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  1. you could get a streaker. Its sailed a lot at hornsea sailing club. or you could get an rs vareo if you want a bit more performance. or a firefly
  2. Don't tie yourself to the boat! thats pretty dangerous and you probably trip over the line whilst your in the boat. Try to hang on to anypart of the boat, even if things break or the tiller extension bends. You can buy all those things again. If your far out and can't swim back, you can't buy yourself another life.
  3. to all dinghy sailors.. NEVER, EVER let go of your boat while launching. It might sail away... I was just pushing my trailer into shallower water before i turn around to see my boat putting some distance between me and the shore. I ofcourse ran after it until it got to deep, at which point i started swimming. A normal person can swim at a speed of about 3 knots. That is, without a BA or trapeze harness. I was unfortunate enough to have both those disadvantages. Luckily the boat took pity on my feeble attempts to catch up to it and gybed back towards me and i was able to climb aboard. Another lucky occurance was that i had my camera on with which i can now share my experience! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/4Wz_0xjGwM4 (also if this doesnt embed itself, how do you embed videos?)
  4. thanks for all the tips guys! hadn't thought about short and fast cuts to make it a faster pace! Im using cyberlink Powerdirector Ultra ( it has the fastest processing/rendering speed), im certain it has something to get rid of the wind however i wanted to keep some of it in.
  5. thanks for the tip about the foam!! i have to disagree about the music though, i have often thought that music can really set the mood for a video. but hey everyone has different opinions
  6. This is one of my first attempts at cutting and sort of matching video to the music. perhaps not the best but it has personal value. Me and my dad (as crew) Sailing a Laser Vago with a Reef in the main. conditions were 5-7 bft (you can clearly see the amount of whitecaps in one shot, very small waves because the lake we are on isnt very big) our top speed even with a reefed main and without spinnaker was 11.4 knots. we decided against trapezing since the conditions were to rough with massive lulls and huge gusts. enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9YGSu7Op8M