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  1. OMT

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Ordered in April of last year... Number 79
  2. OMT

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    I finally got a chance to take the Atlas out for a race last night. The first hurtle I faced was there was no way to attach the Atlas to my tacktick bracket so a quick solution was required. My solution worked, it was not pretty but worked for last night. I am also a bit nervous about the fitting supplied to attach the display to the boat. It is solid being made out of metal, but there is not much hanging on to the unit. I suspect my fears will prove to be unfounded, but I definitely used the safety loop supplied just in case. It did seem solid once attached. I raced with the racemaster on top and the Atlas below. Despite the size, the Atlas was super easy to see to the point where I rarely even looked at the racemaster. I think you can get a sense of that with the pic below. Admittedly this may have been in part to my having fun with the new toy, but the Atlas is just really easy to see and draws your attention to it. After pinging the line, we had a few test runs... the first was not very accurate but soon proved to be the fault of fat fingers and a slow push rather than the display... Once properly pinged, the Atlas was very accurate. I have raced with a lot of pro tacticians and navigators who have all the toys in the past, but having distance to the line on my own low budget boat proved a treat and huge confidence boost for the start. Once we started, the display immediately switched to my default page that showed, course, speed over ground, trim and heel. Prior to getting the Atlas, I really only had feel and boat speed for feedback on how the boat was going. One of the features I was really looking forward to was the inclinometer and I was not disappointed. It was easily seen at the back of the Farr 30 and really helped me maintain a more constant heel angle. That feature alone I believe will help me sail the boat better. The unit came with a 3/4 charge. After playing with it while waiting for the first race, and about 2 hrs on last night, it still looks like there is a 3/4 charge so I suspect this is not a power hog but it is too soon to say with total confidence. As mentioned above, my partner and I have a very limited budget and we are really just trying to enjoy a cool old boat with a bunch of buddies and have a few beers along the way. My pro friends laugh at me when I tell them the age of the sails we use. When I spend money on the boat I want to maximize the value and benefit I am getting from the purchase. In its most basic format, the Atlas has delivered and I am sure there is more to come. Yes it took a while getting here, yes perhaps things could have been done better, but speaking only for myself, I am really happy with the purchase and excited about the updates that are said to be coming.
  3. OMT

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Not that i have used it in anger yet... there really does not seem to be much to learn! The units are pretty basic and straight forward at this point making them easy to use. Things will probably get a bit more complicated when the firmware is updated and more features are added. I read in an earlier post from one of the M32 guys that the biggest issue they were having was actually trusting the unit as they were not used to a display where the GPS refreshed as quickly as the Atlas... Seems like a good problem to have.
  4. OMT

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Hah...Sadly that was pretty much the response I was expecting and perhaps why I only have one post. The purpose of my post was to share my experience and hopefully answer some concerns of buyers who are still waiting for their Atlas. I ordered mine a year ago and just got it so my experience would suggest that although production is delayed, units are being made and shipped. I was hoping that sharing my experience would put other buyers concerns to rest, nothing more. I am a cat 1 sailor and have nothing to do with making money from sailing or selling sailing products. Other than my conversations with Todd about the Atlas and when I could expect it, I have never met these guys in person nor do I know them or anyone who knows them. Just because that was my first post that does not mean I don't have a lot of sailing experience nor does it mean that I don't have anything to say that perhaps might be able to help another sailor with the same questions I had about this product and the shipping delay. My first impression with the Atlas is that it is a very well made unit with lots of features and more to come... but don't believe me, take a look at the reviews from the pros, I am sure they have way more insight. Not sure if this helps other buyers with similar concerns that I had, but my order number was 00079 and it was placed Apr 14, 2018.
  5. OMT

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    My experience with Vakaros… First a bit of background. A few years ago I bought a Farr 30 and put on a Tacktick racemaster and was good to go. A few years later I started looking to upgrade to a display that would also help with distance to the line but aside from that feature, the differences from the racemaster just did not justify the investment at the time. When I saw the preorder Vakaros offer I started to get excited as this seemed to promise the next leap in racing technology for a small race boat with a cheap owner. It reminded me of when I saw the iphone for the first time and realized the possibilities. My first hurtle was the size of the unit until I finally figured out it was the size of the numbers that mattered and not the size of the unit. I got in touch with Varkaros, had a great chat with Todd, saw the potential, signed up and started to wait for my Sept 2018 delivery. Well as we all know Sept came and went with no sign of the display. As fall turned into winter I put the boat away, got my skis out and forgot about it until the end of March. In March I did a search for Vakaros to see if there were updated reviews on the unit and came across this thread. I must confess to feeling the onset of panic as I read the negative comments and questions as to if the company was still in business. I got on the phone and called Todd for the update. He quickly put my mind at ease. The company was still healthy and working hard to clear up the back log. They had made some mistakes, learned some lessons and were getting caught up. We can all debate the way the product was launched, the preorder before production was in place and reliable, delivery promises that were not met or any number of other issues Todd and Jake faced and are dealing with but we are where we are and in my opinion the fellas are building a killer product that will continue to improve with every firmware update. That feature alone separates it from most if not all of the competition. So the good news… The display arrived April 18thas promised, almost a year after it was ordered but really I only missed the fall racing as I was expecting it in Sept 2018. The unit is small but the numbers are as big if not bigger than the tacktick depending on the screen you are using. Already there are features that I am excited about including a digital inclinometer and fore and aft trim for the boat… and the best part… this is just the beginning with many new features to be added soon. The build quality looks awesome! The guys obviously use Macbooks as the Atlas has a similar aluminum body. The buttons have a very firm, positive response. The display is crisp, clear, very responsive and easily visible from the Farr 30 helm and further. If you currently use a tacktick, this will be just as easy to see. My first race is May 1stso I am sure I will have more to say after that, but delivery delay aside I am super happy. Todd and Jake have been really responsive and very open to any questions I have had to date. As time goes on I have every confidence that the delivery issues they are facing now will be replaced by anticipation for the next feature added to the Atlas or the next addition to their product line. I am excited about their company and plan on preordering the next item in the Altas line. Ohhh… and they are creating jobs in the USA (I hear that’s a big thing down there these days)…! Too bad they are not Canadian!