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  1. Well you need to get a real job and form a national association !
  2. Would be a great outcome hj, nice end of the world!
  3. Plenty of time to go before a real championship, some questions have been asked to the right people in clubs, and things will work out eventually as usual. If any clubs (and their members) are keen, they know who to contact. The AS thing will flicker for one 3 day 2018 event and then go subliminally for 2 years (of Tas and WA) while the real program continues.
  4. Rushour on its roof.

    Agree 100%, trying not to get into some of the bouncing bullshit happening here, but from sailing on Rush Hour many times in a good bit of breeze, there is absolutely no way I would ever trust a self-tailing winch with any critical loaded sheet. There are a couple of essential roller cam cleats on the bulkhead under the critical winches and they get a good workout in the times that the sheet is not held in hand.
  5. Rushour on its roof.

    Upright now with mast intact. All ok.
  6. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Good questions Chip, but my latest interepretation is: Yes, the intention is that the scales go everywhere to restore world peace. No, the next 3 AS things can get AS bling. Nothing to do with near enough being good enough. Peter
  7. Astus Upwind

    Great upwind vid Tom, so nice to see her nearly sorted. Looks very much like the Diam in the footage. Speaking of that, how do you gimbal the camera on the bow sprit? It seems to work well. Peter
  8. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    cabsav for President! But yes, happy to plead guilty trying to help run 2 clubs including the job in one running the engine room of the OMR. Many interstate mates in same position as me.
  9. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Long story been here before but the 2016 " Australian Yachting Championships" was forced on us by YA /AS at hammo with no consultation. It was not too bad in the end because boats were going anyway for the annual series at this venue. 2017 did not happen because the CYC did not want multihulls. Shows how well thought out this was. 2018 we have a 3 day possibly one race regatta. Joy. 2019/2020 will be Tas/WA where there are no regular racing multihull fleets so if you are out west or on the big island, clean the barnacles off your Calypso 14, you could be a champ!! Peter H
  10. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    The Wangi Week Real Nationals for Real Sailors Vote YEs!!!
  11. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Understand all that but just have a problem with the AS forced (again) series this time going for 3 days and this clanger in the NOR. "The Multihull series will consist of up to 4 races.1 race is required to be completed to constitute a series." Hardly a series to the standard of others run by our individual clubs. Yes there is Geelong afterwards. Yes we need a national body. No "hand breaks" (sic) in QLD Pete, our club is bigger than many state bodies so the last thing we need is something more corporate. If you can guarantee 12 knots and sunny skies I will look for my dancing shoes.
  12. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Dunno, Peter Baker was sticking his cameras on boats and heads all week. Wish I had ours on for the exciting days.
  13. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    It looked pretty good upwind, a wet ride in chop though. It also looked like a decent bowsprit might help the kite work better, as noted on the other Pulse forum.
  14. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Don't know where to start on this psychotic stuff, but suggest overlay that you read the OMR preamble. A committee of guys who sail all sorts of multihulls look at all the data and if it looks like anything is benefiting without a suitable factor applied, then that is done. Propellors and types were a little blurry so have been fixed for example. If you think that we could sit down and decide what type of boat we were trying to bias against or for, you must think we are geniuses. So did we bias towards the dams before they were born? Wow! We all think the AMC was a great name. As for your level playing field, winners of both divisions were 20 years old and there is no age allowance in our rule. Seems pretty level to me that in div 1 the Ullman Sails old but sweetened boat was close to performance of the new diams in this regatta, and in div 2 a 20 year old standard F28r was so close to a Dash half its age that they deadheated on OMR, and narrowly ahead of a new OAK F-Bomb with Tornado floats (that could well have won overall with fewer breakages). Peter
  15. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Been up north off the grid for a while and nice to come back to some healthy debate mixed with a few chunks of NFI, so will clean that up first. I never said I only sailed other people's boats only that it works well on big cats for me in the often rough waters of the increasingly expensive northern regattas on wonderful boats like McMoggy, Mojo, Pecadillo, Rushour. All great owners and crew, so the cost is a fraction of taking my own little tri's and busting them up there. Otherwise I sail my own (chronologically) little TT720 Try Flying, F24 Intrigue, F27 IntrIIgue, F22 Boom, and currently F28R Trinity. All on a budget, and some have been on the northern regattas. The F27 had a big year and did ABRW and MIRW with significant costs involved by the time you tow and sort accommodation and berthing. I have never charged my own crew a cent for any regatta or berthing fees, but many have helped with fuel, and all shout me more drinks than I can remember... So calling me a freeloader is probably the dumbest thing you have said here. As for the rest of your dribble, the fantastic crew on all of these boats have pushed me up onto the podium for plenty of gold stars, including a narrow div 2 win in the nationals this month in my beautiful bog-standard 20 year old F28 R with bog standard, plan specified sails. No optimisation, no big dollars, tons of fun hitting above 19 knots in all the passage races. And again, OMR is not perfect but beats the PCHRF whatever chook raffle hands down. It will certainly struggle when foiling on the new breed of boats becomes idiot-proof, in the same way that IRC struggles with the motor-sailers. As for Sports Boat ratings, just say SMS to any of them and get ready for the verbal dump. All of my old skiff mates have lost faith in it and some who sail with me reckon we are miles ahead of it. Peter Hackett (My name, and perhaps if you are going to keep basing your data on "From what I hear" you should change your data source and put your name here too)