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  1. Why the Hard-on for Hilary?

    for the record I think she has been an offal sec. of state
  2. Why the Hard-on for Hilary?

    well that leaves Obama for you then Rumballs.... how progressive of you.
  3. Why the Hard-on for Hilary?

    so do you think McCain is "nice" ? Nice has nothing to do with Politics either.
  4. Why the Hard-on for Hilary?

    she is unattractive to the average male. She is strong willed and outspoken... traits that the average male does not care for. Cankles.... nobody likes those. But for most men - they fear having a women being in power over them I suspect. Sets a nasty precedent for the Average American male dominant culture... what will be next - the lil misses telling you to do the dishes... the horror... all the claims of disingeniousness are themselves disingenious. ALL POLITICIANS are disingenious
  5. Can the US military achieve success

    That is a laughable statement. so if you look at iraqi children and see your own.. then it follows that you shoot at and deprive your kids of basic needs and pretty much destroy thier future all in the name of our feckless leaders pathetic war plan. Send your kids to fight this war Dog... clearly your DNA needs to be eliminated from the gene pool.
  6. Can the US military achieve success

    How many children did you say you had Dog? I seem to recall you saying you had kids. Would you trade one of them for "more of the same"? Because you, freedum, JB, flaps, and jo-mama are the only ones left that seem to roundly endorse this clusterfuck and it sounds like you are gung-ho for Iran as well. Would you sacrifice the other kid you have (you lost the first one to "more of the same") to insure that Iran wont get nuclear weapons? Think about it in those terms for a change.