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  1. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Fixed VHF with remote and AIS

    We installed this kind of system on a tight budget, Standard Horizon gx2100 AIS - which is a discontinued model so if you can find one like we did, it was a lot cheaper than the current model - replaced the antenna cable in the mast with the LMR-400. VHF AIS out, as well as a hard-wired Garmin handheld GPS is connected to a ShipModul multiplexer with WiFi and the chart plotter is an iPad running iNavX. Everything work really well including the AIS. It would be useful to be able to transmit AIS for sure.
  2. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Genoa Car Identity

    I might. I will confirm tomorrow.
  3. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Catalina 27 motor help

  4. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Flexible tank for Archambault A35

    Vetus make flexible tanks.
  5. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Olson 30 on FB

    Rushin' Rowlette is the boat in a Caribbean with the open cockpit. I emailed a bit with Joe about his boat mods and he felt that by opening the transom you were losing too much stiffness in the hull so he kept the transom area more or less stock. The way Joe redesigned the cockpit is thoughtful and useful. You do lose the 1/4 berths which could be an issue for many people. The halyard arrangement is pretty uncompromising. The entire deck has essentially no penetrations except the ropeyes. Almost all the holes in the deck were filled and there are hundreds of them on a stock Olson 30. I tried to get better or more detailed photos of the floating lead system for the Class website.
  6. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Olson 30 on FB

    OK cool. I emailed Joe and told him I can help him with an ad on if he wants. It's a beautiful renovation. It's hard to spot all the modifications unless you are very familiar with the Olson 30 but he completely rethought the running rigging and the cockpit modification is really well thought out and executed.
  7. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Olson 30 on FB

    Is there an ad on Facebook?
  8. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Olson 30 on FB

    Yes. Almost unrecognizable now. I work on the Class website and we tried to get better photos of the boat but these are what we have. It's a radical modification and beautifully done. No expense spared.
  9. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Small Guage WIre Boots for Yanmar Sensors.

    A generator wire boot for an aircooled VW might work. They are a 90 degree boot. If you want a straight boom a horn wire boot for the same vintage of VW might be suitable.
  10. sierrawhiskeygolf

    best 2018 Handheld?

  11. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Using an iPad for a Mast Instrument Display

    The iPad is not bright enough for a mast display. There are lots of other reasons it's sub optimal. This looks promising:
  12. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Boomkicker rod boom vangs

    Lots of Olson 30's use them and folks like them. You still need a tackle for the vang, which you probably know.
  13. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Toronto boat show 2018

    H8rs gonna h8.
  14. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Toronto boat show 2018

    Not everyone is a pooper like BasketCat and there are plenty of good reasons to go to the Boat Show: PHRF-LO AGM - lots of folks, part of backbone of the local sailboat racing infastructure, meet at the Boat Show to review the years business. Is the meeting boring? Why, yes, it is. But it's yeoman work that helps keep racing alive on our Lake. Bits and Bobs - always some reasonable deals to be had on whatever gear you need. While it's true there is little in the way of actual sailboats to look at, there's heaps of sailing gear of all descriptions. Clubs - lots of folks move clubs over the winter for whatever reason. Many are at the show and it's a great way to scout 5 clubs in one day. The Calendar - in Toronto the winter can be a big drag and it's LONG. There's something about the Boat Show in mid January that seems to signify the start of the end of the winter. Even though in reality it's just the start of the really cold weather. But it gets your head out of winter for a few hours. I like the Boat Show.
  15. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Toronto boat show 2018

    Not to see you obviously.