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  1. Grrr...

    Need a new vehicle

    New Ford Ranger might be in the cards in the next year.
  2. Grrr...

    NRA gets It's medicine

    The NRA expressed their viewpoint. Some docs expressed theirs. What's the issue here? Am I just not feeling the outrage enough?
  3. Grrr...


    Sorry hermetic. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. I do know far more than one, but what number would be good enough for you? And down that line of reasoning, it would be safe to say that NO number people any individual knows is enough to be a valid sample size? I find your method of trying to marginalize people's opinions highly distasteful.
  4. Grrr...


    No. A lot of them don't. I have close ties to a war vet. He was taught for years that the US was always right, the war protesters are leftists and are evil, and you always obey orders. He knows his serial number but doesn't remember his social security number and he's proud of that. And he's fully fascist in his political leanings, even though he's a kind guy aside from that. If you asked him what fascists were he'd tell you the nazis, without even realizing how many of their viewpoints he shares.
  5. Grrr...

    FTFP - blue water bullies

    The Mods have repeatedly decided where the "money" lies. You've been banned and your socks removed. If there's any real psychotic Basket case here, it's your sorry narcissistic ass. Go vomit your mental problems elsewhere probable.
  6. Nice what about ism. I'm talking about this president, right now. He's a fucking idiot. Regardless if Obama was an idiot or not. Can you put aside the partisan bullshit for two seconds and evaluate this president on his own lack of merit?
  7. Grrr...

    Dirty Socks

    Hey look! You are just as big a shit head as j28 is. What a coincidence.
  8. What a pile Of horse shit regarding Amazon. It was well known that the postal service has taken it up the ass with being the "last mile" delivery service for Amazon and that they were a big loser in that contract. That's actually something that needed to happen.
  9. Would it really kill the dumbfuck to name some scientists rather than sports stars? Jesus. Remind me about babe Ruth's moral character.
  10. Grrr...


    I guess maybe you just don't get it. A safe seat is a waste of votes. By putting all the votes of one party into a handful of districts, then splitting the remainder between the rest, you nullify the value of a lot of those votes. You may have a couple safe seats but that means all the rest are in trouble. It's simple addition and a great way for a party to win the representative count while losing the popular vote.
  11. Grrr...

    Tee Vee on a boat. Stoopid question

    Actually, you can get a TV that runs on anything under 12 volts then get a 5 dollar step down from eBay.
  12. Grrr...

    Trump says he has never met Whitaker!!!!!!

    Attorney. Excuse his poor locution. He's still a liar. But let's not get all worked up over a mispronunciation. On a side note, Attorney and dirty are generally interchangeable terms.
  13. Grrr...

    "If I release you....

    Fair enough. An odd thing had me thinking about this topic today. I saw an email from our secretary saying "black missing, please return to owner" as the subject of an email. She apparently missed the word "iphone". Very un-PC fun was had by all.
  14. Grrr...

    Dirty Socks

    Yeah but I'm still at work. I can't participate with that yet =/
  15. Grrr...

    "If I release you....

    I'm curious (and definitely not accusing here) but why do you bring up that she's an immigrant woman? I spent the night before doing research on the downballot folks, and frankly you can't find out ANYTHING about them. Their web pages are meaningless, they don't answer any of the popular questionaires like the political courage report, and in most cases they claim they are "non-partisan" which we all know is horseshit.