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  1. College Football 2018

    It is a circus. First Dan Enos is onboard, then two days later bolts for Bama. Several names mentioned and then not. Harbaugh is not doing himself any favors.
  2. College Football 2018

    Not his top recruit, and not unexpected. Losing little brother to OSU probably stings a bit more. As for Harbaugh himself, 2018 will be key. 8-5 doesn't cut it.
  3. Sailors Powerboat

    You guys are way overthinking this. I have a 20 foot center console that works pretty well for me. It has done race committee, served as a dive platform and lake runabout, not hard to get on and off the trailer, and pretty damn hard to hurt. Just hose it down, and it's happy. It takes chop and swells pretty well, None of the floating piano or things that can't fit in a slip or that you are afraid to actually use.
  4. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    It was cold enough yesterday (-4F) that my garage door opener started working erratically. Had to pull the beverages in from the garage. Heat wave on Monday, 37.
  5. Looking for a Cat Whisperer

    Cats with benefits.
  6. College Football 2017

    What did we ever do to Pappy Sol?.
  7. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Not that long if this front stays camped over top. I was talking about inland lakes and Lake St Clair, which freeze much earlier. Those shanties aren’t floating. I trust my eyes more than whatever website you are looking at.
  8. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    With the last week temps, shanties are out in force on the small lakes around here. Hard water sailing time.
  9. College Football 2017

    More like dildo, dildoe. Good riddance to that inbred peckerwood, but it would have been fun watching him try to spin the ass raping the Gators took this year.
  10. Jesus, what a train wreck. Thanks, Davey. This all boils down to whether you want a design competition like the America's Cup, or a pure sailing one. Certainly cost and time are barriers with the former, but with match boats you also get some barriers, especially with vintage boats like 8s. People just don't seem to care about CC much anymore, how do you rekindle interest?.
  11. YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    I've served on a PHRF review board for several years. No free drinks, shrimp platters or cool shirts. I have been called names a few times, though. Does that count?.
  12. NFL 2017

    Ha. She is in Detroit, along with two others these days, although I don't sail the boat anymore. Has a gray metallic paint job this year. Odd seeing three of them out for Saturday races,.
  13. NFL 2017

    In another month those nipples will be poking the row in front of them.
  14. NFL 2017

    Or the Cheese Heads. And I was a Packer fan growing up. Going behind the Cheese Curtain is a strange experience. :-)