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  1. Hate Speech in America Defined

    So if I tell someone I think they are ugly - GiGi calls that hate speech. If I tell them they are fat - Gigi call that hate speech. Your definition sucks. While sloop can be irritating - he's right.
  2. Hell, it works for cell phone companies. They advertise one price and you end up paying 30-40% more in out the door charges. And since the FCC was kind enough to remove some of the regulations that forced these companies to accurately and clearly label their bills, it's only going to get worse. Ajit Pai and Donald Trump... they're here to help.
  3. How close can the sails be? (i.e. the "slot")

    It's actually pretty simple as a thought experiment. You can close the slot until you start back-winding the inside sail or you start stalling out the leech telltales of your outside sail. In either case you've pushed too far and are losing efficiency because of turbulence. The forces involved are simple to understand, but murderously complex to calculate. Put simply, the more wind you can redirect toward the stern of the boat, the faster you will go. A simple rule of thumb is that if you hold a windex in the center of the slot exit between two sails and slowly increase the size of the slot, you'll notice a point where it stops pointing parallel to the center line of the boat and starts pointing in toward the center of the boat some. This is that point at which you know you're not directing all the air you can straight backwards, and that you may add some speed by putting up a stay-sail. Nowadays you're doing yourself a dis-service on any new race boat if you don't use computational fluid dynamics programs on the sailplan to understand all the things that go on - like the fact that the slots near the top of the mast become increasingly worthless and actually hurt you because the sails are just too close together (which is why most stay-sails are partial hoists.....). That's why the best answer is listen to the manufacturer. They usually have the horsepower behind them to have studied the right way to sail the boat. On your four knot shitbox, play around with a windex and telltales and try to understand what's happening with air flow as you adjust the trim of your sails. Look how similar boats that do well are setting up their sail plans. No one's going to pay $50k to do an analysis on your Cal 25.
  4. Calling/denying buoy room

    And sailors wonder what turns people off to racing...... Someone sails a race in a class, doesn't know the rules backwards and forwards, then gets denigrated for it. So what's the solution? Not let anyone on the race course unless they've passed an in-depth rules test? I think politely explaining the rule, buying a beer, and moving on will generate a lot more racers-to-be than being an asshat about it. Hell, look at how many knowledgeable racers are in this thread having a discussion on the finer point of the rule!
  5. Front Page - Train Acomin"!

    You have to wonder at the competence of a man who admitted that he was driving without being able to see where he was going. Even an even slightly intelligent man could have come up with something that didn't result in this. "I fell and could not stand back up due to my disability". At least then he would have had some sympathy. But his excuse is just mind boggling.
  6. Thanks for the confirmation of your shit-posting and lack of anything meaningful to say. Enjoy the ignore feature.
  7. You are totally wrong. Just see the flat-earth movement for proof.
  8. Um... you're an idiot. The EPA relies mainly on corporate SELF REPORTING, because they're so understaffed and underfunded there's no way they can act as the state's environmental police. They'd never catch something like this unless someone reported it. As a deterrent, the fines are enormous and can be assigned on a per incident basis - for EACH violation they can be fined 750,000, etc. The EPA has the power to put these companies out of business, and generally they are very diligent in prosecuting this sort of thing. It can even go so far as criminal charges for leadership of the company, although the companies usually have so many people in them to point fingers at that it rarely happens. Just the tone of your posts - suggesting you don't believe the charges... just wow.
  9. Teachers

    Of COURSE he believes it's a setup. People in power never believe that their underlings are genuinely fed up with the leadership's bullshit. It's always a conspiracy, or stupid people, or mob mentality....... any one of a hundred cliches that folks use to discount the viewpoint of people under them.
  10. Proper technique for single handed jibes?

    Even a block-and-tackle mainsheet acts as a boom brake. You should have a low enough ratio on your 'fast' sheet so that you can pull it in while going slightly by the lee and then let it out in a controlled manner, even in a breeze. That's pretty much the way your main sheet 'fast' ratio should be set on a small (under 40) boat. Fast enough to pull in at the leeward mark, but with enough purchase that you can sheet in going dead downwind.
  11. New Headliner

    Eh.... extruded PVC / foamed PVC can dent fairly easily. High heels or similar may be a problem if used on the ceiling.
  12. Best wood for 5o5 transom rebuild

    Any good quality plywood sealed with epoxy will work just fine truthfully.
  13. Catalina 30 Muffler Replacement

    The galley cabinet will come out and provide more space. I just completed an engine replacement in my Cat 30. Unfortunately I didn't pull the water muffler - I just reused it. I assume you had the original muffler which was fiberglass. If it is, indeed, leaking from a crack or pinhole you could consider just repairing it with some glass and resin.
  14. Meli you OK - Melbourne traffic issues

    They are, and he understands freedom a lot more than many Americans do.