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  1. plywoodboy

    SeaCart 26

    That is a lovely boat. Not a practical folder I think but still better than a Diam in that way. Yummy.
  2. plywoodboy

    SeaCart 26 Centerboard

    Oh dear, designed for easy construction and never to be maintained..... Only a guess but it looks like the square glass bottom plates are only a cover, which when removed allow access to screws securing the V shaped brackets to drop down with cboard complete. Because the hull is narrow, and designers want a low pivot point for Max board depth, this design would not allow enough width to get a traditional bolt across the board from inside. IMHO of course.
  3. Sorry the club had to do that, there are strict conditions on the govt lease and club is sticking to the rules while the lease is on the table. Cruising cat takes up a lot more of a teeny creek than woody boats, and all it takes is one commercial operator to complain....
  4. plywoodboy

    Old Skool gear

    Wow, did not know any apple stuff missed the rubbish bin years back.
  5. Scanas, you guys had Matrix going well yesterday in the light stuff, think I prefer Saturday wind if we play again!
  6. Twas a great weekend for all, although I am obviously biased towards my little club's efforts. Highlight was the great blast reach Saturday for the 10 nm leg from Bris Rds to D Bay red (18.6 knots!), many options for quiet beers or Geronimo style big partying that night, and a lovely soft wind glide home Sunday. No politics or protests, just good sailing with good people, all looking forward to the St Helena Cup in 2 weeks, hopefully we can all play together.
  7. plywoodboy

    Corsair f24

    Join the Fboats Groups.IO forum, heaps of info and like minds there. Peter H
  8. Just launched my boat for the Bribie weekend, great vibe ahead of a glamour weather prediction for passage races both ways. AS and RQ putting events on against existing and long standing calender events is sadly a common thing. Even weirder imho is the very low afternoon tide dates they picked so deeper keeled IRC boats may need to raft up in the chop outside in the bay?
  9. Hey Scanas, what boat this year? I just checked with club and the Bribie presentation is not happening. Just turn around at Bribie and sail to Scarborough for a pleasant evening before the next day's racing.
  10. plywoodboy

    Farrier F-85SR

    Absolutely beautiful.
  11. plywoodboy

    Broken Marstrom mast for free

    The I - word, Insurance is what stops most of us from going down this path. Would love to replace the overweight alloy juggernaut on my F31R with one of these or some others I know that are lying around, but an assessor looking at the black pieces scattered on the deck further down the line would easily deduct they were not original. Good luck finding anyone to sign off on a survey of a sleeve-repaired Marstrom/Omohundro/SpaceX mast. I still shed tears when I look at pics of the perfect Omohundro I sold with my F28R, a realistic replacement value figure for it would be at least 30k AUD. Lump in throat now, have to go for a walk. Peter
  12. plywoodboy

    Gougeon 32 Roll Call

    Agree, would be great to see such an amazing boat that was a long way ahead of its time. We did have a smaller Oram I think that looked very similar, had old skiff sails on it?
  13. plywoodboy

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Definitely did not say that, just slowed down by the current cluster.
  14. plywoodboy

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Ian did not sell. The sale happened well after his passing and was a path chosen to get some return to the Farrier family, with an intended healthier future for the brand in the US. The worldwide situation we are all addressing is not helping that future.
  15. plywoodboy

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Much nicer! Similar to the trailer tri guys who afford winged aft sections to the tt720, creates a much nicer looking boat. Never seen that cat park look so quiet, we are usually there trying not to drop the mast on bogan fisho's after the bay to bay.