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  1. barleymalt


    This thread meanders like the guy who cuts my lawn. Who elected you the thread police?
  2. barleymalt


    Thanks. Kegging the last few days, got a Vienna Lager, a Chech Budweis Pilsner, a Belgian dark strong ale, and a wheat ipa. The lagers have been conditioning for a few months, looking good. Spent a solid day and a half of COVID vacation cleaning kegs, taps, etc.
  3. barleymalt


    Jesus I take a couple year sabbatical from this place, two shoulder surgeries later come back to find the same people arguing about the same shit. Go figure. :-)
  4. barleymalt

    Older well known IOR Boats

    She became Nitemare for several years, then Warpath. Last I heard she was sitting in a shed in western Michigan without a keel.
  5. barleymalt

    Any body heard of pegging I mean WTF!!

    Bit of a tangent, but was reading in the local news last night about someone wanting to set up a sex doll brothel locally. WTF?.
  6. barleymalt

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Safety At Sea seminars are good, but MOB situations require different skills than normal racing and casual sailing, and unless boats and crews actively practice them to be able to react instantly and in cohesion, they are like the PFD that isn't worn. Safety has to be an ingrained mentality, not a lip service to a rule.
  7. barleymalt

    Catalina 30 variants?

    27s also had inboard and outboard motor variants
  8. barleymalt

    Older well known IOR Boats

    And the Blooper Gybe. Two of my brothers were on Dazy that summer.
  9. barleymalt

    you're not helping!

    Engaging the new superfast but unstable underwater foiling super secret fifth mode, Captain Frank, Guy LeDouche and crew see a burst of speed and take the lead . Run Silent, Run Deep.
  10. barleymalt

    Houston Racing

    Galveston Bay, 45 south about 45 mins to an hour, depending on where you are. One of my brothers lived in Seabrook, around the corner from Houston YC for years.
  11. barleymalt

    Catalina 27

    C27 decks tend to be soft, check that carefully. Also the mast step. Since the chain plates are in the wet locker and head wall, there isn’t much you can do except for backing plates on both sides. Older rigs used a casting for the lower shroud/spreader connection, have seen those fail. Back stay is good, you shouldn’t need to do anything. They are tough little boats, have fun.
  12. barleymalt

    NFL 2018

    Hence the edit of my original post. The 73 one they said earlier was probably Tiger Stadium
  13. barleymalt

    NFL 2018

    The game is meaningless. Of course the Lions look like a team. And a pick. Touch.
  14. barleymalt

    NFL 2018

    31-0. Last shutout of the Fudge Packers by the Lydowns was 1973. Edit Last shutout at Lambeau was 1970.
  15. barleymalt

    NFL 2018

    21-0 and Rodgers out with a concussion. Packers are going through the motions, this could get ugly.