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  1. You have to wonder if the kid was a three star legacy riding the pines whether Satan would have given him the same leeway.
  2. "The hull form, developed by Pedrick Yacht Designs, resembles a high-performance sailing dinghy, scaled-up to 268 tons lightship"...JFC, they must have HWSNBN on the propaganda staff. Suprised there was no mention of the fourth mode. Hard to read that with a straight face.
  3. The Super Flanker is a very tight cut reaching spinnaker, flown from a spinnaker pole very low.
  4. WTF would you do if Afghans were invading you country? Invite them over for Easter Ham and some fine homebrew.
  5. You are modifying the vehicle yourself post sale. VW deliberately cheated on official tests to make the millions of vehicles it sold appear to meet regulations when they did not. Sorry, but I am not getting your point. Do you want the EPA to outlaw aftermarket mods?.
  6. This. All in the contract of carriage that applies to the ticket YOU buy. Reason is that business folks routinely book refundable flights and then don't bother to cancel so a number of years ago, the airlines fount themselves listing flights as "sold out" and then had 10% empty seats. No product more useless than an empty seat when the door closes. Want to stop overbooking? agree to pay $15-20% more for you ticket. United makes their algorithm secret (all of them do but United is really vague) but it includes class of fare, frequent flier status, when you checked in (particularly if the flight was full enough that you didn't have an assigned seat prior to checking in), etc. You can usually get (by law) 2-3 times the volunteer compensation offer if you are involuntarily booted. I've found that volunteering can often get you on a direct flight rather than a connecting and if you are polite and well dressed (jacket and slacks), you can often get the agent to upgrade you n the replacement flight. PR nightmare for sure, but once selected, a tantrum isn't going to get you back on the flight. In this case, they ended up emptying the aircraft to "straighten it back up" and then reboarded so the tantrum made everybody late. So then United's solution to a guy not wanting to move was reasonable? They had three police officers beat the crap out of him to remove him from the plane gushing blood all over the place. After he was removed they had to evacuate all the passengers for two hours to clean up the blood before they could reboard. Basically you are arguing that they guys with the guns were justified in beating the crap out of someone's because he didn't have as many friends with him. Sure I get it's in the ticket contract, but it airlines should be forced to just keep increasing the compensation until someone's volunteers. They knew how oversold the plane was when they sold the last ticket, they are the ones who screwed up in booking their own employees travel, why is it a paying passengers responsibility to get off the plane when it's was Uniteds screw up in the first place. If United needed those seats for its staff it should have either held them as reserved or just kept increasing the compensation offer until someone agreed to get off. Got it. If somebody tells you legally to do something you don't want to do, be an asshole and throw a tantrum and pick a fight with security personnel who in all likelihood told you "you need to gather you things and get off the aircraft." Then expect them to tell your seatmate "Asshole here doesn't want to get off so it's your turn. Get your stuff." Next WhineyThread -"Fucking United delayed my flight because they didn't get the crew there on time. Assholes. I'm gonna cry on facebook." You may not like it but the American desire to buy the cheapest possible seat, not matter what that does to service and space drove this. We decided we wanted service levels lower than Greyhound and we have it. Overseas, I generally see better behaved passengers but they also weigh every piece of cabin baggage and it has to meet the size restrictions. If not, you are put out of line to go check it. Usually lots of room in the overhead when the morons that bring on 3 suit bags and stuff them in the overhead here are stopped in the terminal. Yeah, United should have planned better but I have no doubt that they made several announcements about paying $800 compensation for volunteers and included the "if we don't get volunteers, we will be forced to select XX passengers to leave then flight and they will receive compensation for that. The optics of this will cost United dearly, and their initial response once the video surfaces was mind numbingly stupid. Were they within their rights?. Sure. But they never should have gotten to the point where they had to physically drag someone off a plane. Why fill the seats, and then decide you want to dead head a flight crew?.
  7. Lends a whole new context to "Getting Hammered"....
  8. When they feel like retiring from the NHL, unfortunately. But if we're honest about the situation, it's a league full of lumberjacks. Crosby was only doing what everyone else does, what's been done to him a million times. As "enforcement" fighting is being eliminated from the game, it's becoming more and more prominent, and the on-ice officials can't do much about it without SERIOUSLY affecting the flow of the game. I do think that the league's "supplementary discipline" approach could be helpful, though. If guys become known hackers and are caught on video and get fined after the fact, things will change a little. This aligns well with the "more offense more offense more more more" mantra of the league, so if the NHLPA gets out of the way there is hope yet for Little Johnny Hockey to survive. The real irony is that for as much as people bitched about the enforcers like Probert and Domi, this crap happens because they are not there. When those guys played, the other team knew that if you took runs and cheap shots at their star players, you would answer to them. Or your star players would.
  9. biggest salary package in the league with out of the playoffs personal...ouch. More than the penguin with Crosby, Malkin, letang,more than Chicago with kane,toews,keith,Crawford,hossa; more than washington with...that must sting A lot of that was cap games in prior years, signing people to deals until they are 40. Franzen hasn't played more than a game in three years, and is still on the payroll. Add in deals for players like Nyquist and Tatar that should be carrying the team but can't score or hold their own in position battles, Howards' contract and it added up. There was a reason why Babcock bolted for Toronto, and it sure was not the ownership. They have some good young players, Larkin, Mantha, Athanasious, but there are too many holes, especially on defense, and goaltending needs to be hugely better for them to be competitive.
  10. Till you go see the dentist?
  11. The cap finally caught up with them. Sad, after so many years of being an elite team. The Joe is beyond seedy, it could have been renovated, but not to be. A lot of memories in that building.
  12. Mark rounding, wet are coming up fast on another boat with a female driver. Our driver starts to nose inside about 4 boat lengths from the pin. She yells "You cant come inside me". Both crews freeze for a second, then bust out laughing. She goes red faced, loses focus, and we round inside.
  13. Depends on the beer, I have a high gravity bock cold fermenting that has been in the primary for two months. Lighter ales, a week or two. Depends on beer style, temperature, and what you are trying to do.
  14. Funny, that is exactly what I did. Having been through a couple cycles now, it has been an interesting experience.
  15. Funny, I grew up around the block from a Catholic church and school, you could just about hit it with a rock from the backyard. The church was so proud when it got the new electronic bells. When they scheduled them for repeated early morning Sunday chimes, the neighborhood was not all that enthusiastic. And they were mostly parishioners. Yeah, that lasted about two weeks before the schedule got changed.