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  1. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Laser 28 owners?

  2. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Moisture Meters

    You are correct! I noticed another difference - the socketed stanchion in the original pic is like O30 but the pictured one is inside the toe rail, O30 outside.
  3. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Putting a standard Asymetric on a Top Down Furler

    Could this issue be mitigated a bit by relieving the halyard tension prior to furling the kite?
  4. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Moisture Meters

    Looks to me like an Olson 30.
  5. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    21 boats registered for LYRA. Etchells fleet established. It's going to be a tremendous week of racing. People who are doing CanAm at YYC can use the Founders Cup 2 from YYC to Oakville and make it a 2-weekend event! The Shark fleet has committed as well and could bring upwards of 24 boats. Sharks will be based in BHYC for the event.
  6. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Now at 17 registered for LYRA. It's looking like a very good turnout for this year's event. Lots of OD fleets anticipated: Olson 30's, Etchells, J/80's, J/27's, 8mR, R-Class. Possibly Sharks. Plus all the stalwart IRC and PHRF boats.
  7. sierrawhiskeygolf

    PHRF Consistency

    PHRF-LO uses 1 sec and some people have recently complained about it. There was a motion at the AGM this year to go back to 3 sec but it was tabled.
  8. sierrawhiskeygolf

    North American Mini Fleet

    Pretty sure it's on 16-mile Creek in Oakville, beside OYS. Don't know who owns it.
  9. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Electronics/Electrical Upgrades The Blue Seas units do seem to conform to the proper USB charging specs. They also accept 24V input.
  10. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Fixed VHF with remote and AIS

    We installed this kind of system on a tight budget, Standard Horizon gx2100 AIS - which is a discontinued model so if you can find one like we did, it was a lot cheaper than the current model - replaced the antenna cable in the mast with the LMR-400. VHF AIS out, as well as a hard-wired Garmin handheld GPS is connected to a ShipModul multiplexer with WiFi and the chart plotter is an iPad running iNavX. Everything work really well including the AIS. It would be useful to be able to transmit AIS for sure.
  11. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Genoa Car Identity

    I might. I will confirm tomorrow.
  12. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Catalina 27 motor help

  13. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Flexible tank for Archambault A35

    Vetus make flexible tanks.
  14. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Olson 30 on FB

    Rushin' Rowlette is the boat in a Caribbean with the open cockpit. I emailed a bit with Joe about his boat mods and he felt that by opening the transom you were losing too much stiffness in the hull so he kept the transom area more or less stock. The way Joe redesigned the cockpit is thoughtful and useful. You do lose the 1/4 berths which could be an issue for many people. The halyard arrangement is pretty uncompromising. The entire deck has essentially no penetrations except the ropeyes. Almost all the holes in the deck were filled and there are hundreds of them on a stock Olson 30. I tried to get better or more detailed photos of the floating lead system for the Class website.
  15. sierrawhiskeygolf

    Olson 30 on FB

    OK cool. I emailed Joe and told him I can help him with an ad on if he wants. It's a beautiful renovation. It's hard to spot all the modifications unless you are very familiar with the Olson 30 but he completely rethought the running rigging and the cockpit modification is really well thought out and executed.