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  1. Grrr...

    DQOTD: AC75 Sprit?

    So do we have any idea what the minimum wind speed is for these big boys to get on their feet?
  2. He's been here for a while, downplaying the seriousness of the virus while espousing perfectly.... "Republican" views.
  3. Grrr...

    Front Page..."Fuck this Prick"

    Or North Korea.
  4. Grrr...

    Front Page..."Fuck this Prick"

    Time to pass a law that stops all the political appointee bullshit and start making it a position of merit, with the heads of agencies only allowed to be promoted from within the organization. I sincerely believe the second day of Biden's term should be the firing of almost every person that Trump has appointed. Simply a list, with the heading "You're FIRED!" Then offer the previous employee the job back (which they are unlikely to want considering how Trump has treated them), or promote from within each agency. I know how unlikely this all is, but it's what SHOULD happen if all this political bullshit didn't get in the way of the country's best interests.
  5. Grrr...

    DQOTD: AC75 Sprit?

    I believe they have furling sails that can be set there for very light wind. But they are finding that it's impractical. I'd imagine we'll only see them pulled out in a drifter. Is there a lower end wind speed, or just a minimum time to complete the race?
  6. Grrr...

    VOTE Him Out

    Does it matter? Either way, I'm sure his alter ego was just a abrasive. People like him seem to think it's a badge of honor to draw attention by acting like an asshole.
  7. Welcome to the strawman argument. When you've got nothing else, make up shit about the person you want to argue with. You got nothing.
  8. Grrr...

    Traveler Setup

    Err.... take a look at the largest race boat out there. Take a look at the TP52s. Take a look at America cup boats. Take a look at Comanche, Wild Oats, and Loyal. I've sailed on highly loaded 70 footers - their travelers moved without an issue.
  9. I get what you are saying, I just disagree with the term herd immunity. With what appears to be a short safety period, herd immunity is never going to develop.
  10. Really? You got some proof of that? Because some people have already caught it twice, and even the world's best scientists say they don't know how long you'll be protected by the vaccine.
  11. Grrr...

    Bidens Laptop

    Or we could pass some laws to fix the legal system so that it doesn't take 2 fucking billion dollars to get the president of the united states to stop calling you a traitor to your country. How bought that?
  12. Grrr...

    Bidens Laptop

    Wouldn't that be glorious? Go after Trump for all the times he called people dictators, terrorists, traitors.... Fuck, if Scott can be sued from calling someone a grifter, then Trump's head should sure as hell be on the chopping block for the vicious lies he tells about people.
  13. Grrr...

    Bidens Laptop

    Show us something. ANYTHING. That gives this even one iota of proof. One, slim iota of proof. There hasn't been, and there won't be, and in the end Trump's lapdog will just say he was misled and had no idea then entire thing was an overblown fake. Sorry. His bad. But I will say this. I hope the FBI is involved and investigating. Because I hope ANY accusation like this at the highest level is taken seriously. Unlike so many of our republican friends who just want to handwave it all away when the issue is with Republican. That's the difference. Instead of chanting "hoax! Fake News! Unfair!", the democrats ASK for the investigation. Just like Biden did when he was accused of harassment. He didn't try character assassination. He didn't spread false rumors and half truths and outright lies. It's called personal responsibility, and the Republican party has completely abdicated its position.