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  1. Grrr...

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    I had to stop and think. Very Poignant.
  2. Grrr...

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Why does anyone still quote the shills at Rasmussen? They're a god damn joke.
  3. Grrr...

    Shumer's faux pas

    I doubt either he or Trump are capable of a boner.
  4. Grrr...

    The Patriot Party

    Yeah. My wife and I have discussed retiring north of the border to get away from the U.S. idea of health care. I'm sure there are caveats in the Canadian system that prevent that U.S. folks from doing that, though. If the culture in the US doesn't shift away from the Trumpublican "fuck you I got mine" attitude, we may do it regardless.
  5. The report is from the Times, and it's sketchy at best. Supposed 'large amounts of money' were given to representatives of Trump, but he directly received no money. Typical method of operation for him. No other news outlet has corroborated it yet, so I'd take it with a big grain of salt.
  6. Grrr...

    Winter is icumin in

    Cold as heck on northern Lake Huron, but not frozen yet. 20210120_142642.jpg
  7. Grrr...

    Wot Izit?

    Screw a new rig. Go a local marinas and find a sailboat they're about to chop up. A marina local to me does 10 to 15 a year. Will it be perfect? No. Will it work? Yep.
  8. Grrr...

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Fairly full, flattened agressively is the right answer. Those are cousins to overbend wrinkles.
  9. Grrr...

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Oh. My. God. So beautiful.
  10. Grrr...

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Holy fucking logic-loop batman. It's pointed out that dog is supporting misdeeds. Dog uses whataboutism to change the topic to someone elses misdeeds so he doesn't have to address his own issues. Dog then accuses people of not wanting to look at their own problems. Jesus.
  11. Grrr...

    The Patriot Party

    I actually had to deal with this. I have a perfect credit record. Always have. But during the pandemic, we had to go to a different hospital than we normally do. They didn't have our information on file (even though we gave it to them). Their 'radiation' department is actually a separate company, who bills separately. This company sent us to collections. We never received a bill from them. They have no public facing website. No contact information. Calls to the hospital get you a company name and a phone number, and that phone number is disconnected. We finally got a another phone number directly from a doctor, and it turns out this company contracts ANOTHER company who specializes in medical payments to do all their billing. This third-third party company has no ability to explain bills, no ability to look up billing codes, and once the bill (that we never received) went to collections, they refused to take our payment. Until we called with a lawyer conferenced in. In the 3 days that the collections agency came after us, we got probably a dozen phone calls, and never-ending texts threatening us with 'legal action'. Needless to say, we won't be returning to the Lake Huron Medical Center in the future.
  12. Grrr...

    Kellyanne Conway - Screaming Potty Mouth

    Eh. Drama queen parents breed drama queen kids. News at 11.
  13. Grrr...

    Photo op is over, now fuck off

    Huh. I wonder if that's the whole story? After all - those parking complexes are there so the people who are supposed to be running the country can actually park and get to work. I'm sure there's a bit of truth in it, though. There always is. Glad it got fixed.
  14. Grrr...

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

  15. Some of the groups directly stated they were antifa. Some stated they were the US communist party. Others stated they were BLM. Most stated they were rioting against police actions. And ALL OF THEM should be arrested.