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  1. PAC 52

    I believe that the Ichi program will have both a new inshore and offshore rig / sail program. The old Ichi 52 will be the original Shogun.
  2. Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Lot's of movement in the IRC ratings last week - interesting stuff. We remeasured and checked a lot of stuff - obviously others doing the same. One boat that has an outrageous handicap when compared to it's speed potential is Patrice. Another interesting one is Beau Geste with a lower IRC than the V70s. http://static.cyca.com.au/media/3327122/division-list-vo2.pdf Div 0 it depends on weather gates whether the big boats walk away. Varuna and UBOX both attractive bets IMHO. Chinese Whisper always a great chance, spoke to the owner yesterday and he's fully pumped. Runs a campaign well does Rupert. Alive has great form, so does Blackjack. Beau Geste's an interesting bet at that rating but it's not great upwind and not built for a pounding as far as I know so will back off if things get ugly at any point. Div 1 you'd have to back Ichi Ban but if any other TP52 can hang in there with them then their high rating will hurt. On Patrice TK has dropped some displacement, lengthened the prod and upped the kite size so downwind moded. Always well sailed and a reasonable bet on IRC IMHO - subject to weather gates of course. In Div 2 Rob has remoded Pazazz to be more slippery downwind so he ought to be well quicker than Philosophers in that direction. Upwind the reverse will apply. Both those boats are carrying too high handicaps to be overall competitive IMHO. Hard to pick a winner from that division, upwind then Philosophers or St Jude are both chances. Not sure how Simply Fun looks against its rating downwind, probably not great upwind. Well sailed DK46's are competitive, don't know those two. Quest is a lovely boat but no chance at that rating. Chutzpah is weak upwind historically.
  3. Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Yep, I agree, flat water Asian regattas will be this "things" sweet spot.
  4. When at least half the crew have had a crap & the other half are considering it.
  5. Rolex Wild Oats XI

    RIP Mr Oatley. You will be missed.
  6. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Put a few $$$ on Rambler.
  7. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Scanas (drop the sc ) lets just refer to you as anas (or anus) from now on. You clearly have never done a Hobart if you don't give a fuck about handicap. Please don't Disrespect those who have tried or have actually won the thing. Your opinions are ignorant!
  8. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Hey guys, they are really going to hear Ricko go nuts on the start line now!!
  9. Rolex Wild Oats XI

    Absolutely awesome, can't wait to see this play out.
  10. Rolex Wild Oats XI

    You wouldn't be excited if that was your teacher and you'd just turned up for detention? I think I'd have exploded if I was that kid! I know you're new here dude but this forum is about boats not cock's
  11. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Collective breathing required folks. Let's do the following; 1. Wait till Oats gets out of the shed a goes sailing. 2. The other blokes turn up in one piece. 3. A weather forecast about 3 to 5 days out so we can make an informed opinion. Without any of the above, shall we discuss the handicap options? Something in the 45- 60 ft range ( I know it's broad) small end, new Concubine could be good, mid - any 52 footer, large Ichi or Chinese takeaway... Thoughts??
  12. Rolex Wild Oats XI

    It's all down to weather with this next race. This team have had amazing fortune with the weather ( as well as bloody good navigation and crew work.) They deserve every accolade, however no amount of change will fix this boat of the weather gods don't play. I hope the big changes they are doing are worth it long term.