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  1. plywoodboy

    F-22 Update

    Latest boat headed to a mate in Norway a few weeks ago, producing recent boats in less than a month has been achievable now. Some other interesting news on this front coming soon.....
  2. plywoodboy

    Spinlock PXR slippage

    No, the advice was that this rotating version would be fine for typical jib sheet where the line comes aft, through the cleat, and then across to the windward side. Probably turns through 90 degrees and the cleat naturally splits that angle. The locking mechanism works just fine with adjustment, but the teeth do not hold. There is no polishing of teeth apparent. I have asked Spinlock also for opinion.
  3. plywoodboy

    Spinlock PXR slippage

    Definitely slipping. The cam is engaged but spring tension is very weak. If I come out of a tack and reach to leeward to push the cam down, there is no slippage. Next to useless in a single handed boat.
  4. plywoodboy

    Spinlock PXR slippage

    Has anyone had the problem or know the solution to this? Just fitted the PXR 0206 sw new cleats to replace difficult release cam cleats on my dinghy jib sheets and they are slipping up to 15 cm under mild loads. I have tried replacing 6 mm stock double braid with dyneema 5 mm and it is still a problem. Cams feel like they are sprung too lightly? Any advice appreciated.
  5. plywoodboy

    Older fast Aus multies

    Living Scarborough with u but sailing with us I think.
  6. plywoodboy

    Groupama NewCal race

    Thanks bushie, great report. I am sure you could fit Airlie in now.
  7. plywoodboy

    Older fast Aus multies

    Good news, Prophecy, the Spoon Bay is coming to the northern end of Moreton Bay.
  8. plywoodboy

    Groupama NewCal race

    Go you good thing!
  9. plywoodboy

    Groupama NewCal race

    Wish I had have gone on Rushour, but maybe not when it is this soft. Drew has done a Fraser Island and gone looking for campers at 1.8 knots? Tracker on
  10. plywoodboy

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    yeehah! Wangi Nationals November 18-25 just up the road. Cyathere.
  11. plywoodboy

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    Congrats! Where will she be sailing from?
  12. plywoodboy

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    Where u been pill? Tf is the new Mad Max
  13. plywoodboy

    Formula 40 Trimaran Spirit of England

    Great vid Jason, and it made me look at the old vids again, just priceless history. Hard to believe she was so far ahead of her time. Floats a work of art and just slides nicely in all conditions, especially if Chippie is left in another country. Safe travels! Peter
  14. plywoodboy

    Weta anarchy Just another personal view on the new boats for discussion.
  15. plywoodboy

    Corsair 970

    Thanks mate, now I have you connected! You guys must have been busy 2 up, always nice till anything turns to poo. With 4 on the 28R we were still plenty busy but I could enjoy mainly steering. We got the strongest wind heading into the harbour and trying to drop the mast safely.