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  1. Best Navigation App for GPS enabled ipad

    Ditto iNavX. You can test it with the free NOAA charts. With Navionics charts it's better. It's a very robust product especially considering it's cheap as chips. One thing I find with it is battery life is poor because your iPad uses a lot of battery when the GPS is functioning. I started experimenting with a Garmin handheld GPS hard wired to 12v and a little WiFi server, so the iPad is receiving GPS over WiFi. Battery life is much better.
  2. Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    I believe this to be true about build quality of the Olson also. For the time period very well built boats. Build quality of the O30 was consistent. The last few were finished by one of the creditors when Pacific Boats went bankrupt, but on the whole they were well built and even though they were lightly built and most have been raced hard they have held up very well. Northern boats where wet core can freeze in the winter months are an issue.
  3. Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    Cool! Poor animal but great name for the boat. I think there is a fairly recent, and unfortunately (or aptly) titled thread about Jolie Blon': "My wife hates my Olson 30".
  4. Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    The class association has a complete archive of the Sailpix database. I agree it's chock full of great info! We are working on a way to incorporate the Sailpix messages into the website. A clever person is needed for this, cleverer than this one at least.
  5. Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    Bodega87, If you have any good information you would like to add to olson30.org please share it. I will personally make sure it finds its way onto the site. There is always room for more content, and in the same vein, a welcome attitude for those who wish to contribute with information, photos, whatever. There are contact pages on the site, a pm to me works as well.
  6. Exhaust Thru Hull

    I like the Garhauer suggestion, they are a great company to deal with for custom work. We used a standard Vetus exhaust fitting and 3D-printed a pair of bushings so the through-hull would sit horizontally on the transom. Sorry no pic in situ but it worked very well.
  7. Whats the best 40ish racer / cruiser boat these days ....

    Cool boat but how do you get racer / cruiser out of that package? There's not even a little bit of cruiser in it.
  8. Olson 30 Assym?

    We have a Melges 24 A2 and will be using the 5-string setup on the stock pole on our Olson 30. Not done it yet but it's in the works. The shot above looks great moveable. This page has some good descriptions and diagrams of the 5-string setup. You have to click on the image links to see the diagrams, they are not embedded in the page. http://www.epsails.com/Gybing_an_Asymmetric.htm
  9. Broken mainsheet shackle First 405

    Why are the cam cleats looking so haggard? What are they hitting that is causing all those deep scrapes? The shackle looks to be 3/16" which should be OK load wise but it's also rusty and rusty stainless can beget stress.
  10. My Last Post; Good Bye

    Can you send me a copy while you're at it because I don't want to troll through numerous threads and posts to find the really bad one you're referring to.
  11. guess what it cost to do a out of town race in a 29' boat?

    I agree with a few comments that if you are really considering the event, buy a trailer. The cost of moving the boat just went way down and you get to keep the trailer. Not sure about your area but a brand new tandem trailer, professionally built, with brakes etc, was around $5k for an Olson 30, very similar scale of boat to the J88. Once you have the trailer the options for future racing open up.
  12. PHRF Blows

    PHRF is like democracy: It's the worst form of handicapping system, except for all the others.
  13. Why are my balls turning black?

    So long as they don't turn blue you're OK.
  14. My Wife HATES my Olson 30

    Doods - The OP bought a J33. My wife isn't too stoked about our Olson 30 either, for the same reasons. But it's not grounds for divorce.
  15. What are your 2017 fixit projects?

    How do I post a 5 page google sheets document? Other than that, pretty much the same list as the top post.