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  1. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    B2b budget accom urangan harbour camp ground very boat friendly and can camp or get on site vans or neat cabins with big space they will let you park boat in. It is owned by boat club so very nice to us. Even when we launch start and a driver takes car trailer to urangan for club bus return they will store the rig cheap. Otherwise Mantra and others are close and more upmarket.
  2. 8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    Matty, don't sell!!! She is finally going fast and plenty of big events coming up.
  3. Weta anarchy

    Love the loop and ball, going downstairs to make one up NOW. Anything that speeds the rigging up is a winner, my rig time reduced in a big way once I worked out the halyards stay in and just poke inside the upper half of mast with a foam block stuffed in for security. We must be better at knots in OZ, the lashing on the headstay works fine as is, but the removable pulley system and strop is a great idea too as long as you don't want to adjust the rig much. IMHO the extra hardware some have bolted on the bow of such a beautifully clean and functional boat is overkill. Peter H
  4. Great concept and great that Mike has thrown his initiative and support behind this regatta. Beautiful part of the bay (just had a great Surf to City down there). Just have to jiggle a few commitments around to get there. Peter
  5. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Yes to that! Now if only I can shift the calendar and get to this year's last big Marlay Pt!!
  6. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    "I am looking forward to racing a new Corsair 760 at the Australian Multihull Championships with Robbie Lovig and Michelle Bursa at Sandringham next weekend. " Boat looks cool and wish you TA and all well as we cannot make it with massive clashes up here, but must correct. For many reasons this upcoming event is the Australian Yachting Championships - Multihulls and is certainly not an Australian Multihull Championships. Enjoy the sailing! Peter H
  7. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Useles comparison as designed for 2 very different purposes. Diam will not sleep a chook but F22 I have had 4 comfortably and daysailed all over. On rating rule which does not measure hull thinness or righting moment, the Diam wins easily in 5 to 20 knots. Below that Diam is sticky and above that there are few crews willing to go out IMHO. Both great boats!
  8. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Was a late request from Vic that I had encouraged to start the wheels sooner, but trying to get it done with insurance etc, and the bloke who stores them back from Oman tomorrow.
  9. Ian Farrier

    My notes hopefully attached, and I read some of your good lines from this forum also. Sorry to report I was a bit emotional. Celebration of the life of Ian Farrier - detailed-2.docx
  10. Ian Farrier

    I am sure you will all agree that this gesture at the service by the factory gang was pretty special. Peter
  11. Ian Farrier

  12. Ian Farrier

    Thanks Rob. Hey Fellas, I have been honoured by Ian's family with an invitation to speak at my old friend's service. I will head across the ditch next week, representing you guys and assume you are ok with me quoting some of these wonderful "extended family member" words that are still getting me emotional whenever I read them. I will publish my notes here next week. You may be interested in my WAGS / beercan/ white sails race we did Wednesday on Trinity my 1997 F28R. The starts are timed based on performance handicaps and we started alongside Boom! the first F22R. In the 5 - 10 knot swinging breeze, we had similar speed to Boom, and juggled the lead several times as we cut through a big fleet of catamarans and monohulls. I was not too upset when the wind freshened a little and Boom took off like a scalded cat in the reach to the finish and won convincingly from another cat then us. The Master would have been pretty happy with the outcome, but probably more impressed with the squeals of my young cousins on Trinity for their first ride on a multihull. "Why are the big leaning boats so much slower? I really like lying out on these nets when we go past them!" Peter (please feel free to pm me directly with any specific advice)
  13. Ian Farrier

    Heading off to Wags in Trinity my F28R number 14 at Rq if anyone wants to join me after the race for a drink to Ian Farrier. Sailors around the world are dedicating cruises or races this week to the most amazing boat designer ever. Ian would be chuffed they are starting us on the same GPS time as Boom, his and my first F22R which he described as his best ever design and production boat. Peter Hackett
  14. Ian Farrier

    One of my best mates has just left us, things will never be the same. This is just in from NZ GM Rob Densem, no cause has been established yet. Peter H Hi Peter, It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Ian Farrier passed away in San Francisco on his way back from the USA yesterday. We are in deep shock as we come to terms with the huge loss of our captain, and our focus is on Ian’s immediate family and the Farrier Marine team. Ian was a visionary, a multihull genius, an all-round nice guy who leaves behind a huge legacy to the sailing world. Farrier Marine Limited is a strong business with a three year order book for the revolutionary F-22 sailboat. Despite dealing with our grief, it is very much ‘business as usual’ at the factory today. It is our job now to carry on the Farrier legacy and ensure his vision is carried out. Regards Rob
  15. Grainger Raider 302

    Love Pittwater, 2018 nationals there?