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  1. t.rex

    A big project!

  2. t.rex

    A big project!

  3. t.rex

    Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Thank you Laurent !!! Your contributions and translations (for years) have made this a great thread. ... I cannot help but wondering how much the autopilot technology has matured in this last decade? Imagine trusting your autopilot at 35 knots for a couple of hours of sleep in a picklefork at warpspeed (thanks JS).
  4. t.rex

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    I remember reading a few years ago that Farr Yacht Design was involved in a racing SUP. http://www.farrdesign.com/749.html
  5. t.rex

    My newest project

    Hi Bob, The Row-Away-Factor here is awesome. Congratulations to you and the team. I do have one comment and one question. I should warn you in advance that I hate single-line-reefing. Regarding the photo below, I could be wrong but it seems that: -the reef line is fixed at the boom where the maximum leech tension is -passes through the clew ring with a 180° turn -passes through several rings-on-shockcord (which should automatically flake the sail as it is lowered ) -passes through the outhaul sheave box at the end of the boom where the maximum foot tension is with a <180° turn -passes through the front-of-the-boom sheave box with a 90° turn -passes through a guide on the mast -passes through the tack ring with a 180° turn -passes through a guide on the mast -passes through a block near the deck with a 90° turn -passes through a deck block on the cabintop with a 45° turn -passes through a stopper at the cockpit [/rant] On some of the bigger boats with a 'V' boom, there is a genoa track attached inside with pull-pin cars for the reefs (because once you find the position, there is no need to adjust). If the winches are big enough (and in this case they are) there is no need for the 2:1 purchase. Next time out, could you take a photo of the reef setup at the aft end of the boom? Thanks, Mark
  6. t.rex

    Thoughts on Boom Tents

    Nice. Should have a (split) back flap too; for when the sunlight comes from the stern (case in photo). The ones I have made, similar to this, have the 'pole' as wide as the deck. I have always wanted to try and use the spinnaker pole on the boom topping lift / main halyard for that extra wide shade. Alas, no takers.
  7. t.rex

    Top tips when sailing across an ocean

    Chafe is like rust ... it never sleeps.
  8. Hi Dave and Steve, First of all, my compliments for combining the major breakthroughs in sailboat design and construction for the last 150 years in a unique and new vision. From you two, we don't expect less. I couldn't help but notice that the dimensions of the UFO are roughly that of an inflatable dinghy. The volume is less (catamaran) and the weight is much less. So I have a few questions regarding the possibility of using the boat as a tender. 1) Is it unsinkable? 2) Does it tow well (and where do you attach the tow lines)? 3) Can you stand up and paddle (SUP)? 4) Can you row it? 5) Will it make it to shore in calm water with 2 FABs? 6) the $64 question ... an outboard? X) I don't care what it rates. P.S. I couldn't easily find the dimensions; LOA? Beam? mark
  9. t.rex

    yachtsman of the year

    I will make Dee Smith Great Again !
  10. t.rex

    Keel update - Possible WLYDO project?

    Hi Jody, Nice looking bulb. How does the upside down chine (and what looks like hollow but I could be wrong) help with vortex suppression?
  11. t.rex

    Keel update - Possible WLYDO project?

    Hi Austin, It's a good question, I'll try and make a dumb answer from the laboratory rats cage. Things that travel through the air (or any fluid) create resistance called drag. A shoebox thrown horizontally will slow down because of the viscous drag of the air molecules over its suface. How much drag it creates depends on the velocity, frontal area, and surface roughness. This is usually called viscous or parasitic drag. Things that actually fly have to create lift. Wings create lift with low pressure on the top surface (about 80% of the force) and high pressure on the bottom (remaining 20%). Because of the difference in pressure, the air molecules move from the bottom surface to the top surface at the wingtips creating a vortex. The force needed to create this vortex is described as a lift-inducing drag or induced drag. The winglets don't really change the top or bottom surface pressures, they help to slow the movement of the air molecules from the bottom to the top of the wing reducing induced drag. As a side note, an aircraft is at its most efficient when the parasitic drag and induced drag are equal. Where were we?
  12. t.rex

    Origami Boat Thread

    Bob... Bob... Bob, Over the years, I have abused my keyboard sufficiently by spewing coffee with laughter, sneezing, coughing, pounding and general ape-like (primate) social behavior. Today, for the first time, I actually caught myself drooling on the keyboard. You simply must give us some warning before posting boat porn like this. Could you give us your thoughts on the usefulness or futility of the boomkin? I have always thought it's kind of delicate for such a critical role. Mark
  13. t.rex

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Looks a bit like NZ's Navy. Must be a BIG tide fall in that location as the canal mooring posts are steeply angled - to let the boats ride up with the tide? Or is there another plausible explanation? If I'm reading the 'targa' correctly the LV indicates the boats are registered in the 'Laguna di Venezia'. Actually the tidal range in Venezia is not that much, usually under a meter. What happens fairly often in the winter is that the Atlantic storm systems bring a lot of rain which floods the rivers and the strong southerly wind piles up the Adriatic Sea in the northern corner. The result is called 'acqua alta'. The poles are used to guide the boats back into the canals otherwise you'd always have boats sitting on the sidewalks, the bigger the boat the bigger the poles.
  14. t.rex

    My newest project

    I'll take it ! I'LL TAKE IT ! !
  15. t.rex

    My newest project

    So do I win the fifth boat ? (I'd settle for a crew T-shirt and a ride aboard)