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  1. Team NZ

    You are starting to sound like a real ETNZ fanboy. Ahhh Esprit, long time no see. :-) I have been a long time TNZ supporter but saw the writing on the wall 15;years ago when Dean Barker stepped on board then, along with Tom Schnakenberg, fucked up badly whilst playing with a hula. As you know, i predicted Barker would fail in 2005 and would never win again. And I posted it for all to see. As soon as barker joined TNZ I followed Coutts and any team he was in!... and he has nit let me down. Now that "super choker Mk2" has left ETNZ I can now support them because I see real talent, cohesion and potential in this team. burling is in the same league as Ainslie and A real talent in these machines. jimmy is also a talent in these boats thanks to russell and Larry, but is not as naturally skilled as Burling and Ainslie These three are the teams to watch and i really rate them quite evenly. Team Soft wank with Barker on board will not come close... unless all the other teams withdraw or break.
  2. Team NZ

    I doubt it. Most wimps here are to scared to engage with me. Mind you it is hard to argue with someone who is right!
  3. I Don't Fucking Care

    Pretty sure that this is Speed Demon? Heh heh.. "You can't handle the truth!"
  4. I Don't Fucking Care

    Pretty sure that this is Speed Demon? Spot on! Sitting there masturbating to shitting... what a sicko! Your obsession with shit and wanking is a real concern! Weirdo!
  5. Team NZ

    What is so awesome about ETNX is the demeanor of Burling! As opposed to Barker. Burling is cool, confident, not difficult / uncomfortable in front of the press. Burling, is relaxed, and does not have to think to hard about what he is going to say. A real "natural" on and off the water. A real winner and contender for the AC. And the crew look a lot happier than they ever were with Barker. This looks like a real winning team.
  6. Team Japan

    what a croc of shit! Good start? 4 out of 6 is crap Barker is the most experienced (albeit he has never won) skipper there. The crew is experienced. And... they have spent as much time sailing foiling cats than anyone. Burling is the least experienced there and winning. Sorry Maximini your post is crap!
  7. Team NZ

    Factoids... Coutts and OR are smarter than Dalton and ETNZ! (The last AC's prove this) OR have the best foiling control, design, and overall team. While Burling is a fantastic helmsman he is going to need to have a competitive boat and a great crew (tactician). Also he has nor been challenged in a competitive class yet. (Like Ben has) Most teams except OR are competing just to stay on the "gravy train" of professional sailing. Besides certain team members desire to win, most just love the money and lifestyle. BAR are the most serious contender and have intimate knowledge of OR thanks to ben. ETNZ is not resourced enough and with Dalton still involved will always be challenged in the conceptual and team stakes.there is no new blood in the management team thus expect the same shitenn a different day! Coutts holds all the cards.
  8. Oracle Team USA

    Dennis only ever had Americans. He won with Americans and the nationality rule is important to garner nation v nation viewership. like every good world sport (soccer, rugby, cricket) the AC needs Nation v nation with "nationals" sailing to grow on the world stage.
  9. Oracle Team USA

    What...no Dean Barker is a choker spiel? Dean Who? Oh... yeah that's right the "top winning AC sailor" that used to represent NZ. Sorry Clarke but he is a spent person, yesterdays man,etc... Nothing to see there anymore... Poor Japs!...
  10. Whiting 26 1/4 Tonner Rebuild

    The original is niw back in NZ... http://rbsailing.blogspot.co.nz/2015/06/magic-bus-back-in-new-zealand.html
  11. Oracle Team USA

    The cup would be better if... There was a compulsory defender series! It was between yacht clubs, run by yacht clubs? The AC was a course based (any boat/design goes and no rules) regatta rather than a design / boat regatta.? The defender chooses the course.(could be a 100 mile reach or short course windward / leewards) And of course... all sailors are nationals of the country the represent...IE- born there! The "one rule" course choice would be intersting as it could ultimately control a $$$$ spend limit as well
  12. Team NZ

    Wow!... TNZ have got kit from LR... Yip! or... the real movers and shakers of the AC. THIS IS GAME CHANGING...(aye meaner machine and turd reef grim!) Yip GAME CHANGING... if your'e on the cat walk in a fashion show! Fuck! Some of you guys just dribble on about nothing! If anybody here thinks anything that LR has done in the AC is game changing (in terms of sailing and not fashion/image),,, The are dreamers! What Russell and Oracle are doing , right now, with wing & foil development is GAME CHANGING!...
  13. Team NZ

    Firstly you are wrong. TRG said it would be Game changing... and it is not. Everybody knew what was happening. This new kit is not game changing So TRG was talking shit. And as for your lastt paragraph. Please give examples!... or you are just another bulshitter like trg
  14. Team NZ

    This appears to be another load of crap from the ""big wimp" of SA Game changing... my arse... you are full of crap...again. If you known something put it out there! If not STFU And as for your last post!.... ... well that will win friends and influence people.
  15. WHat we learned... Well well... how you all have forgotten the post you made a few months ago!! Thanks to the demands of people like Grant Dalton, Oracle were forced to make the next AC more "fiscally" acceptable to teams likely ETNZ and others inorder to boost numbers at the next event. As such The only way to apease the likes of wankers like Dalton and many idiots on this site was to introduce a inferior version of the magnificent machines raced last AC. So to Dalton and co... and all the morons on this site who wanted a more affordable AC. Well done you got exactly what you asked for... A useless class that equates to going from Formula 1 to Lada's. A series of regattas to show case aforementioned Lada's. Class skippers and crew (except Barker) wanting formula 1 and ending up like kids in pedal cars. An event that is so focused on money/income they have forgotten what top class sailing, Americas cup, and Fans is all about. And this all started, post the Last AC, with the likes of Dalton wanting a cheaper event and more competition. All I wanted was the best sailing machines, a defender and a challenger. If I could not have that then it might as well be in 12 metres than a cat design that is a dog. Why hinder the last AC's technology progress to appeal to a few poor nations/teams who cannot win anyway. Less teams in the old boats is a better proposition.