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  1. caption contest

    "I'm not dead yet!" And single guy in the cockpit is saying, "Where's the bong!"
  2. i550

    If anyone needs crew I'ld be down to join in the fun.....might be able to throw in accommodations here is Sacramento and a BBQ or two. You coming down Couch??
  3. i550

    Is contact info for the Richmond boat available??
  4. i550

    hmmmm.....sorry to hear about your health and hoping for a quick recovery. maybe we talk about bringing her back home to Sac???
  5. i550

    nice work couch!!
  6. i550

    sorry Joe, I've been around longer than most and will say that sequestering in private will get more done.....let people who are willing to step up do their work to bring the class together. This is REALLY good for the class and the people who sail the boat and those that want to build and sail one here in the US. Thanks Couch and your Three Musketeers and D'Artanion....(couldn't think of a four person analogy.......) Get it done guys!!! Ben
  7. i550

    been lurking for months...and am STOKED to see the conversation turn towards unification. with all the tinkering considered, if you cut the panels out according to the plans, you are going to end up with boats that sail VERY similarly....and boat handling will trump anything you do in the garage......IMHO. This class and boat is best suited to the homebuilder. PERIOD. The idea of a production builder and all that is a great idea, once you get a STRONG unified class of folks who built and are sailing the boat together on a regular basis (and it is getting really close to that). In Little League.....my kid wants to pitch curve balls and sliders and change ups.....but it is silly to try until you ESTABLISH THE STRIKE ZONE......basics first. Hope it can happen for all y'all.......the guy quietly building in his garage deserves that support from the class. Hope you can do it!! COUCH FOR PREZ!!!! (or whoever else is crazy enough to step up and try to herd these cats!)
  8. i550

    Couch, Been meaning to drop you a line......saw the photos when they were posted awhile back.....SO VERY COOL!!! Glad you got the boat tweeked to suit you, it looks great. Probably won't be out there in time to join you, but wish I could. Sail hard my friend!! Ben
  9. i550

    Tim, Great to here from you!! Just PM'd. Talk to you soon. bd
  10. i550

    hey folks, I am chillin in Annapolis....any i 550's around these parts?? I would love to go sailing w/ you. (BTW, I built "Carbon Offset" awhile back.) I'll be in the neighborhood for 3 more weeks. Ben (916)470-9446
  11. i550

    "Recently the Cross Border contest in the Northwest was decided in favor of the Canuckistani, Couchsurfer, and the far traveled Carbon Offset sailing with a tin rig from something else and second hand sails." TF Come on guys!!! I spend a few weeks sailing down the coast to Cabo and around to La Paz and check in and see the above.....I need details!!! what up! Stoked to hear the Offset sails on! Congrats Couchsurfer!! BTW a HUGE shout out of thanks to SLOWPOKE for showing up at the boat in SD and spending a long day driving me and my 2 boys all over the place, installing a propane cooking system, tracking down video games for the kids and generally helping us get underway.....props to the i550 community!! Best to all, (a much tanner) Ben
  12. i550

    now home from 9 day delivery of Catalina 38, purchased in san diego now at home in emeryville on the sf bay...for all of three weeks before heading out crusing\\ STOKED to catch up w/ Carbon Offset's progress.....glad you are enjoying it as much as I did. Sailing a lead bomb is fun, but sailing an i550 is a BLAST!!! best, ben
  13. i550

    Carbon Offset is off to it's new home in the north... thanks for the good times..... BUY THE PLANS, BUILD THE BOAT.....YOU'LL BE STOKED YOU DID!!!!!!!
  14. i550

    Carbon Offset is a west coast US boat (Sacramento CA specifically), but very mobile..... Carbon spar would be sweet...but not convinced it justifies the cost.....will be fun to line em up and see though!
  15. i550

    Carbon Offset now at $9,500 OBO....now this thing is starting to crowd our plans to get out of here and go cruising....come get it!! Ben