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  1. "The Simple Sailor" needs to invest in a freakin fuzzy mike cover before my earphones blow my ears to the center of my head.
  2. I had been following Abandon Comfort for a while, but when I saw them move that boat into a beautiful little area with trees and everything, don tyvek suits, then procede to scatter the bottom paint everywhere I got really pissed off. These two "minimalists" who preach nature and green quickly turned to total hypocrites in my eyes. Think I'm done watching.
  3. Grrr...

    2 x 25A => 50A circuit?

    Size 10 wiring can handle 36 amps without a problem. But the issue is what happens when one of those wires breaks and shorts to ground. In that case the wire may light up before the breaker trips. Just sayin'. The rules are there for a reason. In all likelihood you'll be fine, but you'll never get me to recommend doing it.
  4. And yet by constantly bringing race into discussions that don't warrant it in any way, the race issue becomes diluted and people who might otherwise fight against the race inequalities grow tired of hearing about it on a daily basis. That creates a divide - the people who ARE racist, the people who are sick hearing about it ALL the time, and the people fighting against it. It is counterproductive and creates an entire class of people who would happy NEVER hearing about it again, even if there IS an incident that warrants investigation. Something Shithead Ed just doesn't understand.
  5. Grrr...

    Pulsing in rudder/tiller

    Yeah, weeds can be wicked. On the tartan I used to race on we actually put a small piece of lexan looking down at the leading edge of the rudder. We used to do a lot of distance races and seaweed is a killer.
  6. Grrr...

    2 x 25A => 50A circuit?

    Let's just go with worst case. One of the wires break. Now you have a very real fire hazard as your single wire is not large enough to safely carry 50 amps for periods of time - especially since 50 amps sounds like shore power that would run pretty continuously. Pulling new wire should be pretty easy - you've already got the old stuff to act as a lead to pull the other larger wire through.
  7. Yep. Just like folks far on the other side of the issue immediately brought race into as a cause for the killing (see spatial ed and his stupidity in this thread).
  8. Grrr...

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    I'm sorry, but a bunch of women jumping on the band wagon yelling "WE BELIEVE HER" are just as worthless as Happy Jackhole's attack-the-vicitm methods. EYE-witnesses that confirm #1 the party happened #2 the peope were there that claim to be etc. are the only ones that matter.
  9. Grrr...

    American Democracy Is in Crisis

    The truth is bad enough. The reporters hardly need to phrase things to make it sound like Trump is the reason those 3000 died. He isn't. I agree with the sentiment but I don't agree with the way it's presented.
  10. Grrr...

    Old Sails

    My Catalina has the original sails - 1978. 115ish% roller furling and mainsail. It's a crusing boat. Not going to replace them till they tear in half.
  11. Grrr...


    They are already playing attack the victim on Fox. No surprise. Talking points to follow. Because if some of his other girlfriends claim he's a good guy he couldn't possibly do anything wrong. Yellow journalism at it's worst. Go Fox.
  12. Grrr...


    I disagree. Lie in the hearings, lie to the senate, lie to congress, then go to prison. I don't need to utter the words "under oath" to expect truthful answers to questions from our elected officials.
  13. Grrr...


    And you're the second person I'll say the same thing to. Did you scream when tens of thousands of documents were withheld until the night before the hearings began.... or is fairness and truth dependent on party affiliation for you?
  14. Grrr...


    So... is this sort of like the Republicans withholding tens of thousands of pages of information on Kavenaugh until the night before the hearings? Or does the pendulum of truth only swing in one direction on your planet?
  15. So here we go again. Ajit Pai is the fellow who repealed Net Neutrality. He also repealed the system to complain about issues like that. Then he stated that we need a "open" internet and that the big telecom companies would regulate themselves. Then he said it's not the FCC's job to regulate - and punted that responsibility to the FTC (who told him to fuck off). The big telecom's (who Pai swore would regulate themselves) began throttling competitors service within a month of that repeal. Because.... money. So California has interacted their own legislation to reinstate the neutrality rules to stop this throttling by competitors. Now PAI, who has abdicated ALL responsibility for this situation has stepped up and said "It's not our responsibility, but it's not yours either". Of course, in a way he's right because the internet is very much across state lines. So the Supreme Court will strike this down quickly - especially since it will be republican loaded in the the very near future. So according to the republican led FCC, it's in our best interest to allow locational monopolies to restrict access to competitor's products. The FCC (Federal Communications Comission) apparently has no responsibility. And it's far better for the people to have "open" internet. Way to go republicans.