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  1. plywoodboy

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Sailabout, you are really setting yourself up here as a moron flicking mud and references to designers and brands with absolutely no idea of what you are talking about. All the websites and forums and even google have the answers you want, but here they are again for you: The recess pictured looks like a F/C24 but underneath is clearly nothing like the mechanism and engineering and scantlings designed by Ian Farrier. The F22 is nothing like that and is totally nextgen with shorter and very different beams.
  2. plywoodboy

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Sailabout you seem to have a fair degree of bitter and twisted and are doing the equivalent of picking on Mercedes engineers based on your 20 your old POS from a used car lot. Samc has done a good answer for but to waste a minute of my time as your Google: I owned an old and tired F24 Mk II for years and it was nothing like what you have said. Mine crossed OZ and was thrashed and then crossed to NZ and is getting thrashed and still is a great example of Farrier/Ostac (predecessor of Corsair here). All moving parts were like swiss watch components, traveller nothing like your report here. One big thing for all owners of all Farrier/Corsairs is to be careful with shim thicknesses where beams contact hulls. Refer to many sources for the document on that. Google Intrigue F24 or PM me for help if you can't manage the basics. Pic below to get you started. Perhaps yours is Mk I which was a big swerve of Corsair away from Ian's design. No boat builders here have had to do any of the fixes you have described, but the sensible place to start is the Groups.IO forum FCT, replacing the old yahoo forums, and see if some guys with similar experiences can help you out.
  3. plywoodboy

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    You would need to elaborate on that pile of accusation carefully, the "I assume" phrase is just a silly way to go public. IMHO The genius of IF is undeniable and his output could be summarized by 1. An enormous number of plan built boats from plans that were always more detailed than anything else out there. Period. Until he died, the support he gave to plan builders was unequalled. 2. An enormous number of boats produced from partnership with the various "versions" of Corsair around the world. Would 453 F27's still regarded as the very best of any sailboat help you understand this? When issues related to control of production and development were not resolved amicably, IF moved on to 3. 3. A growing number of F-22 boats coming out of the NZ factory and soon the US factory that are light years ahead of any swing wing/ water stayed/ teak lined heavyweight boats out there. Production still only one boat per month, but after 20 boats things are going well. I invite you to come and have a sail on my old boat "Boom!" #1 off the production line, if you can illuminate me on any "poor production design detail" I will give you my 20 year old F28R (Boat #14) and you can look just as hard. Peter H
  4. plywoodboy

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018 Yesterday's race in 15-20 knots was a lot of fun, some action uploading now to above link. We had some itchy moments on the short upwind leg, but as usual the downwind was great fun. There are some good nosedives, and some nice bits passing glamour-lead. Not on film is the main halyard blowing halfway home, froggie dynex underspec rope broke at splice where the 2:1 goes over a 20 mm sheave. Lucky the masthead spin halyard could get the sail back up to first reef point and we could limp home (still doing 13 knots upwind!!). With light stuff predicted today we started the pack yesterday and after 2.5 hours she is roadtrip ready. At 12 ish they finally got a start away for a little bay triangle so we don't feel too bad.
  5. plywoodboy

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018

    GoPro of first race yesterday in unedited form from The Diam 24. What a Blast!!' Excuse the adrenaline running through the commentary. Today was soft and a bit of a reversal of form....
  6. plywoodboy

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018

    No but thanks for looking. They are on a motor replacement research trial and I have seen them. Next year port will be electric and starboard fuel cell plasmadrive if Drew keeps pushing the envelope.
  7. plywoodboy

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018

    With a few lovely new boats joining us from across the paddock, I am really looking forward to the trip this year. I have gone the easy way again this year, operating the dive flaps and snorkel controls on McJak the Diam 24. Test sail in 8 knots last week blew my mind on what apparent wind can mean even without foils. The boom that stays in the centre all the time? Nooo. Anyway, I have just been working on the OMR for Airlie and thought that the fleet data for the first regattas would be interesting to share. OMR is as usual on the MYCQ site but still waiting on a couple of boat's crew weights. There are still some nomination glitches of course. Fantastic to see the cruising fleet so big at Hammo, I am sure some old crock will say something bad about small racing fleets blah blah blah, but I look at it as an opportunity and reckon we should be chasing some of these party-crews to join more regular real racing. Or should we keep changing real racing to get them in???? In any case they are cool people, and the vibe across the fleets in all of these regattas is better than anything you can inhale. I am thinking of refloating a Seawind 24 and getting some garden seats off a footpath cleanup and heading up there and really cleaning up. Peter H Airlie Hammo
  8. plywoodboy

    Square top main

    The jury is still out in OZ as to whether the new mainsails are any better in a wider range of conditions. The only thing we can agree on is that they look better.
  9. plywoodboy

    Spinlock PXR slippage

    Original ropes were 6mm double braid, slipped bad. New ropes 5 mm dyneema , same. Advice from Spinlock UK is that application should be fine but they are sending another set to try. Nice guys. In the meantime racing all weekend from today so will try 2:1 setup to see if the reduced load helps. Thanks for input, I really like the cleats compared to cams.
  10. plywoodboy

    F-22 Update

    Latest boat headed to a mate in Norway a few weeks ago, producing recent boats in less than a month has been achievable now. Some other interesting news on this front coming soon.....
  11. plywoodboy

    Spinlock PXR slippage

    No, the advice was that this rotating version would be fine for typical jib sheet where the line comes aft, through the cleat, and then across to the windward side. Probably turns through 90 degrees and the cleat naturally splits that angle. The locking mechanism works just fine with adjustment, but the teeth do not hold. There is no polishing of teeth apparent. I have asked Spinlock also for opinion.
  12. plywoodboy

    Spinlock PXR slippage

    Definitely slipping. The cam is engaged but spring tension is very weak. If I come out of a tack and reach to leeward to push the cam down, there is no slippage. Next to useless in a single handed boat.
  13. plywoodboy

    Spinlock PXR slippage

    Has anyone had the problem or know the solution to this? Just fitted the PXR 0206 sw new cleats to replace difficult release cam cleats on my dinghy jib sheets and they are slipping up to 15 cm under mild loads. I have tried replacing 6 mm stock double braid with dyneema 5 mm and it is still a problem. Cams feel like they are sprung too lightly? Any advice appreciated.
  14. plywoodboy

    Older fast Aus multies

    Living Scarborough with u but sailing with us I think.