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  1. Grrr...

    Here come the Florida deaths

    This just in from Wofsey: one month of data points is not a trend. Boy-o. You're one arrogant bloviating tedious sob, aren't ya. But the more words you type, the truer things get, right? Difference between you and me - I don't need to type paragraphs of bullshit to prove my point. Because I'm not a bullshitter. And congratulations on joining Happy Jack in attempting to use your 'credentials' on the internet. Nothing quite says "scientist" like someone who screams "do you know who you're dealing with?!?!?!?!?!?" A true scientist can prove things with data. Try it sometime.
  2. Grrr...

    Here come the Florida deaths

    I liked one of his quotes. It took @realDonaldTrump one day to issue an #ExecutiveOrder because he was upset Twitter called him out on his lies. It took him 3 months to order PPE to help fight #coronavirus.
  3. Grrr...

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Oh, it's becoming increasingly clear he's not a data-anything guy. And certainly not a scientist.
  4. Grrr...

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Keep bloviating. Deaths are trending up in Florida, and you lying about it doesn't change the facts.
  5. Grrr...

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    It is an excellent fact. Especially if you knew that the death rate lags the hospitalization rate by 10 days or more. And the number of new cases found is directly tied to how many tests are done (and how they are stratified). So a strict measure of just 'new cases' should be divided by the number of tests performed to get a week over week comparison. Don't worry. We know this isn't your strong suit fruitcake.
  6. Grrr...

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Actually, you'll find that the page you linked to specifically says ESTIMATES. WHOOSH. Right over your head.
  7. Grrr...

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Are you in Florida? Where 4 hospitals no longer have ICU beds available, and in general 86% of the ICU beds are full across the state? Leaving just 14% open? It's too bad we don't track how many people are affected by having to change hospitals to get an ICU bed. Or have a longer ambulance ride. I've gone through that. Have you?
  8. Grrr...

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Do you live in Florida? Where the death rate is now increasing? And if so, how is that "returning to normal"?
  9. Grrr...

    Here come the Florida deaths

    No true American wears a face mask in public.
  10. Grrr...

    Michigan's starting to tank.

    No. You are wrong. A real president would be following medical advice. He would be wearing a mask. As such, he would have a moral high ground to tell these governors to get with reality and to also start wearing masks and pass acts in their states to do the same. Unfortunately, our president ignores science, and reality. He makes it up as he goes along. Which allows people like you and him to *try* to abrogate all responsibility and sit back and try to place blame elsewhere. A real leader leads by example. He does so and that makes others follow, or be embarrased. Donald Trump's actions have done the opposite. That doesn't mean that state leaders would have to follow his lead - but it does mean that he could stand up and say "These are the states who haven't done what the medical experts are saying needs to be done. Vote these idiots out of office." You're giving the president of our country a pass to act however he wants without responsibility. You drank the Koolaid. Bigly.
  11. Grrr...

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Your statement. NOT mine. bloviator: the latest from Florida is decreasing deaths, down to 18 per day as of yesterday And, as I showed, the actual data for the last month shows an increase, with an increasing trend. You took a single data point and decided that meant decreasing deaths, which is 100% WRONG. You either lied, or YOU can't read a graph. Try again Mr. scientist. Once more for review, wofsey says: "decreasing deaths" Reality: trendlines and models all show increasing deaths.
  12. Grrr...

    Down goes Fredrick Douglas

    Typical doggy bullshit, conflating the toppling of all statues to demean an anti-racism movement.
  13. Grrr...

    Here come the Florida deaths

    You're asking me to be clairvoyant? That's pretty pathetic. Even for you. However, here's the CDC predictions including all the models of from different hospitals. And, holy shit.... It shows an increase in the death rate in Florida. In nearly every model. Those are cumulative death rates, so when you see them curving upward, that means the rate is increasing. A flat line would be a constant rate. Don't worry dog, we'll explain it to you more if needed. And those are actual people. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Not some made up numbers for you to lie about for political purposes.
  14. Grrr...

    Here come the Florida deaths

    You are not a scientist. And this post proves it. You just attempted to take a single data point and conclude it was a trend that proves deaths are decreasing. You completely ignored the weekly cycle of deaths. You are a liar, and a denier, and a dangerous one at that. Here's the trendline since Jun 7 in Florida. Spin it you tedious bullshitter.
  15. Grrr...

    Here come the Florida deaths

    I bet dog thinks it is merely coincidence that I was able to peg to the day when deaths in Florida would begin trending upward based on New infections. It's even more accurate to use hospitalizations, but Florida is fucking with the data pretty badly. And contrary to what dog says, statistical models can absolutely use multi variable regression to statistically predict some of the behavior of this virus. Unfortunately it is complicated by data collection noise and other issues. Of course, these are only models, just like weather predicting.