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  1. plywoodboy

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Awesome ! Maybe join in with the Hervey Bay fleet for a race when things ease.
  2. plywoodboy

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Nice welding mate, give it a go. Would steer better with bottom tip 5 degrees forward imho. Ian Farrier used to tell me to test all the research rudders with 60% blade down, then add a bit every time it had been thrashed at that length. Peter
  3. plywoodboy

    Topic disappeared

    Not a big deal but I post stuff and pics on sites to often help newbies or to engage in some awesome discussions about new stuff. In return when I search for info, it is great to find a collection of the info all over the place, and I ambewildered that anyone would want to take that stuff away once a question is answered. Thankfully the F-boat Groups.IO site that I help moderate has no deleting function and that where I often send queries on the common topics. Peter H
  4. plywoodboy

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Sorry to rain on your parade again but if you have a multihull that does above 10 upwind and above 15 downwind that rudder will fold firstly the alloy box (unless it is stainless hard to tell) and if you beef that up the blade will fold. Gudgeons too weak also. The Blazer falls over so the blade takes a fraction of the load our boats take. A Farrier type box and blade is not too hard to build. There is a chance you could split that blade to put a big carbon stringer across the blade down the thickest part of the foil, then wrap in a few layers of biax carbon then fair it as the shape is not too bad. Angle forward should be about 8 degrees. PM me I might be able to find you come specs for a build. Peter
  5. plywoodboy

    Older fast Aus multies

    I remember now paddling a SUP around Kawau from anchor at the Lidgard shed to find this. Hard to paddle while drooling, I was very impressed with the aft raising work platform/swim deck surface.
  6. plywoodboy

    Rocket 44 by Grainger

    Wow, love the interest this project has generated, time for my 2 cents from a biased aging Farrier and Weta lover, all just OPINION on the boats included ok? Rocket 44- awesome project being built not far from me with some nice people I know involved in the first boats. It is going to be a Weta killer alright with the big floats. It was originally designed with same height rig as Weta but already that has blown out with the first rig much taller and taken from an F14 or F16 I think. One-design hence will be difficult to control. Consequently it will capsize a lot more easily, and in spite of thoughts of mast top deployed air bags, or canting rigs, it will not self rescue for now. It will take at least 2 hours to rig from trailer arrive time. My guess is between 25 and 30kAUD. So because of the rigging time, rich guys will need a big patch of expensive hardstand at a club or marina. I still want one. Beachcats generally- yes the rotating mast and no middle hull will make them bang-for-buck fast in above 8 knots, but in my mind the picklefork market is popular for a few reasons. Firstly, they are so much more comfortable to sail in most conditions due to the ability to bend your legs into the cockpit occasionally. A beachcat with mast has a fairly big footprint even when unrigged, due to the usual maximum road towing width and long mast overhang. I still want one, and have fave desktop pics of my last 2 Nacras. Acats - Awesome piece of evidence of what you get with open development, a few mates have them and one even let me sail a modern C board/almost foiling/ Classic, what a weapon. Like the moth, probably the worst investment in the world though with assured rapid depreciation, hence they are truly rich boy toys. And in combined fleet racing when wind gets to 20 and beyond they are absolutely dangerous to owner and any targets nearby. (But if you buy and store one for me I will use it in 0-15 happily) Weta - on my second boat so must love them eh? They have filled a weird niche based on the original design which was based around the size mast an average adult could raise solo, and matching safe hulls that allow self righting if capsized. As long as you are happy with performance always above similar sized monos and often below similar sized beach cats, this platform lets you store a boat in less space than a laser, race in decent one design fleets, and cruise in a wide range of winds safely. In up to 20 knots I will often head off solo a long way out in the bay for a cruise with lunch on board, none of the other boats mentioned here do that in my bay at least. In my mind, trapeze and cruising just don't go together unless you are the cool but crazy Hobie 16 guys that head off to Moreton Island (at least in a group for some safety). Jib/No Jib discussion - very interesting, and the clipper pic sums up why safer boats have shorter rigs with more sails that can be deployed/furled at will. Hence my tick for the Weta which can be sailed with 1, 2 or 3 sails depending on the day, no reefing needed. The clever guys will explain why the Acup boats had a decorative jib the size and shape of a piece of plywood. Peter H
  7. plywoodboy

    Older fast Aus multies

    No, Ave looks great, sails great, and the people on her were lovely when they were over here. Bottman, please put your energy into your reno so we can celebrate your success one day in a positive way. Peter
  8. plywoodboy

    Older fast Aus multies

    A mate of mine owned the Parallax 9 Intrinsic for a few years (ex Don McWatters). Great pocket cruiser and we crossed the bay many times in her. I think this is a different boat, now for sale:
  9. plywoodboy

    Weta anarchy

    The edge of the tall receptacle is often quite sharp, I would suspect mast movement during sailing plus some weathering of the dynex would be an issue, and then there is the abrasion from the external halyards under tension when sailing. They bang all over the place. My F22,27,28,31 all side shrouds Dynex. My weta , wire, and will replace each season. Peter
  10. plywoodboy

    Multihull Insurance Australia (again)

    Racq is good for trailables. Which club?
  11. Back on the thread though, very interesting results after 3 races.
  12. One of the two Waterworld boats I believe.
  13. plywoodboy

    Corsair Trimaran

  14. plywoodboy

    Corsair Trimaran

    Wess , there were a few boats in US done like this as well as mine, all detailed on the Fboats site. One in particular was all blue repainted and stripped absolutely everything inside as well as a cassette rudder. For my F27 boat I did - double spreader rig - synthetic cap shrouds with Colligo - cassette rudder to FM plans - stripped out all floor including structural from bow to stern. Ian suggested that at bulkheads I glass some unidirectionals across the boat from water line to waterline so the bottom could take the dry weight of the boat on trailer and sand. Boat now is hard to beat and all weights are on MYCQ OMR spreadsheet, 1395 kg ready to race with porta potti, screacher, fast sails. - the best stereo I could find with speakers cut into the front of the side cockpit lockers to blast inside and outside the boat. Neighbours generally loved us... Boat was Try to Fly originally and featured in the 55 knots if by land video of the big race over there. Peter H
  15. plywoodboy

    Corsair Trimaran

    I removed the floor also with Ian's approval in F27 #33 and the result was a roomier and much lighter boat. She won many races as IntrIIgue in Aus after I imported her from Long Beach.