useful to look at.
  12. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Bravura 29

    That's a lot of work you've done and the boat looks great! Do you have photos documenting the water ballast retrofit?
  13. Toronto area is washout until (probably, at the earliest) some time in July, same for all of the north (Canadian) shore of Lake Ontario. Clubs are all pushing launch dates, yards are officially locked down so spring prep work pre-launch is not happening. LORC (6-regatta series which normally starts late May) has cancelled first two events. LOOR and LOSHRS (offshore racing) are cancelling early season events. And all this is independent of high water level issues which may have serious impacts all over Lake Ontario, water levels are already approaching all-time high for this time of year. Tough times.
  14. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Spinlock Throttle Retrofit Installation

    I retrofit installed one of these last year. Love it. I believe you are meant to use through bolts/screws. That's what I did, very secure. They are countersunk screws, either m5 or 10-32, they pass through the faceplate, through the spacers, through the hole in the flange of the control unit and a nut on the back face of the CH2100P. Spinlock have good detailed instruction sheets online. I don't think the spacing will be messed up with your mending plate, but you may need to make new spacers or pack them with some washers or similar. If you wanted to do a cleaner job you could fill the existing hole with laminate and make a new, proper sized hole. The hole size for the collar that fastens to the unit, it has the 'winch handle' socket in it on one size and a spline on the other, that collar runs in an o-ring to make the unit more watertight. The size of that hole is critical. The installation sheets are very good. I printed one of the views and used it as a drilling template.
  15. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Shorthanded Offshore Trailerable Boat Suggestions: See Criteria

    No-one has mentioned an Olson 30. Headroom an issue but lots of other upsides. Very good boat for two and people singlehand them all the time, SHTP etc. Capable offshore. Old design but very hard to beat in terms of price to performance ratio. Can be had for way under your top $. No A-kite standard but people add sprits. No flat top main. Might not meet stability rules for the Chicago-Mac.