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  1. What happened at G20? Xi made Trump do a deal?
  2. And Singapore cabbies are always right!
  3. China media has for weeks and months said China can not win this trade war by compromise. They would rather take a big hit and suffer in the short term, but ultimately outlast the opponent. How would Xi suddenly u-turn on that? It's not going to happen. And now China revealed some of their trade war tools. For example accepting payments for exports in Euro only. Trump has nothing up his sleeve to deal with that, or has he???
  4. Just a cite from the link above RCEP is seen as a mechanism for China to draft the rules of Asia-Pacific trade, following a US retreat from the region as it withdrew from another trade pact at the start of President Donald Trump's administration. Read more at
  5. So while the US is busy with stoopid, China and ASEAN are working out new deals. Good for them, they have a bright future ahead.
  6. ato


    A cowbell would be more classy
  7. ato

    Tom uses mind control on Jacinda Ardern

    Anything gun related.
  8. ato

    Tom uses mind control on Jacinda Ardern

    Not ready yet to give up a bit of freedom, which is more of an old habit than anything else, for more safety for everybody (including kids)? No need to reply....
  9. ato

    Hanoi 2019

    No deal = no prize!
  10. ato

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    Its just a tantrum.
  11. ato

    Trump/Putin Meeting advice

    He won't take any advice anyway...
  12. ato

    Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    What do you suggest? More Airbags for pedestrians or a self destruct for the truck/driver?